How To Make A Girl Laugh Over Text

So you managed to get her number and now it’s time for you to show her what a cool mo-fo you are – by sending her a text she won’t forget.

So, what are some great ways to make a girl laugh over text… and get her excited to receive your next text… and ultimately whisper into your ears just how much she loved your text – while she’s laying on your bed… (Maybe that’s a bit of a stretch..)

I’m going to go over the two most ground-breaking (ok..ok.. but I promise they are THAT effective if applied correctly) principles that will transform your text game forever.

Anyway, let’s get started.

So… what are

Some funny things to text a girl to make her laugh

But before we talk about any specific examples, we first need to understand this…

It’s not exactly the smartest idea to send her long texts with jokes… or try to be overly witty over text.

Been there and done that… and it just never works out great.

This is mostly because it’s impossible to convey your tone and timing over text.

And those are 99% of what makes any jokes funny… rather than the words itself.

So, how then do you make her laugh over text?

Your best bet is to text her something funny that is relevant to her interest.

Is she into little puppies? (Most girls are..)

Send her a link of a youtube video of little puppies doing stupid things.

Is she into lifting weights?

Send her a video of fail compilations of people doing stupid shit at the gym.

This type of approach also helps you to seamlessly transition into teasing her.

For example, say you sent her a lifting video of people doing obnoxious things.

You can then text her something like, “Please tell me you are not like the girl in that video doing xx. I would be too embarrassed to hang out with you.”

You get the point.

This approach is simply way better than anything you can text with words… especially if your goal is to make her laugh.

When you send a few funny videos like this, her brain will start to subconsciously associate positive emotions she experiences with your texts.

And this will make her be much more responsive to your texts.

It’s also a lot less effort than trying to send her some witty lines over texts – which can often make you appear a tryhard.

You may be wondering if there’s any other way on…

How to make a girl smile with words

Hm… let’s see…

But let me first urge you, once again, to stay away from texting her any sort of written jokes, if that is something that is still on your mind.

So, how else then can you make her smile with words?

It’s rather simple actually.

Just be random.

When we hear or see something that’s random – which goes against our expectation, it often cracks us up.

Here’s one example I can think of off the top of my head.

Let’s assume you are not exactly the best looking dude in this scenario.

You text her..

“Hey.. I actually have to be honest with you about one thing. If you promise you won’t judge me that is..”

She replies..


You then reply to her..

“I’m actually black (if you are any non-black race. if you are black.. then tell them you are Asian. You can even turn it into a sexual joke if she responds well). Figured I should be upfront about it in case you are racist..”

Pretty frigging random and almost stupid eh?

Well.. that’s exactly what makes it hilarious.

You don’t have to send her that type of text. Just send something random that you personally find it hilarious.

I do want to note, however, that this works better if you presented yourself as someone who is fun and carefree during the first time she met you.

Otherwise, there is a slight possibility she may genuinely think you are a little damaged in your head.

Moving on..

What are some other..

Text message you can send to get her chasing you..? 

Simply send something that is relevant to her.

Most people are incredibly self-absorbed… so there is nothing better than talking about something that is relevant to her, to capture her attention.

Say you text her..

“Hey, there is this one thing I noticed about you. I’m not really sure if I should tell you though..”

This will instantly spike her curiosity and she will reply begging for your answer..

This serves three purposes:

1. It actually gets her to reply to you. Nothing happens without her replying to your text.

2. It arouses much stronger emotional response than normal texts.. and she will start thinking more about you… especially during those times she’s waiting for your text.

3. She’s asking you to tell her what it is when she replies back to your text. This gets her to start chasing you instead of you constantly trying to get her to answer your text.

You then reply to her..

“You have a beautiful tibia bone..” (or whatever other dumb random texts you can come up with).

Just make sure you remember to wait for her to reply to your first text before you send your second text.

If you are so emotionally irrelevant to her to the point she can’t even be bothered to reply to your first text… there simply is no need to continue.

By letting her reply to your first text before you send her the second one… you are letting her invest a little into this beautiful smartphone relationship going on between the two of you.

This is good because you never want the interaction to be one-sided.

With that being said, let me give you a little more detailed explanation of..

The two most important principles to keep in mind when texting a girl 

1. The first principle is curiosity. I’m hoping you would’ve noticed the importance of curiosity by now – from all the examples I’ve provided.

Curiosity is a powerful trigger. It is arguably the most powerful trigger when the girl doesn’t know you that well.

Whatever texts you send, always think of ways in which you can get her curious.

Sometimes, you can accomplish this in an overt way like the previous text examples.

Sometimes, you can do this in a more subtle way by not painting an entire picture of the story.

For example..

“I went to the mall yesterday and the craziest thing happened. I’m just glad I was able to make it back home. How did your volleyball practice go?”

In the example above, the girl would naturally be curious to know what the hell happened to you at the mall.

And there is a good chance she will ask you what happened (It does not matter even if she doesn’t..)

Now, she’s investing more into the interaction… and you are occupying more of her attention – over every other guy that is blowing up her phone with same boring texts.

2. The second principle is self-relevancy.

We also briefly touched on this in the previous examples. People are always curious about what others think about them.

Why would some (or most) people spend hours obsessing about which picture to post… or what filters to use… so they can get more likes on Facebook and Instagram?

Whenever you talk or write about something that is relevant to her… you will often have no trouble gaining her full attention.

This is even more powerful if she is not entirely clear on whether what you are about to tell her is positive or negative.

When you combine the principles of curiosity and self-relevancy… you can generate an effect that is as potent as the sperm of an 18-year-old boy who just lost his virginity

In this article, I go into detail about how I managed to make a girl come out and see me… when she didn’t know my face or my name for that matter.

Last point I want to make is..

You really should text her whatever that makes YOU laugh if you just want to keep it simple without overcomplicating everything.

If we want to talk about the correct mindset, this certainly is the best mindset to adopt.

You always want to be asking yourself, what would I do if I had more pussies in my life than I could handle..? 

Think about it…

If you weren’t so desperate for pussy, would you ever put any special effort into crafting a perfect text for one particular girl?

The answer then becomes quite straightforward.

I used to literally spend hours thinking about what to text a girl… because I was so afraid I might fvck everything up with the girl – by saying something stupid.

The truth is I did not feel good about myself even when I managed to get a girl to respond to my text.

You always want to weigh the benefit of attaining a certain result versus the amount of effort you are willing to put into it.

And ask yourself…

Does this girl (or whoever) really deserve this much time and effort from me? 

Anyway, that’s it for now.

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