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It is a terrible feeling to have to admit there is no single girl that likes you.

You log into your social media accounts, and you look at pictures of your friends with cute girls, and you can’t help but wonder what it is that they have you don’t have.

You may believe you are failing to attract girls because of this and that reason, but the truth may lie somewhere else.

So, are you ready to hear the truth?

Here are the 7 reasons why no girl likes you.

1. Physical appearance

Let’s get this out of the way before we talk about anything else since most men suffer from a lack of confidence when it comes to their physical appearance.

Girls love to talk about how they love men with confidence, but they are not going to want to go out with you if you don’t at least meet their minimum standard for physical attractiveness.

I only realized just how much girls care about looks when I first started going out, and I saw how easily girls jumped ship from one man to another, based on his attractiveness.

You do not necessarily have to be the tallest and the best looking guy (although that would certainly help), but you do need to show that you take care of yourself.

If you are not already going to the gym, then that is about the best thing you can do to improve your physical appearance.

It does not necessarily have to be lifting weights, but any form of strenuous physical activity that requires you to use a lot of your muscles would be ideal.

You also want to experiment with your hairstyle to find the best style that suits your face since your hairstyle plays a significant role in how your face looks.

When it comes to your fashion, how your clothes fit is more important than what you wear, and that is precisely why I recommend you to go to the gym and get into shape.

If you are not taking any of these steps to improve your physical appearance, is it really a surprise that no girl likes you?

2. You do not go out

It sounds too obvious to say that you need to go out if you want to meet people.

But, I see so many men complain about how they can’t find any girls, yet, they spend their entire day playing video games in their mother’s basement.

How can a girl like you when she does not even know about your existence?

Now, I am sure you have no problem acknowledging the importance of stepping out of your house to meet girls, but why do you have such resistance in the first place?

You have most likely become comfortable with your current situation.

You can still fulfill your sexual desire by beating off your meat to the videos of couples fornicating with each other.

In fact, you may have successfully convinced yourself that is a better alternative than going out and meeting girls and facing a possible humiliation and rejection.

So, if you are ready to take that next step to change your life, I would urge you to cut adult films out of your life and minimize the times you masturbate.

Not only will these kill your motivation to go out, but they can also potentially cause a host of problems even when you do finally start to date a girl, such as erectile dysfunction.

You will also emanate more confidence when you exercise self-control, and more girls will like you as a result.

3. Your personality

Some (not all) girls put a lot more emphasis on a man’s personality than his looks.

It does not matter how beautiful you are if you can’t carry a conversation for more than ten seconds with girls.

Your ability to make a girl laugh, and your ability to arouse a sexual desire in a girl, can all have a significant role when it comes to inspiring a girl to like you.

The good news is, your personality is something you can drastically change if you are willing to work for it.

By the way, I am not talking about your inherent tendencies, such as preferring to spend your time alone as opposed to going out to party all the time (Introverts and extroverts).

I am rather talking about how you present yourself to the outer world (the way you talk… the way you walk… the way you look at others).

Changing your personality, however, does require a lot of effort since it has become your ingrained habit over the past decades of your life.

The way I would recommend you to approach this process is to start with a small victory and build your confidence over time.

For example, set a small goal to talk to girls for more than 30 seconds when you initiate a conversation with girls.

Once you have successfully completed that, celebrate your small victory, and set a new goal that is a little more difficult.

When you take one small step at a time and do not give up, you will be surprised at just how far you’ve come, when you look back at the progress you’ve made after a year or two.

4. You never ask her out

So, you took all of my previous advice, but no girl seems to like you still.

My question to you, in that case, is if you are even asking these girls out.

A man has to lead and make things happen every step of the way. Girls are not going to do that for you.

You may like the girl, and a girl may like you back, but nothing is going to happen between you and her if you don’t take that final plunge.

This is a big mental hurdle for a lot of inexperienced men, especially when a girl shows signs of interest.

They are so afraid they might lose a little bit of validation that they already have, if they were to ask a girl out, and they end up facing rejection.

If that applies to you, you need to ask yourself if you want to live the rest of your life being a woman’s little “talk buddy”.

If you said no to that question, then you know the right thing to do to improve your situation.

5. Your hygiene

It always boggles my mind to see a man failing to even meet the basic level of hygiene.

Your hygiene matters when it comes to inspiring a girl to like you, and it matters, even more, when you are not genetically blessed with a perfectly symmetrical face and the body of a Greek God.

If you reek of nasty smell from your armpits, the woman’s vulva is going to go completely dry, no matter how attractive you are. So, wear deodorant.

If you have food stuck in your teeth, and your teeth look all yellow, then she is going to run far away from you. So, brush your teeth.

If your nails are as long as your private part and filled with dirt, she is going to feel the urge to puke.

Did I mention you should take a shower every day?

When you maintain good personal hygiene, it shows a woman that you value yourself, and she will appreciate your effort.

6. Your friends

You may be spending time with the wrong group of friends.

If all your friends do is to stay home and watch Netflix (without the chill) or play video games, then it is unlikely you will ever meet girls while hanging with them.

Even if they go out to a bar or the club, you are going to be destroying your chances if you go out with a group of friends who are weird and socially awkward.

Your status is going to massively diminish in a girl’s eyes if you go out with people who do not carry themselves with confidence.

If this applies to you, you want to put some effort into finding a new group of friends, who actually know how to interact with women.

You may feel bad, and you may even feel like you are betraying your old friends.

But, you need to ask yourself if it is more important for you to change your life for the better, or if you would rather sink to the bottom with the rest of your friends.

The choice is yours.

7. Your living condition

You will be making things a lot more difficult for you to attract girls if you do not have your own place.

I am not saying it is impossible to make things happen in such a case.

I have been with a lot of girls while I still used to live with my parents, but it is a handicap, without a doubt.

Having your own place will give you confidence in knowing that you have a place to bring a girl back home.

It will also eliminate that feeling of shame and insecurities that a lot of men experience when they still live with their parents after a certain age, and this will show in your interaction with girls.

In fact, I would even go as far as saying getting your own place, and talking to a moderate number of girls, will likely improve your chance with girls more, than going around and asking one girl out after another, without having your own pad.

Your logistics make a big difference when it comes to improving your dating life.

If you live near the downtown area where you can meet a lot of girls, then you will simply be presented with more opportunities to meet girls than if you were live in some rural areas.

It will also be a lot easier to invite girls over after a date.

So, focus on improving your living situation first and foremost, if your goal is to meet a lot of girls.

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