Do Women Like To Be Called Beautiful?

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The short answer is yes. Women do indeed like to be called beautiful.

But the real question is, why do you want to call her beautiful? What are you hoping to accomplish?

Do you simply want to give her that positive emotion, or is it because you secretly want her to like you?

You need to clearly define what outcome you are looking for by calling her beautiful.

If you simply want to make her day, then there is no reason to over-think.

You can go ahead and tell her she is beautiful since everyone likes hearing compliments.

But, if you want her to like you, then it may be a slightly different story, and that is what I want to help you understand in this article.

So, let’s talk about that.

1. Call her beautiful if you are beautiful

What do I mean by this?

If you are a good looking guy, you can usually get away with calling a girl beautiful, without coming off as a loser, because you already have a lot of value in a girl’s eyes.

As harsh as it may sound, a good looking man is less likely to come off as a desperate loser, who is trying to pick a girl up, when he compliments her.

This is a consistent pattern I have noticed from years of going out.

Most of my good looking friends had no issue picking up a woman by walking up to her and telling her she is beautiful.

They would often get an instant attraction from a girl without doing much, and the girl would often go out of her way to make it as easy as she possibly could for them to approach her.

So, why does a girl like to be called beautiful by a good looking man?

It is because there is a value gap between him and the girl (assuming she is not as attractive as him comparatively).

It feels good to be acknowledged by someone who we perceive as having a higher value than us.

2. Do not call her beautiful if you aren’t

Generally speaking, you don’t want to call a woman beautiful if you are an average (or a below-average) looking dude, and your intention of telling her she is beautiful is to get with her.

If you are not so physically attractive and the first thing you do is to compliment a girl, you are essentially forcing a girl to make a decision based on your physical appearance alone (much like online dating apps where people make a snap judgment based on your pictures alone.).

This prevents you from getting a chance to fully show your personality.

Unfortunately, if you are an average looking dude like me, you will often be perceived as low-value in a girl’s eyes, to begin with (Yes, I know it is not what most people like to hear, but I’ve got to keep it real).

You can’t afford to lose any more value in her eyes by being super direct off the bat in the interaction.

So, if you really want to compliment a girl, try to stick with compliments that are not so focused on her physical attractiveness.

Is there anything unique you notice about her?

Maybe, it is her outfit or the tattoos she has on her body.

Anything is better than a generic, “You are beautiful.”

3. Your status matters

For the same reason why your looks matter, your status makes a big difference in how she is going to respond to your compliment.

If you have a perceived higher status than a girl in a given environment, then your compliment is going to carry a lot of weight.

For example, a professor giving a compliment to his student means much more than a student giving a compliment to the professor.

It is because the student views his professor as an authority, and it makes him feel good to be acknowledged by the professor, who is in a higher position than him.

On the contrary, how would you feel if you were walking down the street and some homeless person tells you, you are handsome?

It would probably not arouse much emotion in you, if at all.

In fact, you would probably think he is complimenting you because he wants to get something from you.sss

And that is often how a girl feels when she is complimented by a random man with no good looks or status.

If you are in an environment where it is ambiguous for you to tell if a girl sees you as high-status, you can gauge her perception toward you by observing the way acts around you.

Does she pay attention to you when you are talking?

Is her body facing toward you?

Does she readily accept your request when you suggest her to do something?

All of these can be great indicators in finding out that a girl perceives you as a high-status man.

In such a case, you can really say whatever you want to a girl (Yes, even generic compliments), and she will be flattered by any and every word that comes out of your mouth.

4. Do this if she is beautiful

So far, we have talked about whether you should call a girl beautiful depending on factors that are relevant to you.

But, it also matters how a girl perceives herself.

If a girl is actually beautiful, then chances are, she is told she is beautiful by men wherever she goes.

So, how do you think a girl would respond when you repeat a compliment that she’s heard millions of times by other men?

She is automatically going to assume you are like every other loser who tries to get inside her pants.

This is why you want to avoid calling a girl beautiful if she is actually beautiful.

The last thing you want to do is to blend in with every other man that she encounters on a daily basis.

When people zig, you want to zag.

So, what is a better way to approach your interaction with a beautiful girl, rather than directly telling her she is beautiful?

It is better if you start your interaction by commenting on something that stands out about a girl apart from her physical beauty.

My personal favorite is to comment on a girl’s facial expression, or how she carries herself. This lets the girl know that you “get” her.

By not being so “full-on” with your intent, you are giving her a chance to experience your personality first before she makes a judgment about you.

With attractive girls, you want to spend some time to get to know them, and this will allow them to get to know you better.

Your personality (assuming you have a good personality) can be an incredibly potent tool for attracting a girl if you give her enough time to get to know you, so play your cards right.

Let a girl realize you care more than just her beauty.

5. Do this if she is not so beautiful

If you are talking to a girl who is not exactly beautiful by an objective standard (Yes… yes. I know we are all beautiful in different ways), then it is somewhat different story.

If a girl has not been validated for her beauty growing up, then there is a good chance she is going to respond well to your compliments regarding her appearance (assuming she is not too insecure).

This is one of the rare scenarios where it may not be a bad idea to tell a girl she is beautiful.

Since the girl (who is not physically attractive) is not used to hearing compliments about her physical appearance, she is going to have a lot stronger emotional response to your compliments than girls who are used to hearing compliments all the time.

But even with not-so-physically-attractive-girls, you want to stay away from making generic compliments.

No matter what type of a girl you talk to, it is always better if you can make a compliment that is unique to a girl.

6. One more reason to avoid compliments

So far, we have talked about why women may or may not like to be called beautiful under different circumstances.

But, let’s discuss a little further about why you would probably want to avoid calling a girl beautiful if you absolutely had to pick between the two options.

I want you to realize most of us do not value something we did not have to work for.

When you initiate a conversation by complimenting a girl, it lets her know your validation does not amount to much.

Your compliment is like a cheap commodity that can be found anywhere.

You are also indirectly implying she is the prize that needs to be won when you start off your interaction by calling her beautiful.

And there is a good chance you are going to be playing the chasing game throughout your entire interaction.

Instead, you want to start off your interaction with a girl on equal footing.

7. Be honest with why you want to call her beautiful

Finally, ask yourself why you feel the urge to call a girl beautiful.

There are many different ways you can let a girl know how you feel about her, so why do you feel the need to get her attention by complimenting her?

Is it because you feel like you need to win her heart over by flattering her?

Do you feel like you need to be nice to a girl for her to like you?

I don’t know about you, but I had always defaulted into complimenting a girl whenever I did not feel completely secure in myself.

I always used it as a “crutch” when I failed to find something interesting to say.

So, you really want to be honest with yourself and ask what it is that is causing you to default into this pattern.

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