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What is the number one reason you get friend-zoned by a girl you like?

Is it because you are not attractive?

There can be a lot of different reasons but if I had to pick one reason above all else, it would have to be a failure to communicate your intention to the girl you like.

This is one area I struggled a lot and contributed a big part in keeping me as a sacred virgin for the first twenty-six years of my life.

I struggled with having a boring and mundane conversation with girls for the longest time as well.

I would ask questions and attentively listen to girls but never knew how to create that “spark” during a conversation.

I would see girls quickly lose their interest in front of my eyes and see their attention would shift toward my friend who knew how to poke their emotional buttons.

Fast forward a few years, after having accumulated more experience with women than I’m proud to admit, I realize I really had no clue how to flirt the “right” way.

Knowing how to flirt the “right” way (And there definitely is the “wrong” way to flirt which you will soon find out in this article) may very well be one of the most effective ways for you to excite a girl’s emotion while showing your intention at the same time.

Most guys spin their wheels when talking to girls, making a miserable attempt at keeping the conversation going.

After half an hour of talking about nonsense that neither you nor the girl cares about, it all eventually goes downhill.

At that point, she is more than happy to assign you as one of her many guy friends who orbit around her, but it is unlikely she will ever consider you as her potential mate.

But no worries…

Once you learn the lessons I will be sharing in this article, you will forever eliminate the word “friendzone” from your dictionary.

So let’s dive right in if you are ready to transform yourself…

Say this to flirt like a master

Here is one of the biggest tips I can give you and that is…

Sprinkle in “You and I” conversation when talking to girls.

This is by far one of my most favorite ways to flirt with girls.

And once you master this, girls will never ever leave interaction wondering if you were hitting on her or not.

But what I like most about this style of flirting is that you do not have to be super direct with your words (E.g. You’re cute… You’re hot) but there is still no question that you are interested in her.

So what do I exactly mean by “You and I” conversation?

Any and everything you say that assumes you and the girl is a couple or in a relationship.

For example, you may say in the middle of a conversation, “So where should we grab a coffee next week?”.

By assuming you and the girl are going to hang out, it is indirectly implied in what you are saying that you guys are together.

You are not asking if she wants to hang out with you next week. That would be implying you guys are strangers and you are introducing an unnecessary distance between you and her.

Interpret everything as her flirting with you

This is another great way to flirt with girls.

Whatever she does or says, you interpret that as her hitting on you.

She accidentally touches your body? You call her out for trying to feel your body.

She randomly talks about not having any plans for the weekend? You assume she’s asking you out and let her know you “may” be able to hang out with her depending on your schedule.

This is also a great way to change the frame of the interaction.

When a guy talks to a girl, it is often assumed it is the guy who is “trying” to win a girl’s heart.

When the frame of the interaction is kept that way, you will always be the one to chase the girl every step of the way.

Not only is this mentally draining on your part but it will leave a bitter taste in your mouth even if you do end up getting with her.

The “victory” does not taste too great if you had to throw away your dignity and pride as a man along the way.

But when you flip the script and accuse her of hitting on you, you are imposing your frame in a way that implies you are no longer the one who is always chasing.

You are implying she desires you as much as you desire her which is exactly what you want in a healthy romantic relationship.

This is how you sexually flirt

There are different ways to flirt with a girl sexually.

The first one I want to touch on is sexual misinterpretation and this is similar to what you read in the previous section.

When a girl says something, you use it as an opportunity to turn it sexual in a “playful” manner.

The key word being “playful”…

Otherwise, you risk coming off as creepy and un-calibrated.

When you are “playfully” sexual with a girl, however, it allows bypassing of a girl’s logical brain and makes her feel more comfortable talking about sexual topics with you.

You might say, “But I’m all about being sexually dominant and turning her on with a caveman style…!”.

While I can respect you for being a real alpha male that every man should aspire to be, you can unleash your dominant side once the girl feels comfortable with you.

So let’s talk about some examples…

If a girl says, “I’m not sure if I want to get into a relationship anytime soon..”

One way you would sexually interpret that is to say, “Why do girls only care about sex these days? Why is it so hard to find a girl who values emotional connection over rough sex…?”

More often than not, she will just laugh because it almost sounds too ridiculous (since no guy talks like that).

On top of that, it will make her feel more comfortable talking about sex in front of you.

Another way you can sexually flirt with her is to talk about what you “randomly” came across and read on the internet.

For example, you can tell her how you were browsing on the internet the other day trying to look up some research articles for the paper you have to write.

You don’t know why but you somehow stumbled upon an article that talked about women’s biggest sexual fantasies.

And apparently, women’s biggest sexual fantasy involves being completely dominated by a man “according” to the article you read.

When you do this, it is not you who is the “source” of this sexual topic. You just randomly came across these articles and you are simply sharing it because it was just so random and intriguing.

Once again, you may think this is a “beta” way of going about being sexual.

But you can be direct all you want with your sexual intention once the girl actually feels comfortable with you.

There is no reason to be overly forward with your directness when the girl does not feel fully comfortable around you yet.

Flirt this way if all this is too confusing

If you are new to interacting with females and all this sounds way too overwhelming, then just remember this.

The entire point of flirting is to clearly communicate your intention to the girl that you are sexually attracted to her.

So do exactly that.

Let her know that you find her cute, sexy, hot, etc.

While this is my least favorite way of communicating my intention to a girl, it is still miles better than having a wishy-washy interaction that goes nowhere.

So go out there and swing the bat!

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