What It Really Means When She Says She Is Busy

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You thought your first date went great, so you text her to set up another date. But she replies saying she is too busy. So, what does she really mean when she says she is busy?

There are a few possible reasons. She may tell you she is busy because she is just not that into you, or maybe she just found a better option. It’s also possible she is suffering from mental issues, and she is isolating herself from others. Finally, she may actually be just busy.

Let’s now talk about each of these in more details.

She Is Not Into You

It can be a tough pill to swallow, but she may just not be that into you.

If she liked you enough, then she would make time for you.

If you were really attracted to someone, would you ever say you are too busy as an excuse to not hang out?

Even if you are busy on certain days, you would reply to her text with the days you are available, so you can eventually hang out with her.

It is not so much different for girls.

Do you think she would ever be too busy to go on a date with her favorite celebrity?

She would most likely drop everything she does in a heartbeat if it meant she could even spend five minutes with him.

You are not significant enough in her mind for her to want to see you again (at least for the time being…).

Maybe, she just did not feel that connection with you.

Maybe, she just was not that physically attracted to you.

Maybe, she just did not like the way you devoured your burger on a date.

You will most likely never find out why.

And it is not important to figure out why.

Whatever happened, happened.

It is best if you move on and find yourself a new girl.

But you can rest assured in knowing that, there are girls who are way more attractive and compatible with you than her, who will value and respect you way more than she ever will.

They are out there. You just have put a little bit of effort into finding them.

She Found A Better Option

Another possible reason why she is too “busy” for you is that she found herself a better option.

And when I say a better option, I mean a better option for her. So, please don’t take it personally.

A lot of girls go on multiple dates, and they see several guys simultaneously if they are not in a relationship.

They are constantly measuring up one guy from another, trying to find the best option they possibly can.

And this is why I advise men to do the same and meet a lot of different girls.

There really is no reason for you to stick with one girl unless you are officially in a relationship with her.

One of the primary goals of dating around is to find someone that best suits you.

It would be foolish to restrict yourself to only seeing one girl during this process.

Once again, the only logical thing you can do at this point is to find a better option for yourself as well.

It would be a huge waste of your time to try to change the mind of a girl who left you for another man.

In fact, use it as a motivation to work on yourself, and become so high value, that you will be the best option for most girls you meet in the future.

Become the guy who is too busy for most girls instead of the other way around.

She Is Actually Busy

As I said earlier, this is usually a BS excuse, but there is always an exception to the rule.

It is possible she says she is busy because she actually is busy.

One example is someone who recently started her residency.

In such a scenario, she may very well be too overwhelmed to allocate any of her time on a date.

It is tough to feel that desire to hang out with anyone when your life is chaotic, and you have no space in your mind.

If you give some time for her life to settle down, then it is possible she would be more than happy to go out with you in the near future.

Just make sure you do not send her a message filled with anger and frustration, during this period, if you do not want to kill your chance with her.

But, what I said earlier still applies in this scenario.

If she liked you enough, she would not simply tell you she is too busy to hang out with you.

She would have explained herself in a much more considerate way because she would want you to know that she likes you.

So, if a girl sends you a simple text telling you she is too busy, it would be safe to assume she is not interested.

Please do not text her asking why she does not want to see you.

And don’t tell her how much you like her, or how heartbroken you are from her ignoring you.

She will just be disgusted by your neediness, and she will proceed to block you out of her life.

Move on with your life and develop enough self-respect, so you do not chase after the girl who is not willing to reciprocate a similar level of interest.

Her Mental Issues

This is something not a lot of men are aware of (or at least something that does not cross a lot of men’s mind).

When she says she is busy, she may very well mean she is going through bouts of depression, and she has no emotional or physical capacity to even get out of her house.

A lot of women suffer from anxiety and depression, and it is tough to motivate yourself to do anything when you are experiencing extreme mood swings.

One of my ex-girlfriends was like that.

After our first date, I tried setting up a second date with her, and she did not seem very eager to hang out with me again over the text.

She told me she might be busy in the next few days, but she will let me know once she is free.

I did what I usually do in scenarios like that, and I called her on my phone.

I made her feel more comfortable over the phone, and she was excited to see me again by the time we were done with our conversation.

We ended up getting into a relationship for a few months until she had to move back to her country.

It was a short but passionate love.

I told you this story because I wanted to emphasize one point.

After we got into a relationship, she told me that she did not even plan on seeing me again because she thought it was just going to end as a one night stand.

When I asked her why, she told me she has been suffering from a serious anxiety problem, and she just feels really uncomfortable around people for the most part (The night we met, she had just enough alcohol in her system to let loose).

She then told me, she instantly felt more comfortable with me after we finished talking on the phone.

And that gave her enough courage to see me again for the second time.

So, this is what I want you to realize.

There are a lot of girls who suffer from anxiety and depression.

It is entirely possible that girl who told you she is too busy may be suffering from some form of mental condition.

I say that because I want you to stop blaming yourself all the time when things do not go the way you want, and I want you to realize there are a lot of instances where things are out of your control.

So, don’t be so harsh on yourself.

You will soon find a girl who does not give a BS excuse telling you she is too busy.

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