41 Weird Signs That A Girl Likes You More Than A Friend

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This is the most comprehensive list of signs that a girl shows when she likes you more than a friend!

1. She asks for your help

A girl asks you to help her because she wants to spend more time with you. Many girls prefer not to ask a man for help unless they like the guy. But, It is also possible that she is just using you.

That being said, if you are an attractive, confident man, then you can assume it is a sign she likes you more than a friend.

2. She plays with her hair

A lot of girls get nervous when talking to an attractive man, and they soothe their nerves by playing with their hair.

But, it is also possible she is just playing with her hair out of habit.

Another way to confirm if this means anything is to see if she habitually plays with her hair when talking to another man.

If she touches her hair only when she is talking to you, then that is a good sign she finds you appealing.

3. She becomes quiet around you

This especially holds true when it comes to shy girls. Many men take it as a sign of disinterest when a girl doesn’t talk too much during a conversation.

Maybe she’s not talking because she doesn’t like you, but it’s also possible she’s just shy.

Think about what many men do when they talk to an attractive girl.

Men often become quite because they are so worried about making a fool out of themselves by saying something stupid.

Shy girls are no different.

4. She stares at you.

If a girl keeps staring at you, then it’s possibly a good sign. There are two reasons why girls stare at men.

Firstly, a girl likes to stare at something she finds appealing.

And she may also be looking to see if you are checking her out as well.

Before you go ahead and approach her, just make sure she was not staring at another tall, handsome man that was standing right behind you.

If you are moving around from one area to another, but her eyes always end up on you, then she likely wants you to talk to her.

5. She is always around you

Let’s say you are at the gym and the same girl always ends up near you, she may be sending you a sign. This may be her attempt to make it easy for you to approach her.

If she’s somehow always near you, and she maintains eye contact when you look at her, then you have no excuse not to approach her.

6. She talks about her secret

When a girl reveals her secret, it means she trusts you.

Two things are needed for a girl to feel that deep attraction toward you.

She has to find you physically attractive, and she has to feel comfortable around you.

If she’s willing to tell you something that she is not willing to tell anyone else, it means she feels safe enough to talk about anything with you.

You can use this as an opportunity to form a stronger connection with her by sharing your own little secrets.

7. She asks your opinions

If a girl is not into you, why would she care about your opinion? There are obviously exceptions, such as when a girl asks you for health advice because you are a doctor. But, if she asks for your advice on any and everything, including what to wear, and where to eat, then it is most likely a sign she is into you. We usually ask advice to someone who we trust and respect. And a girl has to trust and respect you before she can take you seriously as a man

8. She wants to know more about you

This really is no brainer. When a girl wants to get to know you better, she probably likes you more than a friend. She wants to know what you do and what you think. The more she finds out about you, the better she can assess what she has to do to win you over. One thing I like to do when a girl keeps asking me questions is to playfully joke about how I probably shouldn’t answer her question because I am not sure if I trust her enough yet. If she keeps chasing and begs me to answer her, then I know there is a high level of interest.

9. She turns her body toward you

As I often emphasize in some of my other articles, people are good at lying with words, but most are terrible at lying with their body. If a girl’s body is facing toward you when she could be facing her body toward any other direction, then you are not yet in danger of getting friend-zone. You can even look at your own behaviors to see how accurate this is. Next time you are with a group of people, observe where your body faces. You will probably find yourself facing toward the girl you are attracted to.

10. Her voice becomes softer and high-pitched

A girl’s voice usually turns more feminine when she is talking to a man she finds attractive. She is essentially trying to seek rapport with you (her voice pitch goes up at the end of her sentence), and she is trying to show off her feminine side (softer voice). Once again, you want to pay attention to how she speaks with other men to see if that is how she normally speaks, or if she speaks that way just with you. What is important for you to notice is the “change” in her behaviors, rather than the behaviors themselves. As a side note, if a girl speaks with a very professional tone when she talks to you, then there is likely a low level of interest.

11. She asks about your schedule

She may be trying to figure out what days you are available, so she can stalk you in the future. I remember this one girl I knew at the gym asked what time I usually come to the gym when we first started talking to each other. She later confessed (after we have been hanging out for a while) that she asked my gym schedule because she wanted to make sure she comes at that time, so she can see me. Just make sure to check the girl is not a full-on stalker type before you consider asking her out.

12. She shyly smiles at you

No, I am not talking about one of those polite smiles that you normally make to strangers. I am talking about a shy smile that lets you know she is feeling a little self-conscious around you (because she likes you). If she becomes very feminine and quiet around you specifically, then she likes you more than a friend. But, she has to be quiet and “attentive”. If she is quiet and disengaged, then she is not interested.

13. She looks down when you look at her

This is another form of submissive behavior that arises when a girl is attracted to you. What do you do when you are staring at a girl you find attractive, and she suddenly makes eye contact with you? If you are a confident man, you would maintain your eye contact. But, most shy guys would quickly look away or down because they feel like they got “caught”. That is precisely how many girls feel when you make eye contact with them. If she abruptly looks down, then you know she is afraid you may have read her dirty little thoughts.

14. She laughs at your stupid jokes

Let’s be real… you are probably not that funny. But, she keeps laughing at every little stupid joke you make. And why would she do that? Because she understands it is one of the best ways to make you feel good while you are talking to her. And why would she want you to feel positive when talking to her? Because she wants you to like her. This is especially true if she is not a people pleaser type of a girl who is just nice to any and everyone. If she specifically finds your crappy jokes funnier than everyone else’s crappy jokes, then you can take that as a sign of interest.

15. She mirrors your body language

We often subconsciously copy another person’s body language when we like the person and we want that person to like us as well. She crosses her arms when you cross your arm. She leans on one side of her arm when you lean on one side of your arm. She makes the same facial expressions that you make. Just observe any change in her body languages and see if she is doing it to mirror your body language.

16. She compliments you

Girls normally don’t like giving random compliments to any man because they don’t want to give the wrong idea (unless she is the type who likes to flirt with every man she comes across because she craves attention from all men). If she compliments you about whatever that stands out from you, it means she is paying attention to you. And we normally pay attention to people that we find interesting. The question is… if you are ready to man up and ask for her number.

17. She agrees with you

We become more agreeable when we talk to people we like and respect, and when we want to gain rapport with another person. Whenever you express your personal opinions on different subjects, and she seems to agree with most of what you say, then there is a good chance she is into you. Generally speaking, people do not have strong, crystallized beliefs about most things in life. So, when they are talking to another person that they like and respect, they will readily modify their views to match the view of the person that they like. And for the same reason, you know she is most likely not that into you if she constantly picks out flaws in your argument (unless she is just playfully teasing you).

18. She tries to find commonalities

“Oh my god, that is your favorite food as well? I love that food!” When a girl wants to be more than a friend with you, she is often going to try to find anything that she has in common with you. This is what a lot of men do as well. Whenever a girl talks about the places she has traveled or the food she likes, the guy may be quick to share how he’s traveled to the same places or how much he likes her favorite food as well. Girls act no different when they are really attracted to you.

19. She talks about you to other friends

When she talks about you to her friends (or mutual friends), it is an indication that you take up a large portion of her mind. A girl wouldn’t randomly mention you to other people unless she is thinking about you. And the funny thing is, the more she talks about you to others, the more her brain will start to believe she must be into you.

20. She follows you on your social media accounts

It can be somewhat creepy when a girl randomly adds you on your social media account, but it is also a great sign she is intrigued by you. Most women normally would not do this because they are afraid they may seem too eager or desperate. If she takes the initiative to add you to her social media despite those fears, then it is a strong indicator that she wants a little more from you than just a friendship. Just don’t get too excited and invite her straight back to your place (although that may very well work sometimes…). Simply invite her for a cup of coffee and see where things go from there.

21. She asks you personal questions

There really is no reason for a girl to bombard you with personal questions (unless she is collecting data for her research study). If she starts asking you about your relationship status and your childhood traumas, then she wants to get to know you on a more personal level. She is curious to know about what type of experiences shaped you to become the man you are today. By all means, share your experiences and thoughts with her, but don’t go overboard with it as you don’t want to kill your mystery completely!

22. She cares about her outfit

A lot of men are oblivious to this, but if you notice a girl starts to wear a brighter outfit (or an outfit that accentuates her body more), then that is often a sign she is craving for your attention. Both men and women are the same in this regard. I’m sure you pay more attention to your hair and outfit when you are going out to see a girl you are into. Girls become more conscious of how they look when they start spending time with a man they find attractive. If she wore a baggy outfit the first few times you guys hung out, but her fashion started to change drastically after you guys started spending more time together, there is a good chance you contributed to that change.

23. She gives you the full attention

This is especially a big deal in this day and age of the cell phone era. We have an attention span of a goldfish, and people don’t like paying attention to anything unless there is an incentive to do so. If she gives you full, undivided attention when you guys are together, then you probably mean more to her than all of her followers on her social media account (which is kind of a big deal for most women).

24. She makes an effort in a conversation

What does she do when you stop talking? Does she just sit there looking bored, waiting for you to entertain her? If that is the case, she may not be that into you. If the girl is into you, she is going to put effort into having a good conversation. If she expects you to carry all the burden of a conversation, without putting any effort on her part, then she most likely does not take you that seriously. One good way to assess this is to just pause every now and then during a conversation, and see if she re-initiates the conversation.

25. She acts shy when you tease her

This applies to shy girls for the most part, but even the most confident one will act this way if she is sufficiently attracted to you. If you notice a girl gets inside of her head when you joke about something that is relevant to her, then that is a sign she cares about what you say. Teasing her too frequently can actually backfire if a girl already thinks you are too good for her. She may conclude that there is no way someone like you would be attracted to her, and she may give up pursuing you. So, It is important for you to find the right balance between teasing and letting her know you find her attractive.

26. She asks about your dating life

A girl often asks this question because she wants to know if you are available or not. She may also be curious to hear about your views on relationship and dating to see if your views align with hers. You can use this as an opportunity to express your thoughts on relationship. It is good to be upfront about whether you are looking for a casual partner or something more serious, so no one ends up getting hurt due to not setting a proper expectation.

27. She qualifies herself

If a girl starts to list her positive attributes during her conversation with you, then you know she is trying to impress you. We normally only talk about our positive attributes when we feel inferior to whoever we are interacting with. She may feel insecure because you are this gorgeous, handsome man who appears to have everything figured out in your life. The fact she feels the need to communicate her value most likely means she perceives you as having a higher value than her. And she wants to let you know she is good enough to be worthy of your time and attention.

28. She becomes self-conscious in front of you

When a girl starts to feel self-conscious around you, you know she is falling for you. One example is when you look at a girl for a few seconds without saying a word, and she asks if there is something on her face. Or she may ask if she is looking too fat in her outfit. The more we like someone, the more we tend to over-think everything. If she constantly wants a confirmation from you that she looks okay, you can assume she is into you.

29. She does not mind standing an inch away from you

This is a great way to gauge her interest especially when you are out at the bar or a club. If a girl is okay with you standing very close to her, it means she does not mind holding sexual tension with you. While you normally wouldn’t stand so close to someone during the daytime, you can easily gauge a girl’s interest level at a bar or the club by simply stepping forward a little during a conversation (Just be sure to make it look natural…). If the girl doesn’t back off, then she is likely interested.

30. Her pupils become dilated

During your conversation with a girl, look into her eyes and pay special attention to her pupils. If her pupils become dilated as she stares into your eyes, then that is often a sign of attraction. Staring into her pupils is also a great way to form a stronger connection with a girl. When you look into her eyes as if you are about to penetrate her soul, you may very well induce a weird little emotion she has never felt with another man in her life.

31. She picks you over her friends

When you are talking to a girl you met for the first time at a bar or the club, and she ignores her friends to spend more time with you, then that is almost a guaranteed sign she is into you. Just think about how much more time she must have spent with her friends compared to you. If she disregards all of that at that moment just to talk to you, then it means she really wants to talk to you. I remember a few days ago when I was out talking to this tall blonde girl outside of the club. At one point, her friends tried to call her over, but she was completely focused on me as if there is just the two of us in the entire universe. That is when you know a woman wants you.

32. She listens to your boring stories intently

Nobody else in your life may care about your boring stories, but she listens to it intently as if you are telling the most amazing stories. In fact, it doesn’t even matter what you say because whatever that comes out of your mouth is music to her ears. That is when you know a girl is starting to fall in love with you.

33. She seeks your validation

Validation and love are very closely related. When she loves you, you become the primary source of her validation. When she starts displaying signs of seeking your validation, then it can very well be a sign she likes you more than a friend. Think about why a girl you date would feel jealous when you talk to a more attractive girl in front of her. It is because she feels de-validated by the fact you are showing more attention to another girl when she is there beside you. The more she seeks your validation, the more space you take up in her mind.

34. She initiates text with you more frequently than you do

Girls often play games as much as men when it comes to texting. Even if she is interested, she may delay answering you because she does not want to appear too easy or desperate. And to be frank, it is not too hard to play games when you are just “moderately” attracted to someone. But, it is a different story when you are completely infatuated by someone. All your logic goes out the window and you act irrationally. When she is initiating texts with you all the time, it may be a sign she is starting to lose her cool due to an insane amount of attraction she feels toward you.

35. She keeps looking at your lips

What do you do when you want to kiss a girl? You gaze at her lips. What do you do when you want to play with a girl’s mammary? You gaze at her mammary (Please don’t do this too explicitly…). Our eyes tend to naturally go to places that intrigue us. When she constantly stares at your lips during a conversation, she may be sending you a sign to make a move. It is about time for you to overcome that fear and go in for the kiss. She is most likely going to respond back with a passionate kiss!

36. She cooks for you

Cooking takes effort, and a woman does not want to put any extra effort into doing something for someone who she could care less about. If she spends her time and energy to prepare food for you, then she most likely thinks of you more than a friend. Just don’t forget to tell her that her food tastes amazing even if it doesn’t, because if you don’t, she will go ahead and cook for some other man. You do not want to make a girl feel unappreciated when she put so much effort into preparing something for you!

37. She remembers everything you said

We readily remember something that is important to us. When she remembers every single little detail about you, then she is indirectly letting you know you are important to her. When someone takes up a big portion in our mind, we tend to replay the interactions we had with him or her by going over the things we discussed and the things we did together. When she struggles to remember anything about you, then it likely means she rarely ever thinks about you outside of the time you guys are together. If that applies to you, it is time for you to step up your game with the tips you can readily access in my other articles!

38. She comes to you for protection

Maybe you guys are not dating yet, but she always comes to you when she feels nervous, or she is scared of someone. For example, this one girl I knew (before we started going out) would always come near me to tell me how I should protect her from all of the creepy guys when we were out at the club. When she felt nervous, I was the first person that popped up in her mind. A girl would not normally go to a man that she friend-zoned for protection, so this is another good sign that she thinks of you more than a friend.

39. She always looks at your reaction first in a group of people

What do you do when you are watching a movie or a comedy show and something interesting happens? You usually turn toward someone you like to see if they found that as interesting as you did. And that is exactly what a girl does with a man she likes. If you are hanging out with a group of people, and she always looks at you first every time someone makes a crappy joke, then she cares about you more than anyone else in that group.

40. She lets you know there is something different about you

When a woman tells you there is something different about you than other men she’s encountered, you know she is developing feelings for you. There is no reason for her to make such comments unless she actually likes you (or if she is an evil witch who just likes to play with your feeling, but those girls are not in the majority). She wants you to know that she does not view you the same way she views everyone else in her life. And it may very well be her invitation for you to shoot your shot.

41. She gets jealous when you talk to other girls

There are two types of responses you can expect from a girl that likes you when you talk to another girl in front of her. She may start getting super flirtatious with you, or she may look visibly down and upset. If a girl is more of a confident type, she may try to win your attention back by stepping up her game. If a girl tends to lack confidence, and she is shy, she may secretly accept that she will never be good enough for you, and she will just move on. Jealousy is about one of the strongest emotions you can trigger in a woman, so use it with caution!

Anyway, those are the 41 signs that a girl likes you more than a friend.

You will never have to wonder if a girl is into you or not anymore!

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