“She says she is busy with work”

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What does it really mean when a girl says she is too busy with work?

You will soon discover exactly why a girl says she is too busy.

Make sure you don’t miss the last section about the best way to get a girl to hang out with you even if she tells you she is busy!

She says she is too busy to text

What does it mean when a girl says she is too busy to text?

Is she really busy, or is it just an excuse for her to push you away?

This depends on the context.

If you text her during the day, and she promptly replies you back saying she is too busy, it may be true she is actually busy.

In such a case, you would just want to wait until she sends you a text message.

It is, however, a different story if you have been bombarding a girl with several text messages, and she finally replies back telling you she is too busy to text.

This is rather a clear sign she is not interested in you and that you should move on.

In fact, I advise you to stay away from text messaging a girl more than two to three times in a row.

This will only make you appear needy, and it won’t do you any good in terms of re-igniting her interest.

To sum up, it is best to move on when a girl says she is too busy to text because you can bet she won’t be too busy to reply to a man who she believes is her dream guy.

She is too busy for a relationship

If a girl says she is too busy for a relationship, it usually means she is just not that into you.

If she is busy with work, then it is logical to not get into a relationship.

But, attraction happens on an emotional level, and it is NOT logical.

What do you think guides most people’s behavior? Emotions or logic?

Humans primarily make decisions based on their emotions.

So, if a girl was really into you, her emotional brain will overpower her logical brain even if her circumstance is not ideal for a relationship.

Here is the truth.

She probably doesn’t mind hanging out with you every now and then, and she may even be happy to get into a casual relationship with you, but she doesn’t see any future with you.

Maybe, she is waiting for a better option to appear while she is temporarily using you to fill her emotional or physical needs.

So, what should you do in such a case?

If a girl doesn’t take you seriously, then there is no reason for you to overly invest in a relationship either.

I’m not the one to advocate treating women like crap to make them chase, and I’m all for mutual respect.

But, it does not make an ounce of sense for you to be nice to a girl who does not feel the same way about you.

That only communicates a lack of abundance, and she is going to further walk all over you like a doormat if you fail to stand up for yourself.

What does it mean when a girl says she is busy after the first date?

This is a little different scenario than a girl flat out telling you she is busy (before you guys even had a chance to hang out).

If a girl went out on a date with you, it means she was at least interested in getting to know you.

If, however, she says she is busy after the first date, then there is probably a reason for that.

So, let’s talk about some of the possible reasons why she may have lost interest after the first date.

You kept it too logical

One way to lose a girl’s interest on a date is to keep things too logical.

It is fine to talk about things, such as school, work, and business, but it becomes problematic if they make up your entire conversation.

A girl can only feel a deep attraction when her emotion is aroused, and it is unlikely you are going to be able to arouse her emotion by sticking to the topics above.

This is why it is important to keep things playful by teasing her and making jokes.

The sooner you realize that every girl just wants to have more fun, the better you will do with girls.

This doesn’t mean you can’t have a deep conversation every now and then. In fact, that is a great way to further strengthen your bond with her.

But, it is imperative that you strike the right balance between a more serious conversation and a playful conversation if you want to successfully attract girls.

She was disappointed with your performance

This only applies if you ended up sleeping with her on the first date.

But, you would be surprised to discover how many girls stop contacting a guy after his disappointing sexual performance.

Girls enjoy sex as much as men.

If she felt there was a zero sexual chemistry between you and her, she is not going to feel very inspired to contact you again.

This is why I recommend you to avoid getting too drunk if you think there is a chance good things may happen on the first date with a girl.

You want to make sure your tootsie roll doesn’t collapse after just a few minutes of getting intimate with her.

You didn’t make a move

Girls don’t find it very attractive when a man is not clear with his desires.

If you hesitated to make a move, such as going for the kiss or asking her to come back home with you, that could have very well been a deal-breaker for her.

Many men fear girls may reject them, so they try to play it safe.

They escalate only to the point they are guaranteed to not face rejection.

But, you need to get rid of that fear of rejection if you want to consistently attract the type of women you truly desire.

If you want to attract something that is truly exceptional into your life, whether it be an exceptional friendship, an exceptional girlfriend, or an exceptional career, there is no other way around but to get comfortable with facing rejections.

How to respond when a girl says she is busy

I hope you know the answer to this question at this point.

How you should NOT respond is to blow up her phone and call her 5 times in a row to get her to respond.

You are not going to get someone interested in you by being persistent when she barely has any interest in you.

Instead, you should move on and find another girl.

Are there some things you can do to get with her? Most definitely.

Would I recommend it? Not really.

I’ve been there and done that.

I’ve held onto girls who weren’t very into me, and it left a bad taste in my mouth even when I had successfully convinced them to see me again.

So, I advise you to go out and talk to other girls.

Even if you feel this girl is so special, I want you to go out and meet 10 other girls and re-assess how you feel about her afterward.

More often than not, you will realize there really was nothing special about her.

Your brain plays tricks on you when you don’t have a lot of options in your life, and makes you perceive her as more special than she actually is.

You can never have a clear picture of the reality when you have a scarcity mindset.

It is only when you shift into an abundant mindset that you will be able to make the best decision for yourself.

How to get a busy girl to hang out

I want to re-emphasize that I recommend you to not hold onto a girl who does not want you.

That being said, this is what I suggest you do if you absolutely want to give one last shot before you give up.

I want you to pick up your phone and call her.

It is a lot easier to influence someone over the phone than with written words.

Dial her number in the evening when she’s likely back from school or work.

Keep the overall tone of your conversation light and playful.

You do not want her to feel any pressure, otherwise, she is not going to want to see you.

When you start to have a nice back and forth exchange over the phone, you can invite her out for a cup of coffee or a drink.

Ask her what day she is free and set up the date over the phone, so you don’t have to experience a headache of trying to set up a date over texts.

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