How To Get Laid

Ever felt that helpless feeling you just don’t know when or if you ever will get laid and you’re at the mercy of pure luck?

That’s the feeling I had right until I was 28 years old when I broke up with my first girlfriend after a 2 year long toxic relationship.

Let’s be honest. That feeling of scarce for sexual intimacy is a terrible feeling.

And I do not want anyone to experience that depressing feeling which is exactly what this site is all about.

In this article, I’m going to list you some of the best course of action you can take to get laid.

I will also reveal a rather unorthodox way that I and all of my friends successfully used to get laid on demand at the end of the article.

So.. Is getting laid with online dating app the answer..? 

Let’s be honest. If you are just purely looking to get laid. Online is the easiest place to accomplish this.

That is if you are not too strict with the standard.

I’ve heard a lot of online dating experts claim you can get laid with this and that hotties consistently with online alone.

I’ve hung out with a so-called top of the top guys that are well known in the online dating community.

Some of them even sell a very pricey product on how guys can effortlessly get laid by using online dating apps alone.

Guess what?

I’ve come to realize nobody.. and I mean nobody ever consistently gets with quality girls just by using online dating alone.

In fact, you’d be lucky to find a guy who can even consistently get average girls (unless you have a really low standard for average girls) by just using online dating apps.

Unless you’re quite a bit above average in looks and with a great photo to go along with it, you’re much better off looking for girls in real life if you actually care about the quality of girls you hang out with.

With that out of the way, let’s dive into what I’m convinced is a much better way to get laid.

Getting laid with girls from school or work

This is a pretty straightforward scenario. The biggest reason why a girl won’t come home with you is that you haven’t established enough comfort with her.

When we are talking about girls from school or work, there’s an almost automatic comfort.

It should not be difficult at all to invite her back to yours to hang out. The only variable is whether she’s attracted to you or not as a potential sexual partner.

You just need to make sure you present yourself as the man with a penis via flirting and teasing, and making sexual jokes here and there (If you’re not a creep and you are the type of guy who can get away with it).

If you see clear signs of her responding positively to what you say then it’s time to invite her over.

At this point, it’s just letting your male instinct kick in and letting it do the rest of the work (with her consent of course..).

Getting laid at parties 

This is also one of the easier ways to get laid although it does come with a risk.

If you are at the parties, it most likely means you know someone from the parties.

You can leverage that person to introduce yourself to girls at the parties. With this approach. girls will be a lot more receptive to you because you are a friend of their friend.

Now, you move on to flirting and teasing her (link) to find out how receptive she is toward you.

When she responds favorably toward your lame jokes, and she doesn’t mind you standing an inch away from her then it’s time to make the move.

Figure out what her plan is after the party. If she doesn’t have any concrete plan then let her know you actually enjoy spending time with her and that you wouldn’t mind having a little more drink at a quiet place where you can get to know her better (Please don’t say it like a serial killer..).

You should know what to do at this point.

Getting laid at the club or a bar 

Generally speaking, approaching with a strong intensity and volume is good in a chaotic club and bar environment.

I’ll keep thing straightforward because I realize your focus is on getting laid.

My advice is to be direct and tell the girl what you like about her. Stand very close to the girl. This lets her know very clearly that you are physically attracted to her.

And she may start to get turned on by you (opposite sex) just standing extremely close to her and talking. Yes, girls also do get turned on by close physical proximity as guys do.

Once you know it’s on, it’s time for you to take charge.

One thing I would note, however, is to stay away from saying words like my place, my home, my house.

Don’t ever blatantly lie to the girl but those listed words tend to trigger a strong emotional response from the girl as most girls immediately associate home means sex.

While most girls certainly fancy the possibility of something happening when they go back to your place, they certainly don’t want you to be so blunt to the point you make them feel like a slut.

So, simply tell her, you would like to have a drink with her at a more quiet place.

Most girls (although not all..) are socially aware enough to know what you mean when you say that.

Don’t rush things when you get back to yours. Take time and actually be present in conversation with her instead of pouncing on her like a starved cat going after mice.

When she holds eye contact with you, go in for the kiss and you know the rest.

A controversial way to get laid..

Now, it’s about time I discuss this method of getting laid..

If your sole goal is to get laid then this is by far the most efficient way to get laid that I know of.

I will have to put a disclaimer before I delve any deeper into this, however.

1. Do NOT hit on girls who are drunk. If she can’t walk normal or her speech is visibly slurred or her eyes are not focused then she IS drunk. If you see a girl like that alone then find her friend and tell them to send her back home safely.

2. Do NOT use any form of lies and deceit. While I told you to avoid trigger words in the previous section, it was with an underlying assumption that the girl clearly is into you and she knows what is happening. I do NOT support any form of overt deceit where the girl genuinely had no clue you were taking her back home. If the girl shows any sign of reluctance when she’s in front of your place, it’s time to let her go. Trust me on this, it’s not worth it.

With those two points clearly imprinted in your mind, let’s dive into the best method to get laid for a lonely soul in a step-by-step fashion.

1. You need to stay out until the club or a bar closes which is usually 2~3 am for most clubs in North America.

2. About 30 minutes before the club closes, go outside the club and start approaching girls and make your intention clear to the girl. Once again, keep the above two points in mind.

3. When you initiate a conversation with the girl and you can tell she’s into you as well, ask her to come for a drink with you.

So, why do these simple 3 steps work so well for getting laid?

The girls that stay out that late are usually (Not always, however) looking to have more fun. In many cases, If you’re a cool dude and she likes your energy then she will be more than happy to hang out with you.

Some girls also go out with the anticipation of meeting a cool guy and even fancy the idea of a possible one night stand.

Remember, girls are just as sexual as guys. If you present yourself as the right guy for her, many of them would be more than happy to spend more time with you.

Anyway, that’s it for now.

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Till next time.

About the Author Jon Go

I was Introduced to the world of seduction after being a virgin for the first 26 years of life and being dumped by my first girlfriend at the age of 28. The dating world wasn't so kind to a 28-year-old Asian man who barely had any experience with girls. But, I eventually cracked the "code" and began "attracting" two to three new girls a week on average when I was actively going out. I'm not mentioning that to impress you but to impress upon you that you can take your dating life to the next level... IF you are equipped with the right knowledge and a desire to take massive action.