How to get Hot Women as an Average Guy

Are average guys doomed when it comes to meeting hot women?

The short answer is no

But you surely will never get consistent results with hot women if you don’t fulfill some of the points I will be talking about in this article.

So, what makes you average? Maybe you have an average height. Maybe you have an average look. Or maybe you have an average penis.

We will talk about some of the biggest insecurities most guys have and discuss if they’re actually hindering from meeting the girl of your dreams.

We will then discuss the right mindset and course of action you need to take to maximize your chance of getting with the girl of your dreams.

So, let’s dive right in.

Can you get hot girls if you’re short?

This is certainly one of the biggest insecurities many guys have.

I’ve heard so many guys blame their height on why they can’t get girls.

I can certainly tell you height does play a role during that initial attraction phase. While I’m not exactly the shortest guy (5’11), I was the shortest guy in my group of friends who went out as everyone else was at least 6’2 with the tallest being 6’7.

For example, when me or any of my shorter friends would be chatting up girls and our taller friends joins in on conversation, we would immediately notice the girl’s attention shift to the taller dude.

Don’t get all depressed if you are short, however. There are certain ways you can use to control the situation and come out on the top.

But, I want to focus on the story of my friend who is 5’4 and Filipino but was a total pimp. He’d get with a hot white girl on a weekly basis without any issue.

So what was his secret?

1. He had a full entitlement that he’s good enough for any tall white girls.

2. Because of the above point, he was perfectly relaxed and confident when talking to girls way taller than him without any awkwardness or flinching.

3. He had zero fear of rejection and even some girls directly telling him that they are not into short Asian guys had zero visible effect on his state.

Can you get hot girls if you’re ugly?

Observe different couples when you are out next time. Don’t filter things based on your bias or what you want to believe. Try to actually observe all the dudes with hot girls while not looking to confirm your pre-existing bias.

You will realize a lot of guys are in fact average looking.

I am quite average looking myself and maybe even ugly depending on the girl’s preference.

But I’ve never been the guy to receive comments like, “You’re dreamy”, “You’re beautiful” etc.

So, since there are a lot of average looking guys with hot women, does it means looks barely matter?

Sorry, but looks do matter..

And not just for the first few seconds like how most coaches would like to say, it actually accounts for a lot more than just first impression.

She will be looking at your face when you approach, when you penetrate her (from the front), and when you’re laying beside her on the bed.

She will also wonder what her family and friends would think when she introduces you to them.

Just as you would do the same.

So, how can you be that guy that stands out despite your average looks?

1. Develop yourself in another way. Improve your sense of humor. Become a better conversationalist. Get into a better shape.

2. Develop that un-shattering confidence by constantly putting yourself into situations where you feel uncomfortable.

3. Start approaching taller and hot girls. As obvious as it sounds, I see so many guys hand-picking shorter and more average looking girls because they subconsciously believe they don’t deserve better than that. If you follow the above two points, your value as a man is ahead of 99% of general population. Trust me.

Can you get hot girls if you have a small dick?

There are certainly girls who love fellow BBC brothers (Congrats if you’re one of them).

As a proud owner of average to small dick, this was definitely one of the beliefs I had to overcome.

Imagine living 26 years of your life as a virgin and the only exposure you had to sex was from watching porn.

It’s not hard to guess what kind of negative effects it must have had on my perception of what women prefer and how sex is in real life.

Long story short, this is my personal opinion after having slept with more women than I’m proud to admit (consisting mostly of Caucasian and Westernized women) as an average Asian dude.

It really does not matter as much as you think.

Sure, many girls would probably rather prefer to be with a guy who doesn’t have a tiny little tootsie roll. But it’s not a determining factor.

Let me ask you this, who is the girl you loved the most? (unless you’re a virgin).

Did she have a perfect round ass and a perfectly shaped pair of tits that hung just right? Did she have the most gorgeous beautiful eyes?

The chances are she probably didn’t meet all of the requirements of a beauty standard that’s portrayed by the media.

But, you still became attracted to her for whatever reason and your feeling toward her grew over time.

Girls are exactly the same way. You don’t need to meet ALL of her requirements for her to feel attraction toward you. We all intuitively understand no one’s perfect and most people are accepting of other’s flaws. As long as you don’t let your own insecurity get in the way of forming a connection with her, you’re good to go.

So you may be average or below average on all these different things but what should you not be average on..?

1) You should not be average in the way you stare into her eyes.

2) You should not be average in the way you express yourself to the world.

3) You should not be average in how she feels when she’s around you.

4) You should not be average in the way you lead her.

5) You should not be average in the way you impact her emotion compared to every other guys she come across.

These are things you can change.

And you know what?

These are things that can actually make an even greater difference in how you stand out than having good looks. Because good looks are abundant but a guy who has all of the qualities mentioned above is very rare.

Summing up..

I understand it’s often tempting to blame your physical features when it comes to not getting the type of results you want in a dating world.

What makes it even more tempting is the fact that those are things that actually matter which makes it easier to blame them during tough times.

But, you need to realize at the same time that there are so many other things that we can actually improve to better our dating life.

Like I said earlier,

The way you look at her. The way you express yourself. The way you talk to her.

These things all matter.

So, you then really have two options to choose from.

1. You can decide to focus on things you can’t change and live your life with a victim mentality and never end up maximizing your full potential.


2. You can decide to focus on things you can change and even enjoy being the underdog because your victory will taste that much sweeter when it comes.

The moment I decided to drop that victim mentality and focus on things that I can change is the moment my life took a 1800degree turn.

If I didn’t make that simple decision, I have no doubt I would’ve ended up as a 40 or 50-year old virgin.

And still wondering if I would ever be able to find that girl I can share my victories and struggles with.

So I beg you to go out and try and fail and stand back up and try again.

If you are willing to go through that brutal period of rejection, you will come out on top and never be the same person again.

Anyway, that’s it for now.

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Till next time.


About the Author Jon Go

I was Introduced to the world of seduction after being a virgin for the first 26 years of life and being dumped by my first girlfriend at the age of 28. The dating world wasn't so kind to a 28-year-old Asian man who barely had any experience with girls. But, I eventually cracked the "code" and began "attracting" two to three new girls a week on average when I was actively going out. I'm not mentioning that to impress you but to impress upon you that you can take your dating life to the next level... IF you are equipped with the right knowledge and a desire to take massive action.