Is It Okay To Tell A Girl She Is Cute?

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You adore her, and you really want to let her know that. So, when is it okay to tell a girl she is cute?

Telling a girl she is cute is not exactly the worst thing you can say to a girl. So yes, it is okay to tell her she is cute in most cases. But, whether it is effective or not, entirely depends on the settings you meet her, your perceived value, and your ability to balance out your compliments by teasing her.

So, let’s talk about all of these in a little more detail.

Settings You Meet Her

So, how is the setting you meet her related in any way to whether it is okay to tell a girl she is cute?

Let’s say you meet a girl at the bar or a club.

Girls are bombarded with weird and cheesy compliments throughout the night by guys who are extremely drunk.

Your “Hey, I thought you are really cute” is going to activate her automatic bitch shields (assuming she is a hot girl).

And she is just not going to be very receptive to your advance.

Even if she is flattered by your compliments, it is unlikely to have any effect on amplifying her attraction toward you.

Many men hope to get a good reaction from girls with flattery, and most women have had enough experience with fake nice guys to know that these men are not worth their time.

On the other hand, it will come off as a lot more sincere when you meet a girl from school or work, and you tell her she is cute.

Girls are actually in their “normal girl” state during the daytime, and it is less likely for them have to have an adverse reaction to your compliments.

So, be mindful of how a girl’s attitude changes depending on the environment, and you will have an easier time figuring out if it is a good idea to tell her she is cute.

Your Value

Your perceived value also has a big impact on how she is going to take your compliments.

When she perceives you as having a higher value than her, then it will make her day when you call her cute.

A good analogy for this would be getting compliments from your parents when you are a kid.

You feel amazing and proud of yourself because your parents are the biggest source of your validation.

Girls will feel the same way about your flattery if they feel you are a high-value man.

For example, if you were a professor, and you compliment your students, you will most likely make their day.

You could be a gym instructor teaching a yoga class, and your words (Compliments or not) will carry a lot more weight than students in the class.

But, you also want to be mindful and careful of how your words can influence people who have lesser power in the environment because it is extremely easy to use this power in a malicious way, without even realizing it sometimes.

If you do not have much status and power in the environment, then your compliments are not going to carry much impact.

It may even come off as pathetic to some girls, as they may assume it is your desperate attempt to win their heart over.

In such a case, it is just best to avoid telling her she is cute.

It is only going to confirm in her mind that you are indeed a lower status person, and she does not want to have anything to do with you.

Maintain Balance

So, I mentioned earlier about how it is okay to tell a girl cute as long as you are not excessive with compliments

Let’s expand on that a little more.

The more you are exposed to something, the more you become de-sensitized to it.

Even if the girl likes hearing compliments, she will get sick and tired of hearing it if you overuse it.

This is why you want to prevent your conversational pattern from becoming linear.

You compliment her one time, and you tease her the next time.

You tease her one time, and you motivate her the next time.

You want your conversation to include a wide range of emotions.

The more unpredictable it is, the better it is.

When you are able to quickly shift from one emotion to another in a conversation, she will start becoming “addicted” to your style of conversation.

Compliments as a Crutch

You also do not want to be using compliments as your “crutch”.

We often feel that compulsive need to tell a girl she is cute because our brain often defaults into complimenting another person if we want him or her to like us.

This is a sign of neediness.

It is one thing to compliment a girl from the position of a high-value man and tell a girl she is cute without expecting anything in return.

It is another thing to be a desperate, needy man who gives compliments to seek the approval of others.

Pay close attention to your bodily sensation the next time you catch yourself heavily complimenting a girl.

And dig deep into the source of where that urge comes from.

More often than not, it’s because you want to be accepted by her.

You are hoping your compliments will make her like you in return.

It is imperative for you to work on eradicating that feeling if you want to ascend your value as a man.

When In Doubt

If all this sounds way too complicated, and you just want a straightforward answer, here is my advice.

If you had to pick between telling her she is cute and not complimenting her directly, then pick the latter.

Validation really does not mean a whole lot when a girl did not have to work for it.

Erase this idea that you have to verbalize (aka tell her she is cute) your intention for a girl to know you are a man with desires.

When you are able to embody all of the traits of an attractive man that I discuss in my other articles, you really won’t need to explicitly tell girls your intention.

Most of that urge to compliment a girl comes from the belief that you are not enough as a man.

You are afraid she won’t feel attracted to you unless you show your intention.

But, you need to ask yourself this question.

Would an attractive man really worry about whether a girl is attracted to him or not just because he doesn’t verbalize his intention?

He would just assume girls are attracted to him because he’s an attractive guy.

He doesn’t need to “do” anything for girls to feel attraction for him.

And that is the mindset you want to cultivate.

On one hand, you do want to put an effort into becoming a more attractive man by working on yourself.

On the other hand, you want to “assume” attraction when talking to girls.

When you assume your worth, then there is no “trying”.

And your lack of tryhardedness will be contagious to girls because it is so rare for attractive girls to come across men who are comfortable in themselves around them.

While I don’t want to contradict myself too much, it is perfectly okay to tell a girl she is cute when your compliment is coming from the place of a man who assumes his values.

Girls are quite intuitive, and they can sense when you do or say something with the hope of “getting” something from them.

So, assume your value and go out there and tell a girl she is cute if you so desire (as long as it is coming from the “right place”).

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