What It Really Means When A Woman Touches Your Arm

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So you are in the middle of a conversation with the woman of your dreams.

You make the joke you had already prepared for a date, and she bursts out laughing as she gently puts her hand on your arm!

This surely must mean she’s into you, right?

Well, that may or may not be the case.

In this article, you will learn a few possible reasons why she may rest her hand on your arm.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

1. It is just her habit

You won’t be so happy to hear this, but she could’ve just touched your arm out of habit.

A girl may touch you because she’s interested in you, but it can also mean she doesn’t particularly feel a strong attraction for you.

This may especially be the case if you and the girl just met, and she doesn’t seem to hesitate at all to touch you.

Girls also get nervous when they are talking to someone they find attractive.

If she feels comfortable enough to touch you although she barely knows you, she may be “too” comfortable around you, and she sees you more as someone she’d be friends with.

2. Her cultural background matters

It’s a lot more normal to be touchy with others in some regions, such as Southern Europe, and Latin America.

She may be touching your arm because that’s just the norm in her culture.

3. How she interacts with other men

Another way you can assess her level of interest is by observing how she interacts with other men.

Does she look very comfortable with any and every guy she talks to?

Does she habitually touch everyone she talks to during a conversation?

If she seems rather reserved when talking to other guys, but she becomes extra physical around you, then she may very well be into you.

4. She enjoys attention

It is possible she derives pleasure from making you feel confused.

Some girls do this.

They may not necessarily want to date you, but they still enjoy getting your undivided attention.

The girl may sprinkle in some physical touch during a conversation with you.

Because who doesn’t love seeing a shy guy get flustered from a simple touch?

So, I advise you to stay away from getting to ecstatic from a simple touch, until there is more proof that the girl is actually into you.

It communicates to others that you are not used to getting attention from other women, and the girl may categorize you as someone that is below her league.

5. She actually likes you

Finally the answer you’ve been wanting to hear.

Yes, it is possible she is touching your arms because she likes you and finds you charming for whatever reason.

A lot of us like to touch something we like, whether it be cute little furry animals or your girlfriend.

If you are not entirely sure if she’s into you, you can always look for more signs.

Does she laugh at all your terrible jokes?

Does she tend to “randomly” end up near you wherever you go?

Is she comfortable with you standing very close to her when you guys talk?

If she shows two or more of these signs, then there is a good chance she’s into you.

The correct mindsetĀ 

Do you notice how the entire article was focused on analyzing a girl’s behavior and intention?

There is certainly a time and a place for learning about signs a girl display when she’s attracted to you.

But, you ultimately want to “assume” attraction from every girl you interact with.

You should not be spending any more than a minute pondering about whether a girl is into you or not.

If you view yourself as an attractive man, would it make sense for you to spend any significant portion of your time obsessing over these details?

The answer is a clear no.

If you believe in yourself so strongly that nothing can put a dent on your confidence, then others will believe what you believe.

If you have an absolute belief that you are an attractive man, then the girl will often accept that you are an attractive man (even if you are not her type) because your belief overpowers hers.

I felt the need to emphasize this point because men often get so caught up with little tricks and techniques that will help them attract women.

But those things pale in comparison to your belief about your own worth.

So, start observing your thought pattern, and start paying attention to the words you repeat in your head about yourself.

Are you repeating words that empower you or are you repeating words that slowly corrode your self-esteem?

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