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Should I date this girl or is she going to be a complete waste of my time?

That’s the question that may have been lingering in your head for a while.

So, what are some of the biggest red flags you should look out for when you are trying to decide if she’s going to be a right fit for you?

Well… there are a lot of things you must consider if you are thinking about starting any form of serious relationship with a girl.

But I want to talk about a girl’s past and what her past may say about her.

And why it may be smart to take her past into consideration if you are thinking about getting into a serious relationship with her.

The politically correct answer would be to say her past should not matter.

That her past shouldn’t define who she is…

That you should never judge a girl for what she’s done in the past…

Sounds great on paper…

But should you really listen to that advice?

Well… not really.

I have a different opinion and my answer is not so politically correct.

If you are looking for a long healthy monogamous relationship then you probably want to consider staying away from a girl who’s had a lot of partners in the past.

So why is that…?

Why you may not want to date a girl with a long list of partners

What the eff does her past have anything to do with how she’s going to behave in the future…?!

But hold on… repeat that one more time.

Doesn’t that statement almost seem ridiculous?

Of course, it does.

Because your past is possibly the most accurate indicator of how you are going to behave in the future.

Really think about it…

What the heck does a bank do when they decide to loan you money?

They check your credit history to see how well you’ve been paying your money in the past.

How do professional sports team decide which players to recruit for their team?

They decided based on a player’s past performance.

But all of a sudden, when we talk about a topic like this, we are not supposed to judge people based on what they’ve done in the past.

Any organization where there is a big stake at hand ensures they make their decision by carefully examining the past of whoever they decide to work with.

So, it may very well be in your best interest to do the same.

One issue with having a lot of sexual partners is that the more you sleep around, the harder it becomes for you to become emotionally attached to someone.

Another issue is that the girl who’s been with a lot of partners, more often than not, would rather jump ship to another guy than trying to work things out when some challenge arises.

There’s naturally going to be a lot of clashes when two people who share different background come together and try to work things out.

So aforementioned qualities aren’t exactly the qualities you want from someone you want to get into a serious relationship with.

There are some guys who think it’s better if the girl sleeps around a lot and gets it out of her system before getting into a relationship.

I’m here to tell you that is largely just a myth.

Who do you think is more likely to start smoking at the age of 25?

A person who was a chronic smoker until the age of 20 and managed to quit…

Or a person who has never smoked in his life?

It is obviously the first one without a shadow of a doubt.

Once you engage in doing something repetitively, that becomes your new zone of possibility.

You may quit it for the time being but what happens when a series of events happen that trigger your emotion to crave for your old addiction again.

You end up resorting back to your old bad habits.

How many people do you know who quit smoking for a while but they started smoking again after some stressful incidents?

That should answer your question.

On the other hand, if you’ve never touched a drug then your brain is not going to default into seeking drugs when a stressful event happens.

The same exact principle applies for a girl who’s had an “abundant” past.

If she comes across a man who knows how to arouse her, there is a good chance she’ll resort back to her old habit even if she’s been loyal for a while.

Here’s another red flag.

If the reason for her having a lot of sexual partners is because she has been consistently dumped (so she constantly had to find a new man…), then it may very well be a sign that she is not datable.

It may also indicate she’s the type of a girl who constantly needs a man in her life to feel fulfilled.

And what does that mean?

It means she’s going to make your life miserable because she will demand attention from you at all times.

It’s all fun and cute when she acts needy when you’ve got nothing to do in your life.

It will quickly turn into a living hell when she’s constantly nagging at you while you have to get things done.

On a slightly side note, please do not date a girl with a borderline personality unless you are really bored with your life.

If you are indeed bored…

You will never run out of excitement trying to stop her from cutting her wrist or an emotional rollercoaster she will bring to your life day in and day out.

Why you must absolutely be careful about who you date

Let me just point out once again I’m not trying to judge what a girl does in this article, but simply offering my opinion on one of the qualities I believe you should look out for in a girl you are planning on having a serious relationship together.

A lot of girls (and guys) look for qualities such as height, looks, and money to decide if the person is suitable as a potential mate.

How much more non-superficial is it to actually look at their behaviors to decide if they are someone that’s worth dating?

Obviously, none of what I said matters if you are simply looking for a casual relationship.

But it makes sense to pay attention to some of these details that I discussed in this article if you are thinking about anything long term with a girl.

She is one of the people you are going to be spending most of your time with and your entire life may potentially suffer if you choose the wrong person.

They say you are the average of five people you hang out with. How much influence do you think a person that you spend most of your time with will have on you?

More than you can imagine…

It always cracks me up when I hear a dude saying something like, “Oh I don’t care about a girl’s past because I’m too cool to care about petty things like that and I got more important things to worry about!”.

Those are the same dudes who get screwed over by their wives and end up miserable and alone because they couldn’t drop their little ego to do their homework.

This is just one of the many and many things you should look out for in your partner if you are planning on getting into a serious relationship.

Be very careful on who you get into a relationship with because a toxic relationship will do way more harm than whatever benefits it brings.

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