She Plays With Her Hair?

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A common belief is that a girl is into you when she plays with her hair, so is that a guaranteed way of gauging a girl’s interest?

The truth is, there can be more than a handful of reasons why a girl may be playing with her hair in front of you.

She plays with her hair to comfort herself

What are the most common body language behaviors that are displayed when a person feels nervous?

He unconsciously touches himself to feel more comfortable (No, not in a naughty way…).

The same can be true when a girl starts to play with her hair in front of you.

She may be feeling nervous about something that’s running through her mind (something that may be completely unrelated to you), and she is touching herself to soothe her anxiety.

In such a case, you can simply ask her if she is feeling nervous and help her feel more at ease by trying to understand her concerns.

If you become a man who has the ability to make a woman feel comfortable during stressful times, then she may very well fall for you even if she wasn’t exactly into you in the first place.

She plays with her hair as a habit

She may also touch her hair when talking to another person out of habit.

It is possible she is naturally a quite anxious person, and it is the habit she displays when talking to people in general.

A lot of women suffer from varying degrees of anxieties, and you just simply being there may induce anxiety in her.

A good way to find out if this is the cause of her behavior is to observe how she behaves in front of others.

Does she habitually play with her hair when talking to people?

How about when she is stressed out with something?

Observing those behaviors will give you a better clue as to why she is playing with her hair.

She is just straightening her hair

She may simply be just straightening her hair, and she just happened to do it in front of you.

This is also one of the reasons why I dislike obsessing over “signs” to assess a girl’s level of interest since there can be so many different factors at play.

She plays with her hair to flirt with you

And… she may be playing with her hair because she is into you.

In this case, she is playing with her hair to direct your attention toward her, so she can, in turn, fully get a hold of your attention on her.

Let’s talk about some of the different variations of “hair play” she may display around a man she is interested.

A woman may twirl her hair around, which is her unconscious way of displaying a sign of innocence, and it is a sign that is commonly seen when a girl is flirting.

She may also flip her hair to draw attention, hoping you would notice her.

When she puts her hair back behind her ear, it is a form of a submissive behavior since she is exposing her neck to be seen, and this is also a sign that a woman commonly shows to flirt with a man.

When a girl is around a man she is into, she becomes more self-conscious because she can’t help but become “hyper-aware” of the man in front of her.

When that tension builds up, it has to be released, and touching her hair is a coping mechanism for her to relieve that stress she feels in front of an attractive man.

Think about the last time you talked to a really attractive woman, how did you act? (This only applies to you if you are/were an awkward dude)

You most likely did something to feel less anxious in the presence of an attractive woman.

You may have nervously tapped your foot or awkwardly laughed when you were talking to an attractive woman.

As a general rule of thumb, you will suffer from a lot less headache by just assuming that a woman is into you if she does anything that seems a little out of ordinary.

So, if she is giving you a deep stare while she plays with her hair, just go ahead and assume it is a sign she is craving for something a little more from you.

Look for more than one sign

As we have discussed, there can be a whole range of reasons why a woman may play with her hair.

It can be due to reasons that are related to you, or reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with you.

The best way to assess a girl’s level of interest is to look for multiple signs apart from her playing with hair.

If you see more than two to three signs of interest, it is safe to assume she is interested in you.

Here is a quick list of some of the signs that a girl may display when she’s interested.

1. She keeps looking toward your direction and holds eye contact with you for a few seconds

2. She stands within your vicinity wherever you go.

3. Her body faces toward you when you talk to her.

4. Her voice becomes softer and high-pitched when she speaks to you.

5. She physically touches you.

Assume she is into you

But, here is why you are better off not waiting until she plays with her hair (or any other signs for that matter) to make a move.

As we have already mentioned, there can be a lot of different reasons as to why a woman may display certain signs.

So, there is a good chance your brain will just become even more clouded as you search for these signs from women.

A better way to approach your interaction with women is to assume interest unless she shows a clear sign of disinterest.

If she tells you to leave and turns her body completely away from you, then those are very clear signs she is not into you.

In such a case, you would leave her alone and meet other girls.

But otherwise, assume whatever she does as s a sign she is trying to flirt with you.

So, why is it better to “assume” attraction?

If you believe someone is into you, then you are likely to be much more unapologetic in the way you express yourself, and that polarity will make you more attractive to women.

You are also more likely to take the plunge if you believe the other person is into you, so you will be a lot less hesitant in your action when you interact with girls.

Yes, you may endure more rejections from misreading signs with some girls, but you need to accept that is what it takes if you don’t want to settle for an average dating lie.

Anyone who has excelled in any area of life has endured more rejections and failures (if you can even call it that) than average people who stay mediocre for the rest of their lives.

The sooner you become friends with rejections, the faster your life will improve.

Anyway, I hope this article helped you get a better understanding of what it actually means when a girl plays with her hair!

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