How to approach a girl in front of her Friends

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How many times in your life have you wanted to talk to an attractive girl, but you didn’t make a move because she was always with her friends, and it was simply too much pressure for you to approach them.

More often than not, a beautiful girl will be with her friends.

This is especially true if we are talking about social settings or a club and the bar environment.

Needless to say, it is an incredibly nerve-wracking experience to approach a group of girls.

So, does this mean you should wait until the girl is alone and approach her?

If you do that, you will end up having to wait forever, or you may never even get a chance.

So, what are the alternatives?

The obvious answer is to overcome your fear and learn how to approach a girl even if she is surrounded by her friends.

Is it going to be easy? No.

But here is the good news.

Once you learn how to approach and engage a group of girls, you will practically be unstoppable in whatever social situations you encounter.

And better yet, you may even be able to increase your chance with the girl if you can present yourself as a cool, friendly dude, and get her friends on your side.

Girls are incredibly sensitive to the opinion of their friends.

So, if her friends think you are a confident, attractive man, your value will automatically increase in her eyes.

But, what exactly is the best way to approach a girl in front of her friends?

Let’s talk about that.

How to approach a girl when she’s with her friends

The most important thing to keep in mind when you approach a group of girls is to not neglect any girl in the group.

The moment any girl feels left out is the moment she will pressure her friend to walk away from you.

Even if your target girl is into you, it is unlikely she is going to leave her friends to talk to you (it does happen every now and then).

So, why do girls pick their friends over you, even if they may be attracted to you?

She’s known her friend for a longer period of time than she’s known you.

She is also not going to want to seem desperate in front of her friends.

As soon as you approach a group of girls, you want to make sure you introduce yourself to each and every girl in the group.

You don’t want to treat any girl differently from the get-go.

You want each and every girl in the group to think you are a cool dude.

When they all enjoy talking to you, it is unlikely any girl is going to want you to leave, and that is already a good start.

These are the steps you want to keep in mind when you approach a group of girls.

1. Introduce yourself to each and every girl in the group.

2. Ask questions or statements that engage all the girls in the group.

“What are you guys up to?” or “You guys look like trouble”

“How do you guys know each other” or “You guys seem like you’ve known each other since birth”

“Let me ask you guys a question. Do you guys think it is okay to hang out with the opposite sex 1-on-1 when you are in a relationship?”

You probably noticed that the last question is about asking a girl’s opinion on the topic of a relationship.

Most girls hold strong opinions about the Do’s and Don’ts of a relationship.

So, you are likely to immediately hook them into your conversation when you bring up such topics.

But, stay away from starting off your interaction by asking their opinions if they appear to be in a rush.

3. If any girl in the group appears to disengage from a conversation, ask her questions to draw her back into the conversation.

4. You want to treat all girls the same for the most part, but you ideally want to tease your ‘target girl’ to keep a little bit of tension between you and her.

5. When all girls in the group know you are a cool, normal dude, and you’ve had a sufficiently long conversation to show your personality, then it is time to go for your target girl’s number.

How to ask a girl for her number in front of her friends

I want to emphasize that the steps that are discussed in the previous section are the pre-requisites if you want to successfully get a girl’s number in a group.

That being said, there are two ways you can go about asking a girl’s number.

One way is to get everyone’s contact information and suggest to all hang out together sometime in the future.

I personally do not prefer this way because I’m not a big fan of hanging out with a group of people since you can potentially encounter a lot more variables that are out of your control.

The second way is to just ask your ‘target girl’s’ number.

This is what I prefer, but there is one problem.

You are putting a lot of pressure on the girl when you ask her number in front of her friends.

In fact, some girls may reject your advances even if they like you because they don’t want their friends to judge them.

It is important for you to realize that your chance with the girl is not solely dependent on whether she likes you, but also on several other factors when her friends are involved.

So, this is what I would personally recommend you do.

I want you to playfully ask your target girl’s friends if they think you guys would be a good match.

You can even jokingly ask her friends if your target girl is a good girl, so you can make up your mind on whether you should ask her out or not.

What you say does not matter nearly as much as long as you make sure to playfully ask her friend’s permission before you ask your target girl for her number.

This reduces a lot of pressure off your target girl’s shoulders and makes it easier for her to give you her number without the fear of judgment from her friends.

Some people (especially those who are caught up with being an ‘alpha’ male) may argue that you should directly ask your target girl for her number to show your confidence and boldness.

While this sounds great on paper, you need to realize that you are taking this indirect route to help a girl feel more comfortable with giving out her number in front of her friends, and not because you lack the confidence.

How to get a girl away from her friends

This section is mostly for when you are talking to a girl in a bar or the club environment.

You most definitely want to do your best to befriend your target girl’s friends, but that is not always the possibility.

Her friends may be in a bad mood, or maybe they are just not nice people.

So, what is the best way to get a girl away from her friends when her friends are being difficult? Is such a thing even possible?

It is possible, but the two conditions have to be met.

1. You have to have enough value in her eyes.

If you have no value in her eyes, then she is not going to leave her friends to be with you.

You have to have enough values to make her want to leave her friends to be with you.

If she leaves her friends for you, then she is essentially risking her friendship to be with you.

So, if you bring nothing to the table, she has all to lose and nothing to gain by leaving with you.

And your values can really be anything, such as your attractiveness, your confidence, or the way you make her feel around you.

2. You have to convince her that leaving with you will be more exciting than staying with her friends.

You have to get her excited about the idea of leaving with you.

She has to believe she is going to have a much greater time by spending time with you over spending time with her friends.

So, what is the best way to convince her?

You want to use the power of storytelling.

Stories are what inspire people to take certain actions.

You can talk about the times when you went on an adventure with a stranger you had just met, and talk about how that turned out to the best night of your life.

You can also talk about how you always preferred familiarity over change growing up.

You can then talk about how you began to experience some of the craziest adventures in your life when you finally decided to step out of your comfort zone by making friends with new people and doing things you hadn’t done before.

Anyway, I hope this article gave you a clearer idea of how to approach a girl in front of her friends!

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