21 Strange Signs She Is Falling For You

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She is gazing deep into your eyes with her tender, loving eyes, and you are sure she is falling for you. But, is that really true? What are some telltale signs that you can spot when she is falling in love with you?

Once you learn these 21 signs, there will be no doubt in your mind whether a girl is into you or not.

So, let’s get started!

1. She contacts you more frequently

This is an indication that you are starting to occupy more of her mind.

The more she thinks about you, the more she is going to want to contact you.

If she starts to initiate contact with you more frequently compared to when you guys first met, it is safe to assume you are growing in her mind.

For the same reason, if she starts to contact you less frequently, then you are most likely drifting away from her mind.

2. She checks up on you

As a woman starts to fall for you, she can’t help but feel a little needy.

She starts to wonder what you are up to when you are not with her, and the thoughts of you hanging out with another girl may even cross her mind every now and then.

As long as she is not crazy, then she is not going to go overboard and turn into a crazy stalker, but it is only natural for her to want to know what you are up to on a frequent basis when she is into you.

When she is constantly curious about your current activity status, then you know she is starting to become emotionally attached to you.

3. She is more touchy

This is a sign she is getting more comfortable around you and feels closer to you as a result.

When we like someone, we want to touch that person. We want to feel their body and warmth.

But, we first need to feel comfortable around them before we physically touch them (For most people, anyway).

So, not only does she feel attraction toward you, but she is also starting to feel more comfortable around you to the point she is not reluctant to show her affection.

4. Her Eyes light up

Look into her eyes to find out her intention.

Does she look at you with a combination of lust, love, and affection?

They don’t say your eyes are the window to your soul for no reason.

Your eyes communicate a lot about who you are.

If her pupils dilate and she looks at you with her eyes wide open, then that is usually a good sign she is interested in you.

If she looks at you and holds eye contact for more than a few seconds, then that is also usually a sign she is interested.

Girls don’t hold eye contact with men they find repulsive.

The last thing they want to do is to give the wrong impression to a man they are not interested in.

5. She plans the future with you

She likes to plan things in the future with you.

She may talk about going on a vacation together in the future.

She may talk about going to a special occasion together as a couple.

This is a sign that she does not take her relationship with you lightly, and want to have a more meaningful relationship with you than just a casual fling.

6. She wants to introduce you to her family and friends

When she suggests you to meet her family or close friends, it is often a sign she is falling for you.

It does not make any sense for a girl to introduce you to her family and close friends if she sees no future in the relationship.

At this point, it is safe to assume you have cemented your position in her mind as a man who she can envision her future with.

7. she asks for your opinion

When a girl frequently asks for your opinion, it means you have become a primary source of her validation.

We care most about the opinion of those we want to impress.

The fact she is asking about your opinion on what to do or what to wear indicates she cares about you and wants to impress you.

There is a very strong correlation between attraction and validation.

If she starts to chase more of your validation by constantly trying to gauge what you think about her, then it is a sign you are growing bigger in her mind.

8. She wants to do things together

You guys may have started out as a friends-with-benefits type of relationship where you guys only hung out at your place late at night.

But, she may start to express her desire to do something more than just being a “cuddle buddy”.

Maybe, she suggests going out to dinner together.

Maybe, she wants to go hiking, or she wants to hang out at the beach with you.

She wants to take this relationship to the next level, and it is up to you to decide if you feel the same way, or if you want to keep it casual.

9. She lets you know you are different

I am sure you have heard of a woman say things like, “I don’t know what it is about you, but you are different”… “I have never felt like this with another guy before”… “I just feel like I can be myself around you”.

Those lines are all communicating the same core message.

She is letting you know you are not like every other guy she has been with, and that you mean more than every other guy she has known in her life.

It is possible she actually means what she says, or she could be saying those things just to emphasize that she cares a lot about you.

Either way, it is a sign she is falling for you.

10. She tries to find commonality

What do we do when we really like someone?

We try to establish commonality with the person we like.

Let’s say you mention the places you have traveled or the foods you like.

If she responds to you with something like, “Oh my god! That is crazy. That is my favorite place (or food)!”

Then, you know she is trying to gain rapport with you by establishing commonality.

Whenever she actively goes out of her way to let you know she has something in common with you, you can rest assured that she is falling for you.

11. She accepts your flaws

When she is in love with you (or in the process of falling in love with you), she is going to like all of you including your flaws.

If you have a little bit of belly, she is going to think it feels nice and soft.

If you have a weird looking nose, she is going to think it is cute.

The feeling of love will make her become irrational and make her see the beauty in every little thing about you.

So, if a woman shows a sign of disgust at any of your flaws, then it means she is just not that into you.

12. She grooms you

She fixes your hair. She puts lotion on your face. She puts lip balms on your dry lips. She fixes your shirt. She even plucks your eyebrows.

It is in a woman’s nature to want to groom and take care of someone that she loves.

If she is paying attention to every little detail about you, then it is a sure sign she is falling for you.

13. She answers you even when she is busy

When she prioritizes you over other things (or people), it is a sign she is falling for you.

She may be talking to her mother on the phone when you call her, and she will put her mom on hold and talk to you first.

She may be studying for an important exam, but she will still make the time and effort to talk to you every day.

Love makes us do things that we normally wouldn’t do.

If she goes out of her way to make you a priority in her life, then she is in love.

14. She wants to know everything about you

When she is falling for you, she will want to know every little thing about you.

She will want to see your childhood pictures. She will want to know your hobbies. She will want to know your past relationships.

When she is into you, she is going to want to understand you better than anyone else in your life (Especially compared to all the other girls you have been with).

15. She wants to create special memories together

She wants to be the most special person in your life (ever).

She wants to create memories you have never had with your previous partners, and she wants to create bonds you have never shared with others.

She wants to be that woman you will forever remember as someone who you shared most beautiful moments together.

If she frequently asks what you used to do with your ex-girlfriends, and she suggests doing something more exciting than the experiences you had shared with your ex-girlfriend, then that is a sign she is falling for you.

16. She cooks for you

When is the last time you cooked for someone you do not care about?

It is rare you would put an effort into preparing food for someone unless you like the person.

When she invites you over to cook for you, it is safe to assume she is falling for you.

Perhaps, it is her way of showing you that she has the quality of a “keeper”.

Or maybe, she remembers the food you said you like, and she wants to impress you with her skill.

17. She agrees with you

We tend to agree with people who we respect and like.

Girls are no different. If she likes you, she is going to agree with a lot of things you say.

You may share your most controversial political view, and she will still accept your idea because she just loves you that much.

Most women’s opinion and worldview usually go out the window when they are with a man they are deeply in love with.

If she readily changes her view to accept yours, then that is a strong indicator she is falling in love with you.

18. She cares about your health

I don’t think it needs to be explained, but we care about the mental and physical well-being of a person we love.

If she becomes extremely concerned about you when you express any signs of sickness, then she cares for you.

When you guys are out drinking, and she makes sure you drink enough water, so you don’t get a bad hangover the next day, then she cares for you.

It is often these small, seemingly insignificant acts that show if she is falling for you or not.

19. She gives you what are we talk

When a girl asks, “What are we?” that means she is developing feelings for you, and she wants to take things further.

A lot of relationships start out as a casual relationship in this day and age, but more often than not, it inevitably reaches a point where one person develops a stronger feeling for the other.

When she brings up “What are we” talk, then it is a sign she has reached that point.

A lot of women are scared to bring up the topic of being exclusive because they fear you are going to disappear from their life if they put too much pressure on you (If she really likes you).

Nonetheless, it is hard for her to resist initiating this talk when her feelings start to grow.

20. She feels vulnerable

She opens herself up to you, and she becomes vulnerable in your presence.

She wants you to understand how much she cares for you, and she tries to express that within her best ability, although it may not always come out right because it is scary to fully open yourself up to others.

21. She looks up to you

The more she gets to know you, the more she respects you and looks up to you.

As she learns more about your view of the world and your values, she develops a stronger feeling toward you.

She realizes you are different than other men who go about their lives with no standards (assuming you’ve got your act together).

There is a high correlation between the amount of respect she has toward you and the attraction she feels.

You can assume it is pretty much over when she no longer has any respect left for you.

Anyway, those are the 21 signs to tell if a girl is falling for you.

There is no one sign that will tell you with absolute certainty she is into you.

But, you can be quite confident in knowing that a woman is falling for you when you see more than a few of these signs from her.

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