What To Text A Girl To Make Her Smile

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You want to brighten up her day and make her smile over text. So, what are the best ways to make a woman smile over text without coming off in a cheesy way?

This is how you make a girl smile over text. You want to get her curious while being random at times. Sometimes, you want to bombard her with cute animal pictures. More importantly, share emotions over text. These will guarantee to make her smile over text. When you put these into practice, not only are you going to put a bright smile on her face, but she will also look forward to seeing you in person.

Without any further ado, let’s get into the specifics so you can make her smile on demand.

Get Her Curious

Whatever text you send a woman to make her smile, it will be infinitely more powerful if it is sent after you get her curious.

There is a reason why this is the very first section of this article, and rightfully so.

The reason why “curiosity” comes first before anything else is because it forms the foundation for everything else.

Whatever emotion you want a girl to feel, it will become intensified if it’s followed by arousing her curiosity.

The tension and anticipation, build up when you get her curious about what you are about to say.

She can’t help but wonder what it is you are about to say next.

When you finally send her a cute text to release that built up tension, her “emotional brain” will become activated more strongly.

So, how should you go about getting her curious before you send that lovely text to make her smile?

The first and foremost principle to arousing her curiosity is to leave a “gap” in the information you present.

It is in our very nature to feel that “need” to fill the gap when there is a gap in the information.

When you intentionally create a gap in the text you send her, she can’t help but wonder what it is you are about to say.

Another principle that is important to keep in mind is to make a text about her rather than you.

We are all inherently self-centered and obsessed with ourselves (to a certain degree).

She just won’t be as interested in finding out more if you base your curiosity around you rather than her.

So, let me provide you with a few examples of how you can arouse her curiosity.

Example 1

“Hey, promise you won’t get angry at me for saying this but…”

By saying this, it is inherently implied that something you are about to tell her is going to get her emotionally riled up.

So, it is implied in the text that not only is what you are about to say relevant to her, it is something that is also “emotionally” relevant to her as well.

This text will really get her emotionally riled up and make her obsess over what you are about to say.

I pretty much have near 100% success rate in terms of getting replies back from the girls who stopped texting me (Although I won’t even bother putting this much effort into girls who won’t reply back these days because I could care less about girls who don’t show at least the same level of interest as I do).

Example 2

“I wanted to tell you one thing but I’m not sure if I should because I know you’re going to feel bad when I say this…”

This text also follows the same principle as the above example.

But I want you to note how powerful it is to use the principle of “secret” in your text.

When you imply you are holding the key to some secrets, you are going to make the girl incessantly chase you.

There is just something in our brain that makes us have such a strong desire to want to know something that we don’t (or aren’t supposed to) know.

When this secret is implied over text, you will be able to make her chase on demand.

I want to make one important point.

When you make a woman smile over text followed by arousing her curiosity, the joy that she feels will be that much more intense.

So, you are can think of it as doing her a favor rather than being manipulative since all women crave to feel that strong emotion (Whatever that helps us sleep at night, eh?).

I do need to warn you, however, that you do not want to go overboard with the way you arouse her curiosity.

For example, you want to stay away from talking about something that she may potentially be insecure about.

Let’s say you text her, “I wanted to tell you something about the shape of your nose but I’m not sure if you will be okay with it…” (And I pray to God you are smart enough to apply the principle with common sense…).

If she is actually insecure about her nose, she may amplify that insecurity in her head and become filled with anger.

And that anger is obviously going to be directed toward you who sent her that message.

It may be too late to turn things around by the time you try to put a smile on her face with a cute text.

Make It Random

Now that we know how to get her curious, it’s time to talk about how to actually text a woman to make her smile.

But you first need to realize there is only so much you can do over text.

A big part of how you make someone laugh or smile is the “timing” and “how” you say your words.

And it is very difficult to convey those over your texts.

So, what are the best types of texts to send her to make her smile with those handicaps?

Reflect back on the times you laugh most often. When do you laugh?

But let me first tell you when I don’t laugh.

It is mostly when things are predictable.

Remember this. Being predictable equates to being boring.

What then is the opposite of being predictable?

Yep, you guessed it right (hopefully).

It is being unpredictable or being random.

When you text her something that she did not expect, it’s likely going to arouse some sort of emotion in her (Probably smile).

But here is the good news that will make your life a little easier.

If you text her following the curiosity principle from the previous section, you do not have to come up with anything fancy to make her smile.

Texting her something as simple as, “You are adorable”, will be enough to put a smile on her face when you amplify her curiosity first.

So, why is that?

It is because you already implied (With your curiosity text) that you are about to reveal something that may potentially offend her.

And when you follow up with whatever text that goes against her expectation, your message will have that “random” factor embedded into it.

And it will most likely make her smile with a sigh of relief when she receives your second text.

So, say away from writing your text in a boring, predictable way.

Communicating over text is already as blend as it is since you can’t really convey emotion as well as you would, using your voice and facial expression.

The best you can do is to be unpredictable from one text to the next.

Not only will that randomness make her smile over text, but it will also make her feel a wide spectrum of emotions, and she will soon become addicted to your text messages.

Cute Animals

Texting a girl a meme or a video of cute animals is always a safe bet to put a smile on her face.

Do you know how much time average girls spend looking at the pictures of dogs and cats on their social media accounts?

Probably as much (if not more) time as you spend watching porn.

Most women absolutely love cute animals.

When you text a woman a video of a cute little furry thing, it will inevitably put a smile on her face.

But, I do need to make this one point clear.

These cute pictures may all be great for making her smile, but they don’t really serve the purpose of progressing interaction any further (Assuming you are not going out with her yet).

Many men make a mistake of getting themselves into a “text-zoned” status with a girl they like.

And one way to get text-zoned is to bombard her with memes and jokes that do not really help in terms of taking interaction to the next level.

By all means, send her a couple of texts to make her smile initially, but do not forget to ask her out as well.

Don’t forget that is the primary reason why you are texting her in the first place.

Share Positive Emotions

Another way to put a smile on a girl’s face over text is to share something positive.

For example, I love watching talent shows where they show the stories of contestants who went through all the challenges in their lives and still endured to come out on top.

So, whenever I come across one of these videos, I would often send a link to the girls over text.

I share these videos because I want them to also experience the emotions I felt watching these videos.

Take a note of the things that lift you up as you go about your day.

And don’t hesitate to share it with girls.

This will give you a much less headache than trying to come up with texts to make her smile.

You don’t want to be spending so much time and effort to come up with something to make her smile.

Otherwise, it may put a smile on her face, but it will soon become a hassle for you.

You want this relationship to be a win-win for both you and her.

So, go ahead and share what you find funny, inspiring, touching, etc.

Express yourself unapologetically both in person and over text, and don’t let the fear of judgment stop you from pressing that send button.

You will find the right girl when you fully put yourself out there without holding anything back.

Text and Do This

If you want to put a smile on her face, then text her and “call” her when she answers your text.

I know a lot of men (and just people in general) have a lot of fear when it comes to calling girls.

The fact that everyone spends most of their time on social media and phone do not really help either.

We have become more anxious than ever to interact with another human being in person or over the phone.

But nothing will quite make her day like you just picking up that phone and transferring your positive energy onto her through your voice.

As we have mentioned previously, there is only so much you can do with words alone.

One word can carry two completely different meanings if they are said in a different way.

This is also one of the reasons why you want to avoid sarcasm or any type of jokes that can potentially come off as negative when you text a girl.

Unless the girl already has a good idea of who you are like as a person, there is a chance she will get offended by your text since it can sometimes be difficult to read one’s intention over text.

If you are still terrified to pick up the phone and call, I totally understand.

I’ve been there as well.

It was only when I called this one girl as my “last resort” that I understood the power of calling over texting.

The entire time I was texting her, I was struggling to get her out or even respond to my text (To be honest, I would not even bother with girls who don’t reciprocate these days, but this was back when I was trying to gain as much different experiences as I possibly can).

As soon as I picked up my phone and called her, everything was just smooth sailing.

What took me days of effort to “almost” accomplish, only took less than 10 minutes of conversation on the phone to accomplish.

Whatever outcome you are trying to achieve whether it be making her smile over text or getting her out on a date, it will be infinitely easier when you talk to her on the phone.

There is a reason why salesmen call rather than text to sell their products.

So, do not hesitate to call and put a smile on her face rather than relying on text alone.

You will be surprised at just how effective it is.

Anyway, these are my tips on what you can text a girl to make her smile.

But, it is up to you to apply what you’ve learned!

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