How To Make A Girl Laugh

They say laughter is the best medicine

But is it really the best medicine when it comes to sparking a girl’s attraction?

While making a girl laugh certainly is not the be-all and end-all – it most certainly is an incredibly effective way to make her feel comfortable around you.

And it is important you know how to make a girl feel comfortable.

Because if you make her feel uncomfortable and awkward around you, she is likely to want to get the fuck out even if there is an attraction.

So what exactly can you do to develop that sense of humor… or is it even something you can “develop”?

Should you memorize all the stand-up comedies and funny jokes to impress her with your wits?

The simple answer is…


And the truth is the bar is not even that high in this day and age.

Just think about how so many people are socially awkward in this digital era.

It is actually incredibly difficult to come across another human being – who is socially well-rounded in every aspect.

If you can even “remotely” learn to express yourself or willing to make jokes – however shitty it may be – you are already way ahead of the curve.

But you are not reading this article to settle for “above average”.

You want to be that badass social mo-fo who goes around mesmerizing every vagenes with your out-of-world charm.

And you will learn about the principles that are most important in your quest to make every girl around you burst out laughing – while not giving off the vibe of trying to “impress” her.

Let’s get right into it…

The first principle is…

The importance of detaching yourself from her validation

When you “try” to make a girl laugh, she will easily sense your “leeching” energy.

You should completely let go of that desire to feel validated by the other person’s reaction.

Whatever jokes you make, make sure it’s the jokes you personally find funny.

Emotions are contagious.

And it’s hard to transfer feeling that you are not experiencing yourself to someone else.

But say you are so emotionally blocked that you don’t even know what you find funny.

What should you do to discover your lost emotion?

Well… I’d recommend watching a lot of stand-up comedies or even prank videos online.

The goal is to discover as many lines as you possibly can that crack you up.

And write down all the lines that make you laugh in your notepad on your phone.

No, you don’t have to memorize the entire stand-up comedy show and prepare this long brilliant performance to make girls laugh.

In fact, you will most likely bore the fuck out of the girl you are talking to – unless you actually know “how” to present those jokes.

That is why it is a lot better to start small with these one-liners.

And really focus on “how” and “when” you say them.

One little tip that is useful is to organize common questions a girl asks you such as… What do you do for work?… How old are you?  

And come up with random answers that you think are hilarious.

E.g. say a girl asks how old you are…

Girl: How old are you?

You: Old enough to have gone on my first date when you were wearing diapers.

You get my point.

The second point is…

You should stay away from observing her reaction after you make jokes 

You know what I’m talking about.

Don’t be that guy who makes a joke and stares at the other person for three seconds until the person finally caves in and laughs out of pity.

This point goes along with the previous point. but it is just a little more specific advice in terms of how you should behave.

It is okay to make jokes and give her a cheeky smile or a wink – especially if your joke has a potential to come off as offensive to some.

But, it is never a good idea to be reaction-seeking.

The third point I want to make is the importance of…

Being normal for the most part 

There is nothing more annoying than a guy who tries to crack jokes every second.

Anything that is too much loses its value and effectiveness.

It may sound obvious but I’ve seen too many guys turn into these clowns who can’t have a normal conversation to save their lives.

Don’t be that guy.

Make sure at least 80% of your conversation is normal.

Moving on…

I’ve touched on this in my other article but I’ll briefly talk about…

How to make a girl laugh over text 

You can check out this article for a complete in-depth guide.

But the idea is to stay away from any written jokes since you can’t really control how and when you make jokes over text.

The best thing you can do is to send her funny videos that are relevant to her interest.

For example, If she told you she loves little puppies – then you can send a video of little puppies doing stupid things.

It comes off as a lot less try-hard than writing a paragraph of jokes over text.


What are some questions you can ask a girl to make her laugh? 

This highly depends on what type of girl you are talking to.

But a good place to start is to ask her a question that is completely random – but also complimentary in nature.

Say you are talking to a girl who is clearly in her mid-20s or above in the club

You may tell her… “Hey… aren’t you under 18 (or 21.. depending on where you live)? How did you get in here..?”

Or say you see a girl with nice, long eyelashes.

You can ask her, “Hey… a little random but I’ve got to know… Are those real eyelashes?”

Disclaimer: As with any and every joke (or anything you say for that matter), how you say it is infinitely more important than what you say.

Anyway, that’s it for today.

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About the Author Jon Go

I was Introduced to the world of seduction after being a virgin for the first 26 years of life and being dumped by my first girlfriend at the age of 28. The dating world wasn't so kind to a 28-year-old Asian man who barely had any experience with girls. But, I eventually cracked the "code" and began "attracting" two to three new girls a week on average when I was actively going out. I'm not mentioning that to impress you but to impress upon you that you can take your dating life to the next level... IF you are equipped with the right knowledge and a desire to take massive action.