Is She Losing Interest?

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What signs does a girl show when she’s losing interest?

And what are some things you can do to prevent her from losing interest?

In this article, you will learn about the most obvious signs she’s losing interest and some of the things you can do to prevent a girl from losing interest in the future.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

She contacts you less

It’s quite obvious what this means in most cases.

It means you are becoming more and more distant in her mind.

You may like to believe she’s legitimately busy with her school or work.

But if you were significant enough in her mind, she would still be putting effort into keeping in touch with you.

Let’s say she’s legitimately busy, it still shows she’s only willing to put effort into this relationship you guys have when her life is not filled with other “more” important priorities.

She no longer pays attention

If it’s been a while since she’s taken her time to look at you in an intimate way, then she’s losing interest in you.

She likely does not feel the same way toward you for whatever reason.

Maybe, you no longer arouse any excitement for her, and she’d rather be scrolling through her social media than be talking to you.

She no longer wants intimacy

Let me first note that there can be a few instances in which this doesn’t have anything to do with her interest level. 

Some examples include extreme stress from work and fluctuation in hormone from medication.

But if it persists for more than a few weeks, it’s more likely she just doesn’t feel the same degree of intense attraction she felt toward you when you guys first met.

She talks about other men 

Maybe, she just can’t seem to shut her mouth about her cute co-worker.

When you constantly think about something, it grows bigger and bigger in your mind.

So the more she thinks about someone else, the more she will develop feelings for that person, and the lesser you will take up space in her mind.

She is always too tired

Once again, the idea of hanging out with you just doesn’t excite her anymore, and she’d rather get a few extra hours of sleep over spending time with you.

But with everything we’ve talked about so far, I want you to realize that none of it is necessarily a big red-flag unless it’s been persisting for a long time.

So, now that we’ve discussed different signs a girl shows when she’s losing interest, let’s talk about what you can do to keep her interest.

Do not be needy

Stop texting and calling her every few hours.

Stop showering her with compliments all the time.

When you do too much of anything, it loses its effectiveness.

Your compliments start to mean less when you shower her with compliments twenty times a day.

Your texts won’t mean much when you’re texting her every few minutes.

Let me just be clear I’m not telling you to never compliment a girl. That’s just stupid.

But, it’s important that you become aware of basic human nature.

Give her compliments when she deserves it, and only when you truly mean it.

And she’ll actually value your compliments.

Do not be predictable. 

There is a reason why we say variety is the spice of life.

Most of us hate feeling bored, and our brains are constantly searching for something that will occupy our minds and keep us entertained.

When you go to the same places you guys have visited hundreds of times… when you make love to her the same way you’ve made love to her hundreds of times… and when you watch the same TV shows you guys have watched hundreds of times…

She will start hating every second she spends with you.

And her brain will start to actively search for the stimulus that is more new and exciting.

As with anything else in life, it takes effort to keep what you have.

If something is not improving then it’s regressing. There’s no middle ground.

If your relationship is not getting better, then it’s getting worse.

I need to clarify that you should only be willing to put these efforts into your relationship if you believe she’s worth your time.

There simply is no reason to put all these efforts into a girl who does not value you as much as you value her.

Pursue your purpose

There is nothing less masculine than a man who has no goal and ambition.

She may as well date some seventy-year-olds if she were to date a man who doesn’t have any desire to go after something. At least, the old dude is likely richer than you.

She will become even more attracted to you when she realizes you put your purpose above her.

This does NOT mean you treat her badly. You still have to show that you care and love her if you want her to stick around, but she cannot be your biggest priority.

No girl wants to be with a dude who puts her on a pedestal unless she’s settling because she can’t do any better.

More importantly, a lot of the problems I had mentioned earlier, such as being needy and predictable, will usually resolve on their own when you are relentlessly pursuing your purpose.

I want you to know that this “purpose” doesn’t necessarily have to be grandiose as long as it’s something you are genuinely passionate about.

It can be as simple as your passion for going to the gym or helping kids at the charity.

But you absolutely do need to find interests apart from staring at your girlfriend’s face for five hours a day.

Let me end this article with just one additional point.

If she had already lost interest in you, then I suggest you move on and find another girl.

As I’ve repeated many times in my other articles, nothing good ever comes out of chasing a girl who does not value you.

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