How To Arouse A Woman Over Text

Why bother arousing a woman over text when you can arouse her much more effectively in person?

And that is actually a fair question.

But, there can be several different reasons as to why it makes sense for you to learn how to arouse a woman over text.

You may be doing a long-distance relationship with your girlfriend for a certain period of time, and you need to help your woman fulfill her sexual desire somehow.

You may want to maintain sexual tension between you and the girl until you meet her in a couple of days.

You may also use texts as a way to build anticipation before you meet her to have sexy time with her.

Whatever your goal may be, knowing how to arouse a woman over text can be a great way to enhance your sexual value as a man.

So, are you ready to unlock the secrets to turn a woman on with your words?

These are 4 ways you can arouse a woman over text.

1. Build sexual tension over text

Send text messages that build sexual tension.

Texting has its weakness considering it is difficult to accurately convey emotions through words alone.

But, the fact it leaves a certain room for the reader’s interpretation can also serve as an advantage, and you can use this in your favor when it comes to building sexual tension.

So, why would you want to build sexual tension in the first place instead of being more explicit with your intent?

It’s because the higher you build those tensions, the better it will feel when they are finally released.

There is a famous story from East Asia that serves as a good analogy for this.

This one time, one of the higher-up government officials invited his co-workers over to his place.

But, instead of serving them food right away, he took hours before he finally served dinner for his guests.

And guess what people commented about his food?

They all praised how it is the best food they have ever had in their lifetime.

So, why did they feel this way?

This is because their desire to eat grew stronger as they had to wait a long time before they were finally served something to eat.

Just imagine how much better your food would taste if you had to endure hours of waiting, as you inhale that delicious smell of food being cooked prior to eating (although it would also be the worst type of torture for most of us…)

Sexual tension works much the same way.

When you build sexual tension by throwing subtle signs that arouse her, and you finally bless her with your gift to fulfill her desire, you may very well end up making her feel the type of sexual high she’s never experienced in her life.

So, let’s now talk about how you can build that sexual tension specifically over texts.

There are many different ways you can build sexual tension over text messages.

One example would be to allude to what she was wearing when she was with you.

If she was wearing a short skirt, you can talk about how you couldn’t stop staring at her beautiful behind (This is assuming you are already dating her…).

A woman wants to be observed and desired by the man she likes.

When she realizes you were subtly checking her out, and she can feel your passion for her body through your text, that is going to arouse her.

Another example of building sexual tension would be to make sexual innuendos any time you possibly can.

For example, if a girl talks about how you should eat more vegetables to stay healthy, you may reply back to her saying, “No, I would honestly rather eat something else that is a little more soft and wet… (wink face)”.

Once again, only send these texts to a girl who you have had a sexual history with (No worries. We will also talk about arousing a woman who you have not yet been physically intimate with, in the following sections).

I am going to have to assume you have enough common sense to not send these texts to girls who barely know anything about you.

2. Send her a provocative picture

Most women do not enjoy receiving nude pictures from a guy they do not know.

But, it is a different story if she’s already been naughty with you.

She already knows you. She has already touched you and felt you.

In such a case, your topless or nude pictures may very well arouse her.

Your nude picture can serve as a trigger for her to indulge in sexual experiences she’s shared with you.

If you want to go a level above that, you can include a few texts with the picture you are sending her.

You may wonder what sort of texts would go along with your nude pictures.

This is what I would recommend.

You can text a woman about what you would do to her, or you can text her about what you would make her do to your body.

Women want to be passionately desired by men.

She is going to be aroused when you let her know just how much you want her by being explicit with your words.

For example, when you send a picture of your private part, you may talk about how you want to passionately thrust your part into her body.

You can even be more explicit with your words depending on how kinky she is.

Before I say anything further, let me just preface it by saying that I fully believe in mutual respect between men and women.

With that being said, a lot of women like their men to take charge of the interaction and lead (in a way that is pleasurable for both parties).

Do you think a woman really wants her man to ask for her input on every little thing that they do together?

In such a case, she is just going to lose any attraction she has left for him.

Sometimes, you just need to take charge and give a command without hesitation (assuming there is a mutual consent).

And the same idea applies when it comes to a sexual relationship.

Can you imagine a man asking a girl if she likes what he is doing throughout the entirety of sexual interaction?

A girl’s private part would go completely dry by the end of it.

A girl does not want to be with a sex machine that touches her in a perfect way that stimulates her body (as much as that may be your dream…)

In fact, she could most likely give herself orgasm better than any man ever could.

Then, why would a woman want to be sexually intimate with any man in the first place?

It is because she wants to experience your masculine energy.

She wants a real human that wants her and desires her.

Anyway, that was a long explanation as to why you want to express your masculine desire with no shame.

So, let’s talk about a good way to tell a woman what you want to make her do to your body over text.

One example of this would be to tell her how you want to make her worship your tootsie roll (replace this with the name for your male organ when you text her…) as you stare deeply into her eyes.

When you unapologetically express your desire, whether it be in person or over text, she will often get mentally turned on by that.

3. Misinterpret her text

Whatever text you send a girl, you can intentionally misinterpret her text in a sexual way.

While this may not immediately arouse a girl, the first step to arousing a girl is to plant the idea of sex in her head.

And misinterpreting her text is a great way to accomplish that.

This is a good way to introduce sexual topics into a conversation because our society still expects men to make sexual advances when interacting with a woman.

So, when you flip the script and accuse the woman of being more sexual than you are, it will often catch her off guard.

By doing this, you are also indirectly communicating to a woman that you understand women are just as sexual as men, and sex is something that is normal between two consenting adults.

It is rare for a woman to come across a man who understands this, and you will most likely be a breath of fresh air for her.

Many men wrongly believe that women do not enjoy sex as much as men do, and this could not be further from the truth.

When women do not feel judged by men, then they will become fearless in expressing their sexual desires.

But, they will hold back if they can sense even a little bit of judgment coming from you.

When you misinterpret what a woman says by turning it sexual (as long as you do it the correct way with a girl who is receptive), you are going to make it more comfortable for her to open up to you sexually.

So, let me now give you some concrete examples as to how you can misinterpret a woman’s text.

  • She says she is so hungry that she can a large pizza on her own, you then joke about how she likes them big.
  • She says she wants to be with a guy who is good with his hand, and you tell her it is indeed important for a man to know how to use his hands to please a woman.
  • She says she is going to have a quick 10-minute break for lunch, and you tell her that is all the time you need with a cheeky emoji.
  • She says she is cleaning up her place, and you ask if she is going to at least take you out for dinner first before she invites you over to her place.
  • She says she is wet because she was walking out in the rain, and you tell her if she is really soaking wet everywhere.

4. Master dirty texting

Once again, dirty texting mostly applies to text messaging a woman who you have had a sexual relationship with.

But it can work well even with a woman who you have not yet had sex with if you know how to slowly escalate your text conversation.

The most important part of dirty texting (and dirty talking for that matter) is to paint a clear, vivid image in her head, so you make it easy for her to get aroused.

A simple text such as, “I want to touch your breast” is not going to cut it because it just does not paint a strong image in a woman’s head.

So, let’s talk about the principles you should follow to paint a vivid image in her head.


Specifying details is important when it comes to helping a woman create an image in her head.

Dirty texting is much like telling a good story to another person. When you provide more relevant details as you tell your stories, the listener is going to be able to more easily immerse herself into the story.

Let me give you an example to help you better understand.

The first sentence is an example of a dirty text that lacks details, and the second sentence is an example with more relevant details.

“I am going to touch your nipple and then I will put my finger into your vagene (replace the word with female sexual organ…)


“I am going to gently caress your erect nipples as I slowly glide my other hand down your body until I reach your dripping vagene.”

Do you see the difference?


Generally speaking, you want your text to be as primal as it possibly can.

You are texting her dirty words because you feel that strong desire to get naughty with her.

You want to unleash that primal desire and fully express it over text.

Instead of talking about how you want to make gentle love to her, you would be better off talking about what kind of bad things (sexually) you want to do to her.

Most girls would get more turned on by hearing you talk about how you would throw her on the bed and do terrible things to her, as opposed you talking about making sweet love to her from a missionary position.

So, do not be afraid to embrace your animalistic side to arouse a woman when you are talking to her over text (assuming you know, for sure, she is into that as well).

Anyway, those are my tips on how you can arouse a woman over text.

Don’t forget that consent comes first before anything else!

About the Author Jon Go

I was Introduced to the world of seduction after being a virgin for the first 26 years of life and being dumped by my first girlfriend at the age of 28. The dating world wasn't so kind to a 28-year-old Asian man who barely had any experience with girls. But, I eventually cracked the "code" and began "attracting" two to three new girls a week on average when I was actively going out. I'm not mentioning that to impress you but to impress upon you that you can take your dating life to the next level... IF you are equipped with the right knowledge and a desire to take massive action.