“She doesn’t want to be Exclusive”

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What are some signs a girl doesn’t want to be exclusive with you?

Why does she refuse to commit to you, and what exactly should you do under such a circumstance?

Let’s talk about that.

Don’t miss the last section since it highlights the most important point in this article.

Signs she won’t commit 

Let’s talk about some signs a girl won’t commit.

She refuses to spend enough time

If a girl refuses to spend enough time with you, it is a good sign she is not emotionally committed to a relationship.

The more a girl likes you, the more she is going to want to spend her time with you.

When a girl is ‘really’ into a man, it is hard for her to control her desire to want to hang out with him all of the time.

If she is able to exercise great ‘self-control’ with how much time she spends with you, then it is a sign her logical brain still overpowers her emotional brain.

And this is not a good sign since a strong attraction only takes place when a woman’s emotion is amplified.

She doesn’t feel jealous

There can be two different explanations for the lack of her jealousy.

It is possible a girl does not feel jealous because she is emotionally mature, and she doesn’t like drama.

If that is the case, then I congratulate you. You’ve found yourself a keeper.

But more often than not, a woman’s lack of jealousy is accompanied by her emotional detachment.

It is hard for a girl to not feel a little jealous if she is really attracted to you, and she is committed to you.

However, it is easy for a girl to not feel jealous when she is seeing a bunch of other people, and she is not invested in a relationship.

If she shows a complete lack of jealousy along with some of the other signs we will soon discuss in this section, then it may very well be a sign she is not ready to commit.

She doesn’t text frequently

If she texts you once every few days, you are likely not a top priority in her mind.

Are you always the first one to initiate contact with her?

Do you always send her two to three text messages in a row before she finally replies back to your text?

If a girl is not responsive to you as much as you are responsive to her, that is a sign she is not that committed to you.

If this applies to you, it is time to give her some space, so there is some room for her to chase.

She shows interest in other men

Contrary to popular belief, you are not just being a pathetic loser if you get mad when a girl shows interest in other men.

Studies show that a man or a woman who constantly checks out the opposite sex is much more likely to engage in infidelity.

This is common sense, but men are often led to believe they are being overly insecure when they get upset over their women talking about other men.

The study shows there is actually a good reason why you feel jealous under such a circumstance.

It is because your primal brain instinctively realizes that the girl is likely to cheat on you in the future.

Reasons she won’t commit 

Let’s now talk about different reasons why a girl won’t commit.

She is just not that into you

This is a no-brainer, and it is the most common reason why a girl won’t commit.

If she was truly into you, her feelings would be too strong for her to resist the temptation to be exclusive with you.

Her excuses to not commit will all go out the window if she truly sees you as someone she sees her future with.

The truth of the matter is she doesn’t see enough value in you for her to want to commit.

You presented yourself as a player

If you initially presented yourself as someone who beds a lot of women, she is going to have a difficult time trusting you to be loyal in a relationship.

So, it is possible she is pushing you away before you hurt her.

 I just want to note that it is not exactly a bad thing if a girl sees you as someone who is attractive to a lot of women.

But, you also need to make sure she sees at least some qualities in you that make her believe you are ready to commit.

You can show your commitment by taking her out on a nice date or letting her know she is different than any of the girls you’ve been with.

She’s been emotionally hurt

If she’s been hurt by another man in the past, it is going to be difficult for her to open up to another man.

This type of girl requires a lot more time and effort before she will be ready to commit to a relationship.

Under such a circumstance, it is a good idea to have an open discussion about what you guys are looking for in a relationship.

This will help you guys get on the same page in terms of what to expect in a relationship.

You also want to demonstrate through your behaviors that you care for her.

This may be asking her over text message if she’s arrived home safely, or you simply being there for her when she needs your help.

Remember that actions speak louder than words.

Do this if she doesn’t want to commit to a relationship

So, what do you do if a girl doesn’t want to commit?

There is no point in trying to ‘verbally’ convince her to commit if she’s already expressed her unwillingness to commit.

The reason why she doesn’t want to commit is that she does not see enough value in you.

If you want a girl to commit, your best bet is to become a high-value man who inspires girls to chase him.

There are hundreds of different ways you can increase your value as a man, but these three things I’m about to tell you will give the most bang for your buck.

And those are your physical appearance, your career (and status), and your personality.

When you become at least above average in these three areas, you will notice girls start to seek for your approval instead of the other way around.

She doesn’t want a relationship but wants to see me

What should you do if a girl doesn’t want a relationship, but she still wants to see you?

This entirely depends on what you are looking for.

If you are okay with keeping things casual with a girl, then there is no reason for you to continue to push for a serious relationship.

That will only drive her away, and she is not going to want to stick around.

If, however, you are dead set on finding a girl for a relationship, you need to speak your mind.

You should never shy away from standing up for yourself because you are afraid of losing a girl.

That, in fact, is a guaranteed way to lose a girl’s respect.

But more importantly, you will lose respect for yourself, and your confidence will dip as a result.

And your confidence obviously plays the most important role in attracting women.

So, you absolutely need to be okay with walking away from a girl if her value doesn’t align with yours.

Anyway, I hope this article gave you a clearer sense of why a girl may not want to become exclusive with you!

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