How To Talk To A Beautiful Woman

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Talking to an attractive woman is a nerve-wracking experience for most men.

No matter how calm you try to remain, it is hard not to get inside your head when there is a beautiful woman staring into your eyes.

The question is, how can you present yourself in the most attractive manner, so you stand out from the rest?

This article will reveal the most important principles you need to follow when talking to a beautiful woman.

You should be equipped with all of the knowledge you need to effortlessly attract a beautiful woman by the time you finish this article.

The seventh point in this article is by far one of the most common mistakes that men make, so make sure you don’t skip that part!

Let’s get started if you are ready to learn the best ways to talk to a beautiful woman.

1. The importance of eye contact

This is not only limited to talking to a beautiful woman, but it also applies to any social interactions you have with another person.

The way you look at a person says a lot about who you are.

If you are able to maintain solid, steady eye contact with a beautiful woman, that already puts you ahead of most men.

Most men struggle to keep calm and stay collected when they are talking to a really attractive woman.

Just a mere fact that you can maintain your eye contact with an attractive woman (assuming you are not looking at her with tense, bulging eyes) will already put you at the top of the food chain in the dating world.

A woman primarily looks into your eyes to assess what type of person you are.

So, you now understand the importance of good eye contact, but what exactly is considered “good” eye contact?

Let’s first start out with what you do NOT want to be doing with your eyes when you look at a woman in her eyes.

  • You do not want to display any sort of uncomfortable tension in your eyes when you talk to her. It will show that you are not used to talking to a beautiful woman, and you will indirectly communicate your low status to a woman.
  • You do not want to abruptly look away when your eyes meet hers. I do not necessarily agree with the idea that you should never be the first one to look away because there is a good chance that is going to make you appear try-hard. But, you most certainly do not want to “abruptly” turn your eyes away from her when she looks at you. That will communicate to a woman that you do not feel comfortable around her.
  • You do not want to maintain eye contact 100% of the time. While you do want to maintain good eye contact, for the most part, you don’t want to get so fixated on it to the point that you never break eye contact. That will just make a woman feel uncomfortable and make you appear unnatural. I want you to realize it is okay to not maintain eye contact at all times.
  • Do not open your eyes wide and look at her with a tense look. It makes you look creepy, and it is not a seductive look.

So, how should you look at a beautiful woman to make her fall for you?

This is my advice on how to look at girls.

  • Relax your eye muscles. There should be no unnecessary tension in your eyes.
  • Once again, it is fine to look away periodically, but don’t ever do it in an abrupt manner. A good rule of thumb is to maintain eye contact about 80% of the time during your interaction with a woman.
  • Look to the side when you break eye contact instead of looking down at the floor.

2. Learn how to use your voice

An attractive voice can be a great equalizer for men who are not exactly blessed with an attractive body or a face.

There is a reason why people with great voices are compensated well in our society, whether it be a singer or a voice actor.

It is hardwired in our brain to respond favorably to an attractive voice.

Think about the time when you met someone for the first time, and you didn’t think much of the person initially.

But, your perception of the person completely changed as soon as he opened his mouth because he talked with such a deep, attractive tone.

I’m sure you can think of a few instances like that.

So, we now understand the power of an attractive voice, but what exactly makes your voice sound attractive to others?

Do you necessarily have to possess a deep tone for your voice to sound appealing to women?

It certainly helps, but it is only one of the many components that make up an attractive voice.

Let me list some of the qualities that you can actually change and improve to make your voice more appealing to others.

  • You do not want to speak too fast to the point that a woman finds it difficult to understand, but you also do not want to speak so slow that her attention drifts away. When you speak too fast, you are constantly breaking the tension, and you are not going to sound very seductive. When you speak too slowly, you are making it hard for a woman to pay attention, and she is soon going to get bored. You want to find that happy medium.
  • You want to have a nice rhythm in the way you speak. You want your voice to have nice ups and downs in a wavy manner, so you don’t sound monotone. This does not mean you should speak like a clown in an obnoxious manner. That is only going to make a woman believe you are attracted to your own gender (not that there is anything wrong with that). But, just enough so it is easy for her to stay engaged when you speak.
  • You want to avoid speaking with a tone that goes up at the end of your sentence. It will make you sound feminine, and it will be near impossible for you to turn a woman on with your voice when you speak that way. For the most part, you want your tone to be neutral, or even go down at the end of a sentence. That is going to let her subconscious know that you do not put her on a pedestal, and it will make her chase you more.

If you are serious about improving your voice, you want to look up some of the actors and speakers that women find attractive and try modeling the way they speak.

Find someone with an attractive voice that most closely resembles your natural tone.

Record your voice and see if you can model his voice as closely as you can.

As you practice, you will be able to eventually discover the most attractive version of your voice, but the first step to finding your unique style is to model after success.

3. Do not neglect your body language

I am sure you’ve heard millions of times that your body language is more important than your words when you are interacting with women.

Generally speaking, a beautiful woman pays very close attention to a man’s body language because she realizes that his body language often reveals more about him than the words that come out of his mouth.

Just think about how you judge someone when you meet someone for the first time.

If you prefer to stay politically correct, then you probably wouldn’t admit that you judge someone based on how he carries himself.

But, if you are even a slight bit honest, you wouldn’t deny that you do, in fact, judge others based on their body language.

If you see a person slouching forward and walking around with a forward head posture while looking down at the floor, then it is hard not to assume that he must be lacking confidence.

If the person is crossing arms and nervously tapping his foot, then you are going to assume he must be feeling quite uncomfortable.

Now that we are fully aware of the importance of good body language, here is the list of some things you want to note when you are practicing attractive body language.

  • The most important principle of an attractive body language is learning how to feel comfortable in your body. Even if you have the most perfectly aligned spine, it doesn’t mean anything if you walk around like you have a stick up your behind. I’m sure you have seen people who walk with a “supposedly” good posture, but they still don’t look good because they look so tense and uncomfortable. So, I want you to remember that any and every posture you adopt must be accompanied by “relaxedness”. Otherwise, you are not going to impress anyone with your posture.
  • When you walk, you want to make sure you walk effortlessly. Walking smoothly without any unnecessary tension will make you appear much more confident than walking around tensely with a straight posture. If you feel like you have to exert a lot of effort into walking, then you most likely don’t appear very relaxed. Focus on the relaxedness and smoothness of the movement first and foremost.
  • With the above two points in your mind, you can now work on your posture. A good image to visualize for a correct posture is to imagine the crown of your head attached to a string from the sky. And I want you to imagine that string “gently” pulling you up into the air, allowing your body to fully extend from top to bottom. All of your body parts are comfortably extended out, and you feel light on your feet. That is the feeling you want to adopt when you are standing or walking.
  • Avoid crossing your arms when you are talking to a woman. It makes you appear closed off, and you are going to make her feel unwelcomed. The more open your body language is, the more she is going to feel comfortable talking to you.
  • Don’t lean forward too much when you are talking to a woman. Think about what it communicates when you are constantly leaning in to talk to her. It shows you are eager to win her attention. A woman does not want to be with a man who is easy to win over. She wants to be with a high-value man who she has to work for.
  • Try to eliminate all of your pacifying behaviors. Do you nervously tap your foot when you talk to a woman? Maybe, you tend to rub your forehead when you feel nervous while talking to a beautiful woman. Whatever things you do to make yourself feel comfortable, I want you to consciously put effort into eliminating them. You want to reach a point where you feel comfortable in your body without having to nervously move some of your body parts.

4. Do not compliment a beautiful woman

This is by far one of the most common mistakes that a man makes when they talk to a beautiful woman.

It only feels natural for most men to compliment a woman especially when she is attractive.

Her attractive physical appearance is the exact reason why you are talking to her in the first place, so why wouldn’t you comment on it, right?

But, here is the problem.

A beautiful woman gets complimented for her looks on a daily basis.

In fact, compliments are frequently used by a desperate man in an attempt to win a girl over.

So, not only is a beautiful woman de-sensitized to compliments, but she will also likely put you into a “creepy man” category when you bombard her with compliments.

For this reason, you are often better off teasing a beautiful woman rather than relying on flattery to win her over.

It will make you stand out in her eyes because most men wouldn’t dare to say anything that may offend her.

It is easy for you to wrongly assume that you should play it safe with a beautiful woman, but that is just an illusion.

A safer thing to do is to take chances and not be afraid to be a little different than the rest of the pack.

In the former scenario, the best possible outcome is you getting put into a permanent friend-zone.

In the latter, you actually have a chance to make her fall for you by standing out in her mind.

5. Being normal already puts you ahead

If you can just be yourself around beautiful women, that already puts you miles ahead of other men.

Even the most normal man turns into a weirdo when he is interacting with an attractive woman, and understandably so.

For most men, it is not exactly the most comfortable experience in the world to be talking to an attractive woman since a man’s brain is almost hardwired into putting a beautiful woman on a pedestal.

So, when you look like you are at ease around a beautiful woman, you are instantly going to differentiate yourself from other men.

You will indirectly communicate to her that you are used to being around attractive women, and her presence has no emotional impact on you.

And of course, she will feel a stronger attraction to you as a result.

You really want to focus on eliminating all of your “try-hardness” when you talk to a woman.

A good way to think about this is to ask yourself if you talk to her (and treat her) the same you would talk to your best friends.

If the answer is no, then there is a good chance you are not truly being yourself around her.

6. Be interested rather than interesting

One mistake a lot of men make in their interaction with women is that they spend a lot of time boasting and talking about themselves.

They believe that the more they talk about how awesome they are, the more she is going to feel attraction toward them.

But, these men fail to realize (but you don’t… since you are awesome) that people really only care about themselves.

We tend to like someone more when he takes his time to listen to our story rather than going on about his problems.

So, the best way for you to connect with a beautiful woman is to take a genuine interest in getting to know her.

I’m not talking about “pretending” to care.

I’m talking about actually being interested in learning more about her and being an active listener in a conversation.

But, I know you probably could care less about hearing her talk about Kardashians.

And you certainly don’t want to be too accommodating to the point that you force yourself to care about what she says when you have zero interest in the topic (because your feelings matter too…).

So, how can you meet her halfway while you still make her feel like you are genuinely interested in her?

The solution is to talk (and ask) about something that you are also interested in.

For example, she probably has a couple of different interests, such as yoga, lifting, and cute little animals.

If your passion lies in lifting, then you would simply base your conversation around lifting by asking her relevant questions related to lifting.

That way, you and the girl will both be happy in a conversation without one having to sacrifice for another.

7. Demonstrate value over comfort

With beautiful girls, you want to demonstrate your value first before you try to build comfort with her.

Most men that approach beautiful women try to play it safe by presenting themselves as a “harmless friendly guy”.

But once again, that is a surefire way to get friend-zoned.

What you want to do instead is to demonstrate your value as a high-value male by adopting the behaviors we have discussed in this article so far.

And once she views you as a sex-worthy man, THEN you can show her that you also possess the qualities of a caring man.

But, you do not want to mess up the order since it takes a lot of work to change a woman’s mind if you start things off on the wrong foot with her.

Anyway, it is now time for you to go out and talk to a beautiful woman to practice your newfound knowledge!

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