When To Stop Chasing A Girl

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Many articles talk about why you should stop chasing a girl and value yourself first.

But, not many articles talk about “when” is the right time to stop chasing a girl.

The truth is, there are more than a few instances when you want to stop pursuing a girl.

And to be fair, there are definitely times when you want to unapologetically go after a girl you are attracted to.

But, you never ever want to chase a girl at the expense of throwing away respect for yourself because things will end badly even if you do manage to attract her.

So, are you ready to hear the truth?

These are the times when you should stop chasing a girl

1. When she stops showing interest

When a girl stops showing interest, it is time to step back a little.

Out of many girls I have interacted with over the years, I have almost never had times when I gained a girl’s attention back by chasing more when a girl has stopped showing interest.

When you are coming on too close, it is only natural for her to step back.

If a girl is just being polite toward you without taking much interest in getting to know you, then that is often a good indicator for you to stop pursuing her.

There is no reason for you to take things personally. There can be a lot of different reasons as to why she does not feel the same way toward you at this moment of time.

She may be seeing another man. Things may be too hectic in her life. Maybe, she recently broke up, and she needs some time to find herself.

When you have enough social intelligence to give some space when a girl steps back, there is always a chance things may work out between you and the girl in the near future.

But, when you try to impose yourself by chasing her relentlessly when the girl is not ready, you are likely going to be labeled as a guy that just doesn’t “get it” in her mind.

2. When she has ignored you multiple times

If a girl has ignored you multiple times (two times in a row should be enough for you to realize you should stop pursuing her), then you should probably stop chasing her.

If a girl wanted to talk to you, she would have talked to you already.

Your third or fourth attempt to contact her is not going to magically make her want you.

In fact, she is most likely going to broadcast to all of her friends what a creep you are, and you may end up damaging your reputation among your friends if you share a lot of mutual friends with the girl.

You are probably only feeling this urge to contact a girl who is ignoring you because you do not have a lot of options in your dating life.

The solution is to go out and talk to a lot of girls, and this girl you are obsessing over will soon become a memory your past.

3. When there is no chemistry between you and her

Even if a girl is showing interest, you may not feel any chemistry with her.

In such an instance, most men would pursue a girl anyway if she is attractive enough, and he just wants some girl to get physically intimate with.

But, it won’t do you any good in the long run if you don’t have any standards when it comes to what type of girl you choose to spend your time with.

Not only are you going to have less respect for yourself, but it is also going to be just a waste of time for both you and the girl.

If you enjoy spending your free time doing certain things, but the girl can’t stand what you do, then there is going to be a constant clash between you and her.

For example, if your definition of having a good time is going to a self-help seminar and improving yourself, but her definition of having a good time is just lying on the beach for hours doing nothing, then things are not going to work out between the two of you in the long run.

You may as well cut things off early instead of complicating things further by dragging out a relationship that is destined to fail.

If you are just looking for a casual relationship, and she is on the same page with you, then go right ahead and do your thing.

4. When she is disrespectful

It really does not matter if a girl is showing interest, or if there is great sexual chemistry between you and the girl.

It is time for you to stop chasing a girl and cut things off if she is being disrespectful toward you.

If she talks to you in a condescending manner, or she constantly disrespects you in front of others, then you know she is not the right person for you.

You are inevitably going to have a diminished sense of self-worth when you let yourself chase a girl who blatantly disrespects you.

To make things worse, she is going to realize she can get away with disrespecting you, and her behaviors are only going to worsen over time.

It is time to man up, and walk away from her at this point.

5. When she is being manipulative

A girl can manipulate her man in a lot of different ways.

She may try to test your boundary by hanging out with a guy friend until late at night, and accuse you of being jealous if you get upset about it.

She may try to make you feel terrible about the smallest thing you have done to her and repeat that over and over again any time she is upset.

She may try to make you feel bad about hanging out with your friend, although you guys are already spending more than enough time together.

These are all subtle ways that a girl tries to manipulate and gain power over you.

One pattern you want to observe is if she is completely incapable of taking responsibility for herself.

If her entire conversation always revolves around how you are the one to mess things up, without ever acknowledging any of her faults, it is unlikely you are going to be able to sustain a healthy relationship with her.

These type of girls are very proficient at manipulating men into thinking everything is their fault.

She will erode your confidence and turn you into her little puppy.

6. When she always tries to have it her own way

It is a sign of extreme immaturity when a girl always has to have things her own way.

And it is easy for you to fall into a trap of chasing a girl like that if you find her physically appealing.

It will start with simple things, such as what days or times you guys should hang out.

It will then turn into only doing things that are convenient for her.

She will see you only when she needs you, and she will happily ignore you when she doesn’t.

Many men chase these girls (especially if the girl is attractive) because they are afraid they can’t do any better.

But, you need to realize you are not doing yourself any favor by choosing to spend your time with a woman like that.

There are plenty of attractive girls out there who are also respectful.

By choosing to stay with an immature girl who acts like a little kid, you are not giving yourself an opportunity to meet a mature girl who will enhance your life.

7. When you have to sacrifice your dignity as a man

It is time for you to stop chasing a girl when you have to lower yourself as a man, and this can really be anything.

For example, if you can’t even meet basic needs, and you are leeching off your parents, it is probably time for you to focus on being self-reliant rather than chasing after girls.

If a girl has cheated on you with another man, and she has been lying to you the whole time, you should walk away from her instead of trying to work things out.

When she talks to you as if you should be grateful to have her, without showing any appreciation to have you in her life, you should stop putting her on a pedestal.

You need to always put yourself first before anyone else, and a girl (who is emotionally healthy) wants you to do that as well.

A girl in her right mind is not going to want to be with a man who always supplicates to her.

She wants to be with a real man who has his own values and beliefs.

She wants to be with a man who is willing to stand up for himself when he is not treated fairly.

So, stop chasing a girl, who does not deserve your attention, and learn to value yourself first.

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