How To Attract A Woman Who Is Not Interested In You

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Why is it that every time you find a woman attractive, she happens to not be into you?

But, the fact that you are so attracted to her may very well be the reason why she doesn’t feel the same way about you.

We all want something that we can’t get, something that is a little better than what we deserve.

When you fully communicate with your eyes, your body, and your words that you are completely sold on her, that will often be enough to kill any and every interest she has in you.

So, how can you stop being a man who is so insignificant in the eyes of an attractive woman?

Even better, how can you make a woman become interested in you when she is not into you at all, to begin with?

That is exactly what you are going to find out in this article.

Do not miss the 5th point as it is one of the most important fundamentals for attracting a woman!

1. The problem is your values

What is usually the reason why a woman is not interested in you initially?

The answer is simple.

You just don’t have enough perceived value in her eyes.

A woman may give you a bunch of excuses as to why she is not available currently, such as how she is not looking for a relationship, how she recently went through a break-up, and how she doesn’t have enough time.

But, would she still come up with those excuses if her dream guy appeared in front of her?

In such a case, she would make time if she doesn’t have time.

She would travel an hour to see him if she had to.

When a woman says she is not available, it simply means you do not have enough value in her eyes (unless she is in a relationship).

She does not see you as someone who brings enough value to the table for her to devote her time and energy.

Knowing this, it would be a foolish attempt for you to keep pursuing her to express how much you love and care for her, as that would only further diminish your value.

But, that is exactly what a lot of men do when a woman doesn’t show enough interest.

They have been fed BS lies from the Hollywood about how a woman eventually falls for a man who is persistent enough.

While there is an exception to every rule, the truth is that most women will be completely repelled by a man who persists despite rejection.

Imagine a homeless man asking you for some money, and you let him know you don’t have any spare change.

Would it suddenly inspire you to give him money if he starts to follow you around and continues to beg you for money?

You would most likely yell at him to go away or even call the police.

And that is precisely how most women feel with a man who just “don’t get it”.

So, you now understand you can’t rely on “chasing” to attract a woman who is not interested in you, and you need to increase your perceived value in her eyes for you to have any chance.

But, what exactly is the most effective way to accomplish this?

That is what we will covering in the next few sections.

2. Induce jealousy

Jealousy really is a magic trigger when a woman lacks interest.

A woman will do all sorts of things to prove to other women that she is the most attractive and desirable one out of all.

Most women would never admit that, or even pretend they are too “mature” to be affected by such petty emotions.

That is often because they are either living in denial or simply lacking self-awareness.

It is hardwired in a woman’s brain to prefer a man who is desired by other attractive women.

One study shows that a woman perceives a man as much more attractive when he is surrounded by beautiful women in the picture.

And it makes sense why a woman would find a man more attractive when he’s with other attractive women.

It is a sign that other women have validated him as a viable option, and those attractive women see enough value in him to spend their time with him.

This is why one of the best ways to ignite an attraction in a woman who is not interested in you is to talk to a woman is more beautiful than her.

When she sees another beautiful woman laughing at your jokes and enjoying her time with you, then your value is going to skyrocket in her eyes.

 If you didn’t know already, a woman will often get with a man who is not even her type just to prove to her competitions (other women) that she is better than them.

So, if a woman is not interested, your best bet is to demonstrate your value by showing that you have other viable options that are better than her as opposed to clinging onto her more.

When she sees with her own eyes that you are attractive to other women, it will serve as an undeniable proof that you are a high-value male.

For this reason, you never want to put your egg in one basket if you are single and your goal is to have an abundance of options in your dating life.

Keep improving yourself by taking care of your mind and body, and talk to a lot of attractive women, and hang out with an awesome group of friends.

You will naturally become less needy and more attractive as a result.

3. Make her laugh

It is really hard to dislike someone who makes you laugh.

If you can make a woman laugh, you are one step closer to making her fall for you.

She may not be attracted to you initially, but if she continues to feel positive around you (as a result of you making her laugh), then she is inevitably going to view you in a positive light.

This is because when we feel a certain type of emotion while we are with another person, we tend to associate that emotion with the person.

But, what exactly is the best way to make a woman laugh?

It is not enough to just make her laugh because there are certain types of jokes that you want to avoid.

For example, it is not a good idea to rely on making her laugh by bringing your value down (also known as self-deprecating jokes), such as joking about how you are ugly, short, or weird.

If she is not interested then she already perceives you as a low-value male, and you joking about your flaws will only serve to bring your value further down in her eyes.

In fact, it is often best to tease her about her behaviors especially when you are talking to an attractive woman.

An attractive woman is so used to other men putting her on a pedestal, and you will be communicating to her that you don’t take her overly seriously when you are able to tease her.

As an example, if she struggles to do some basic calculation, you may tease her about how you expected a little more from a woman who is well-educated.

You, however, want to make sure you “wrap” all of your jokes in fun.

Whatever you say, you want to always maintain that playful undertone.

Otherwise, some women will assume you are insulting them, and they will end up getting offended.

You don’t have to try to become a stand-up comedian to make a woman laugh.

In fact, when you do that, you will likely just become her dancing monkey who entertains her with nothing in return.

A simple facial expression, or saying something that she didn’t expect you to say, can often be enough to make a woman laugh.

The less you can do to make her laugh, the better it is.

4. Demonstrate your other values

If a woman is not initially attracted to you, then you clearly don’t bring a lot to the table in terms of physical attractiveness (by her standard, at least).

And to be honest, when a woman shows a complete lack of interest, I would normally advise you to just move on.

There are plenty of fish in the sea, so I would rather you go talk to another woman than wasting your time and energy with a woman who doesn’t reciprocate.

But, this is what I advise you to do if you still want to give it a shot.

You should demonstrate other values that are deemed attractive by women.

Some of these qualities include things, such as your athletic ability, your ability to play instruments, your ability to sing or dance, your financial stability, or your awesome lifestyle.

However, you obviously do not want to “flash” these traits in front of her eyes as that will only make you seem try-hard which is never attractive to women.

So, how can you indirectly or subtly communicate these values?

One way is to have your friend talk about it in front of her.

When you brag about yourself, then you are a try-hard.

When someone else talks highly of you, then you are a cool dude.

Another way is to post pictures of you subtly showing some of these values on your social media accounts.

The pictures on your social media account is for everyone to see, so it won’t appear as try-hard as if you were to directly tell her about what you do or have.

You can also subtly communicate your values via storytelling.

Whatever values that you want to demonstrate, you simply embed it as a “part” of your story.

For example, if you want to communicate to her that you are an athlete, you might tell her about time you first had to compete professionally, and how it was such a nerve-wracking experiencing to be playing in front of tens of thousands of audience.

The story appears as if it is about your terrifying experiencing while competing in sports.

But, you are also communicating some cool things about you, such as you being a professional athlete, and you competing at a high enough level to be playing in front of a large crowd.

5. Become emotionally relevant to her

There is no such thing as a woman being interested in you when you are not emotionally relevant in her mind.

If she doesn’t feel anything when she’s with you, then she is not going to feel any attraction toward you.

If you are blessed with good genetics and you have a beautiful looking face, then it may be as simple as you looking into her eyes and smiling.

You can also become a man who fills her body with positive emotions by making her laugh, as we had talked about in the earlier section.

Whatever it is that you do or say, you absolutely want to make sure there is a fluctuation in her emotion when you spend time with her (but, don’t overdo it! Simply “sprinkle” it in).

Otherwise, she is going to lost interest even if she had any interest to begin with.

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