How To Make A Girl Chase You

So, how exactly do you make a girl chase you?

My friend told me this story of his friend yesterday and it honestly pissed me off

And I don’t think I was pissed off so much at his friend in the story… but most likely because I could see my “old self” in his friend.

But, let me just say this before we continue with the story.

I see so many guys chasing the girl around like they are her little dog… and I’m genuinely disgusted by that.


Because that is exactly how I was before I learned how to carry myself the right way.

And that is exactly the “version” of myself I hated the most.

Let me just tell you this.

Even if you end up hooking up… or getting into a relationship with the girl of your dreams… you will still feel like shit afterward.

Because you threw away all your dignity and self-respect as a man just so you can score with a girl.

I’m all for guys taking that initiative and going after the girl they want… but not at the expense of being treated like dirt in the process.

Anyway, that is it for the little rant.

Back to the topic.

Tragic story of a girl chaser

So, here’s the story…

Apparently, his friend has a massive crush on this girl at the gym.

And he started coming to the gym during the time she works out

And he goes near the girl to do his exercises whenever she’s at the gym.

Yes… these are all ridiculous

But, what’s even more funny is that…

He still hasn’t even talked to the girl yet.

The girl doesn’t even know who the hell he is.

So, all he’s doing is just following the girl around like her little puppy.

Well, she’d at least know who he is if he were her little puppy.

So I guess you can say it’s even worse in this scenario.

And although a behavior like that feels really foreign to me at this point, I remember it was not long ago I would do similar things.

Maybe not to that extreme… but I would stick around the gym a little longer with the hope of talking to the girl I was into.

Or keep going to where the girl is instead of letting her come to me.

So, how exactly can you stop acting like her little bitch.

And here’s my suggestion.

And this is also exactly why your social skill is so freaking crucial.

You become that supplier of a positive emotional hit.

So, what do I mean by that…

Whenever you talk to that girl especially at a place like gym where people are there to work out…

Give her that dose of positive emotion AND always be the first one to leave.

How to win as a nice guy and it is NOT by chasing her

And here’s the part that’s just as important.

You should be the supplier of that positive emotion with any and everyone within that social setting.

All the freaking guys and all the freaking girls.

I mean… everyone

So, wherever you go… whoever you talk to… YOU are the one who brings that positive energy and fun for everyone.

And guess what?

When you give her that small dose of positive emotion AND you are the first one to leave.

AND she sees you talking to another girl while having just as much fun if not more, as when you were talking to her…

She will feel that little tingly emotion inside her.

She wouldn’t know exactly why… and it’s something that is extremely hard to describe in words.

But she would subconsciously start craving for your attention a little more and more.

You will become her “emotional crack”.

And THAT is how you fucking win as a nice guy.

You know a lot of dating coaches that say.. “oh break rapport with the girl from the start..”

Well… you genius, there’s no rapport to break when there’s no rapport to begin with.

Don’t get me wrong.

Hardcore breaking rapport can sometimes work great if she “already” finds you attractive.

But it’s not the best way to begin interaction with most girls.

However… you also know I am not too fond of that heavy complimenting style of game if you’ve read my other articles.

So how do you build that rapport with the girl without showering her with compliments?

One way is to… simply overwhelm her with your positive masculine energy.

And this is why you need to work on your sub-communication before memorizing all the lines.

The way you look… the way you move your body… the way you talk.

These all precede any words you say to her.

And I’ll be honest.

Showering her with compliments – as long as they are unique and genuine – can actually be super freaking effective in social settings.

That is… if you combine it with what I talked about earlier.

But I do try to stay away from heavy compliments in the bar or a club setting with hot girls… because those girls are literally bombarded with cheesy compliments every few seconds.

The reason why this works so well is because it really appeals to one of our strongest motivators.

That is…

Fear of losing something that we “already” have.

So when you give her that positive emotional high and make her crave for even more… by not being afraid to be the first one to leave…

And by treating her no different than any of the other people you talk to…

Your presence will mean much more to her when you finally come back and talk to her.

About the Author Jon Go

I was Introduced to the world of seduction after being a virgin for the first 26 years of life and being dumped by my first girlfriend at the age of 28. The dating world wasn't so kind to a 28-year-old Asian man who barely had any experience with girls. But, I eventually cracked the "code" and began "attracting" two to three new girls a week on average when I was actively going out. I'm not mentioning that to impress you but to impress upon you that you can take your dating life to the next level... IF you are equipped with the right knowledge and a desire to take massive action.