Do Women Care About Height?

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How many times have you heard women say all they care about is height in men?

Most scientific studies prove that women universally prefer a man who is taller than them.

But the truth is, when you ask those women if they have dated a shorter man, most of them would admit they indeed have.

So, here is what you need to keep in mind.

Women do indeed prefer a taller man, but even most women who are very explicit about their preference toward a taller man, have dated a man who is below average in height.

So, what is the truth? Let’s talk about that.

Behaviors tell the truth

When in doubt, always look at a woman’s behaviors over words.

Actions really do speak louder than words.

Let me give you my personal example.

I am an Asian man who grew up in Western country (Canada), and it is no secret that Asian men are heavily emasculated in the Western media.

I have almost exclusively dated outside of my race (for various different reasons that range from bad experiences with Asian women in my early years to a possible mommy issue).

And it was very normal for me to hear from the women I have been with that they had never even considered dating an Asian man before they met me.

So, if I just listened to what the media says or what some women say about Asian men and didn’t bother putting any effort into improving my dating life, I would’ve been a virgin until the age of 40.

Most men hear the words that come out of women’s mouth, and they just accept that as the truth.

And I can tell you that you are going to be leaving a lot of opportunity on the table with such mindset.

Most men that I have met who get incredible results with women have almost delusional belief that women are attracted to them.

And the funny thing is, when your belief is strong enough, others will often buy into your belief as well.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. If a woman tells you she is not into a short man, but she stands there and continues to talk to you, just assume she is into you.

Why would a woman even waste a second of her life talking to a man she is repulsed by? (unless you are physically restraining her which you probably shouldn’t…)

If she had no interest in you, whatsoever, she would have left you long time ago.

She may verbally tell you that she does not find you appealing, but her subconscious brain is telling her there is something interesting about you, and she wants to get to know you more.

Yet another reason why you shouldn’t care about your height

And here is another reason why you don’t need to give too much weight to the words of women when they voice their preference about height.

So, why is that?

It is because most people are sheep. They have no clear idea about what they actually do or do not want.

They just sort of go along with what others say (especially when they are young).

If their friends say they want a tall man, they believe they want a tall man as well.

This desire to conform to others can, in fact, be so powerful to the point that a woman may very well fully adopt other’s preferences as their own.

But, more often than not, you will have no problem making these women realize that they, in fact, do not mind dating a short man as long as he carries himself like a boss (assuming you do).

When two people meet, whoever that has a stronger frame will dictate the frame of another person.

If you can make a woman believe that you are a confident, high-status man despite your lacking height, she will readily accept your belief that height is not a big issue.

Cultivate your personality

Yes, there are women who obsess over height (mostly young girls), but there are also a lot of women out there who put a much greater emphasis on your personality.

In my past years of going out, I have met many short men who do great with women, and I have noticed pretty consistent patterns in the way they carry themselves.

So, let’s talk about that.

1. They talk with confidence and conviction. There is no hesitation when they speak. Not every single one of them necessarily spoke with a super loud voice, but all of them absolutely spoke with conviction that commanded attention from others.

2. They are friendly and confident. But, it is a controlled confidence as opposed to confidence that is overflowing, which can easily make you appear try-hard.

3. They carry themselves with an impeccable posture. There is no sign of “I have been traumatized growing up because of my height so I’m going to be insecure and slouch over” in the way they stand.

4. They do not mind joking about their height, but they also don’t focus most of their humor on self-deprecating jokes. Why? Because they realize there are so many other attributes that define their worth than their height alone. Meanwhile, other men who are still insecure about their height might go overboard with making fun of their height which is just another form of insecurity.

Hit the gym

Most short men that I have known who did great with women also took care of their body.

Most of them did either martial arts or went to the gym (and often both).

They made up for their lack of presence in height by increasing the size of their body.

I once overheard some Asian girls mocking short stocky men saying how short men should not work out because it just makes them look shorter when they put on muscle (A lot of Asian women are superficial and obsessed with their own looks as well as others).

But, this does not really hold true if you are a short man living in Western culture.

If you are short AND skinny on top of that, then you are going to have a very weak presence, and most women living in Western countries are going to be turned off by that.

Do you realize that most women are constantly anxious and scared of being harassed by random men when they are walking alone at night?

A woman wants to know that you have at least a basic level of strength to protect her if something were to happen.

Now, I’m not saying you can’t protect yourself if you are short and skinny since I’ve met more than a handful of short, skinny men who were absolute killers during my years of training martial arts.

But the truth is that a lot of women associate height and muscles with the ability to protect oneself.

So, if you are lacking in the height department, I would highly urge you to put some size onto your frame.

Don’t neglect your fashion

When you care about what you wear, it communicates to women that you value yourself.

And when you have a good fashion sense, it will automatically boost status in people’s eyes.

Don’t believe me?

Ask yourself these questions.

How do you act when you see a man dressed in a police uniform?

How about when you see a man dressed sharp in a suit?

You automatically give more respect to them as opposed to when you talk to a homeless person.

You do not need to go overboard with fashion, but do not be afraid to stand out a little.

When you wear something on your body that makes you stand out without being obnoxious, it communicates to women that you are comfortable with being the center of attention.

That, in turn, indirectly lets a woman know you are most likely a high-status man (since high-status men command attention).

So, study and pay more attention to your fashion if you are lacking in the height department, it will pay off.

Focus on your strength instead of your weakness

Most short men spend way too much time obsessing over their height when there are hundreds of other things they could improve on.

In fact, that is what most people do. They get fixated on their insecurities that cannot be changed instead of focusing their efforts on things that are within their control.

Take Napoleon as an example.

He could have easily spent most of his life feeling insignificant and insecure about his height (In fact, he may have if he were born in this internet era…).

But, he decided to focus on his strength and became one of the greatest commanders in history.

Or take Calvin Murphy as an example, who is the shortest NBA player to be in the Hall of Fame.

He stands at about 5’9 (175 cm) which is practically a midget by basketball standard.

He could have easily played a victim card and given up on basketball by the time he stopped growing.

But, he decided to direct all of his focus on improving areas that were within his control instead of fixating on his height.

And, he ended up achieving the type of success in basketball that most tall men can only dream of.

So, it is important for you to find that unique thing about yourself that is going to give you an edge over others.

When you cultivate your natural strength to its full potential instead of wasting your time on your shortcomings, you will start to notice most women could care less about your height.

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