“She Lost Interest All of A Sudden”

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So, why do girls lose interest all of a sudden?

Let’s talk about a few possible reasons.

1. She is bored with you

If things have become repetitive in your relationship, and there is no more excitement, then that can be the reason why she’s lost her interest.

It is easy to maintain a girl’s interest when you are just getting to know her, and everything is new and exciting.

It doesn’t take much to make a girl get hooked on you in such a scenario.

But, it is a different story when things start to get serious with a girl.

If you don’t do anything interesting with your life, and all you do is Netflix and chill with her after work, she is not going to stick around for a long time.

As with anything else in life, whatever you want to keep needs to be constantly nurtured.

It is the same as going to the gym to train your muscles.

Even if you manage to develop a good physique, you will soon lose the muscles you have if you stop going to the gym.

You need to consistently put effort into nurturing your relationship if you want to keep her in your life.

So, don’t be afraid to add a little bit of spontaneity into your relationship.

Things become boring when they become routine.

Don’t be afraid to go to places where you haven’t visited, eat something you haven’t tried before, and make love to her at places she didn’t expect.

These will all serve as a new stimulus to keep your relationship a little more exciting.

2. You are boring in bed

When I was inexperienced with women, no one ever really told me how much a girl cares about sex.

It was only when I started having a more open conversation with women that I realized women care about sex as much as men do.

A lot of girls have told me that they’ve had instances where they stopped seeing someone because they felt no sexual chemistry, and the guy failed to satisfy them.

I’ve once had a girl tell me that she was really into this man, and everything seemed perfect.

They shared the same hobbies, and their conversation would flow effortlessly whenever they would hang out.

But, things changed when she slept with him for the first time.

He was too nervous, and his performance anxiety got the best of him, and he failed to satisfy her sexual needs.

And this eventually made her leave him.

Obviously, not all girls put such a heavy emphasis on sex as much as her.

But, girls care about sex a lot more than what many men would like to believe.

So, you want to be honest with how good you are in bed.

Maybe, you are just inexperienced, or you just had a rough day, and you struggled to get your private part up when things started to heat up with her.

If you are honest with yourself, you may come to realize that your lack of sexual performance could have been the reason for her loss of interest.

There is no easy solution to fixing this apart from equipping yourself with a better knowledge of how to satisfy a woman in bed and constantly working to improve your skills.

3. You are too nice all of the time

I wish this wasn’t the case.

I wish we lived in the World where nice guys are treated well, and I wish they get to date the hottest girls.

Who doesn’t want a genuinely nice man to do well in life?

But, this is sadly not the reality.

So, what is wrong with being a nice guy?

One problem with being nice all of the time is that you become boring and predictable.

Too much of anything is bad.

Most girls appreciate acts of kindness, but they will soon get used to them if they are handed to them all of the time.

If you pay for her dinner all of the time, then she is no longer going to appreciate you paying for her dinner (as a matter of fact, she will start to despise you once you stop paying for it).

If you give her a ride all of the time, then she will always expect you to give her a ride.

Our brain is just wired to not respond strongly to something that we are repeatedly exposed to.

So, does this mean you have to start treating a girl badly?

No, that is far from what I am saying.

Instead, you want to be ‘real’ with the girls you interact with.

Let’s say you have been giving her a ride all of the time, I’m sure there are times that you absolutely do not feel like driving her back home.

But, you most likely suppress your feelings and put her needs first before your own because you believe that is what you are supposed to do.

In such a scenario, I want you to start practicing telling a girl exactly how you feel.

You may not yet feel comfortable enough to act on your feeling, but it is a good idea to at least get used to expressing what you do or don’t feel like doing.

For example, if you are giving her a ride back home and you are feeling tired, let her know that you are not feeling so great, but you will give her a ride back home tonight, so she can get back home safely.

That will make her realize she can’t take you for granted, and that it is a privilege for her to receive your care.

A lot of problems associated with being a nice guy disappears once you start to communicate exactly how you feel with a girl.

When you don’t like what she says, then let her know you don’t appreciate how you talk to her.

When you don’t like how she always shows up late to dates, then let her know you don’t like the fact she doesn’t respect your time.

Make a girl realize you have boundaries.

4. She found a better option

Another likely scenario is that she has found a better option.

Girls (and men as well) constantly look for better alternatives subconsciously.

Just because she loves you right now doesn’t mean that is how she is going to feel forever.

It just means you are the best option that is available to her at this exact moment (as harsh as that may sound).

Maybe, she started talking to her co-worker or her classmate, who is better looking and more charming.

In such a case, she may start distancing herself from you because she realizes she has a chance with a man who is better than you in every way.

Now, I don’t want you to get all depressed after reading what I just wrote.

When I say “better looking and more charming than you”, I want you to realize those are all completely subjective.

You can be better looking than Brad Pitt in one girl’s eyes while another girl may feel completely disgusted by you.

There IS a girl out there who will believe you are the best thing that’s ever happened to her life.

When you accept you are not going to be a perfect fit for every girl you encounter (and not every girl will be a perfect fit for you either), you will find peace of mind.

You will no longer start putting so much effort into impressing a girl to get her to like you (because you will realize a lot of it is out of your control).

Rather, you will put more effort into finding a girl who is the right fit for you.

Should you chase a girl who has lost interest? 

So, is it worth chasing a girl who has lost interest all of a sudden?

Let me ask you this question.

Have there ever been instances in your life where you successfully held onto someone by being needy and desperate?

It is no different than charities contacting you every day when you’ve already told them you are not willing to donate.

Their persistence is not suddenly going to inspire you to donate money. It will just annoy you and make you despise them more.

Don’t get me wrong. Chasing a girl can be a viable tactic with some girls in the short run.

But, it is impossible to sustain a healthy relationship if your primary tactic of keeping a girl is to hang onto her by being needy.

The girl has lost her interest because she doesn’t perceive you as bringing enough value to her life.

If she believed that being with you would make her life better, then she would’ve stayed with you.

So, you want to focus your effort in elevating your values.

When you become a high-value man, you can rest assured that women will start to flock to you.

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