Do Girls Like Muscles?

Is it true that girls are into muscular men with bulging veins and ripped body, or do they prefer a skinny boy with a pretty face?

I remember when I was an obese little kid, and I thought women would fawn all over me once I develop a nice body.

I did manage to get a pretty decent body after years of hard work.

So, were girls all over me when I managed to sculpt an aesthetic looking body?

Well… the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

So, let’s talk about what I discovered about a girl’s preference for (or against) muscles.

1. Women are evolutionarily wired to prefer a V-shaped body

But, before we delve into talking about my personal experience, let’s talk about what the studies say about a girl’s preference for a muscular man.

Evolutionary psychologists have done more than a handful of studies regarding what type of body women prefer in men.

And they found out that a lot of women have a strong preference for men with a V-shaped body.

A V-shaped torso in a man signifies that he has a well-developed upper body musculature along with a lower body fat percentage.

It also tells a girl that the man likely has a higher level of testosterone which most girls subconsciously find attractive.

So, why have women developed a preference for a physically strong male with a high level of testosterone?

It is because these men make a better protector.

In the ancient times, women were under constant threats of sexual assaults.

A muscular man with a V-shaped torso was able to successfully defend his woman and himself against these threats.

Anyway, that is an evolutionary reason why a girl may prefer a man with muscles.

Let’s continue…

2. Your muscles make you stand out

Think about how most men are shaped in North America.

Most are either incredibly out of shape or have a very average body with no muscles.

If you are even in a half-decent shape, you will instantly stand out among the sea of average men.

Whatever that is common and abundant loses its’ value (i.e. average body).

On the other hand, your muscular physique will make you unique and instantly grab a girl’s eyes.

And in the world of dating, you are getting off to a good start if you can get a hold of a girl’s attention.

I need to note, however, it is a lot better to be subtle with your positive attributes rather than putting them on full display when it comes to attracting a girl.

For example, it is usually better to wear a long sleeve shirt that fits your body and shows a ‘hint’ of your muscles over wearing a skin tight shirt that looks like it belongs to your 8-year-old nephew.

As soon as a girl thinks you are being a try-hard, her attraction to you will disappear into thin air.

3. It is easier for girls to feel sexual with a muscular man

It is a lot easier for a woman to feel sexual desire toward you when you have a muscular body as opposed to a pudgy one.

This can be due to different reasons as we had discussed earlier.

Maybe, women have a hardwired preference for a man with muscles.

Or maybe, it is the media that’s conditioned women to associate muscles with sexual images.

It may also be a combination of both.

Whatever the reason may be, we know that women are more sexually attracted to men with muscles (assuming you don’t look like a steroid freak).

So, what muscles do women find most sexy?

A V-shaped torso ranks at the very top as we had mentioned earlier.

Many women also like muscular arms, abs, and butts.

But most importantly, you want to stay within a reasonable body fat percentage if you want to attract a lot of women.

As much as some girls love that dad bod look, the majority of girls still prefer a man with a lean body.

4. Your muscles signify hard-work

What else does your muscular body indirectly communicate to a girl?

It signifies your hard work.

It lets a girl know you are a reliable man.

It is not an easy task to acquire a well-developed body.

For most people, it takes years of hard work (assuming you are not using drugs) and consistency.

You also need to exercise a great deal of self-control when it comes to diet and sticking to your workout routine.

These are all signs of a quality man (The caveat is that you should be able to apply these habits to other areas of your life which most gym-goers struggle with…).

And most girls would happily date a man who is handsome, physically fit, and has a great deal of self-control.

How my dating life changed after going through a fat to fit transformation 

Let me briefly talk about some of the comments I’ve received from girls after I improved my body.

One of the girls I dated told me that my forearm muscle instantly grabbed her attention when she saw me for the first time.

I’ve also heard another girl talk about how my body was distracting her (I was topless) when she was trying to fall asleep beside me.

And I don’t think I need to mention countless times girls would sneakily stare at me whenever I would wear a nice-fitted outfit at the gym.

Girls do care about muscles on men.

Some like to argue it is the confidence that comes with having a nice body that really does the trick for attracting women.

And when people say that, they are probably thinking of some awkward muscular man who cannot carry a conversation to save his life.

It is true that your muscles are not going to carry you very far if you have the personality of a rock.

It would be a lie if I told you I haven’t met plenty of men who struggle with women despite their impressive physiques.

My dating life didn’t change in any significant way (despite a nice physique) when my brain was filled with the fear of rejection, and I failed to hold a conversation for more than a few seconds.

With that being said, it would be foolish for me to deny that things weren’t a lot easier when I was in shape.

Girls were much more willing to give me the time of day, and it was a lot more effortless for me to get their attention.

It is absolutely true that girls find it sexy when a man is confident.

But, it is also true that girls actually are more physically attracted to a man with a nicer body.

You are not going to be able to maximize the potential of your dating life without working on both.

Muscles that girls find most attractive 

Let’s now talk about what muscles girls find most attractive in men.

Is it really all about big arms, or is it more about having that nice perky behind to let a girl know you don’t skip your squat days?

These are the top 3 muscles that girls find most attractive (warning: the list may contain a little bit of personal biases).


A big bicep clearly lets others know that you lift without any doubts.

Your biceps are the most exposed muscle group when you are wearing regular clothes, so they usually have the biggest effect on giving you the look of someone who hits the gym.

A lot of girls also associate big arms with strength, so they may perceive you as a strong masculine male when they see your muscular arms.


Who doesn’t find a nice, round looking shoulder attractive?

Shoulders are not exactly the biggest muscle group, but it plays such a pivotal in your overall appearance.

You can have the biggest arms, chest, and back, but without a well-developed shoulder, your physique will look like it is missing something.

If you want to grow your shoulders to their full potential, do a lot of lateral raises and shoulder presses.

Don’t be afraid to work on your shoulders more than once a week.

The more frequent you train your muscles, the faster they are going to grow (as long as you recover well by sleeping and eating properly).

I personally experienced the most growth when I was training my shoulders 3 times a week.

So, I suggest you experiment with different routines and find what works for you.

Upper back

Your lats (latissimus dorsi) play one of the most important roles in giving you that nice inverted triangle shape to your upper body.

A wide back commands attention from people like no other muscle group.

In fact, your back and shoulder muscles are most responsible for giving a nice V-shape to your body.

So, what are the most effective exercises for developing your back muscles?

My top two recommendations would be weighted pull-ups and barbell rows.

Your back is comprised of a lot of muscles, so you want to make sure you work your back with sufficient amount of volumes.

Traps and Glutes

These are muscles that don’t have as wide appeal as some of the muscles mentioned previously.

But, the girls that do love these muscles really friggin’ love them.

When you have a big set of traps along with a girthy neck, it lets others know you are not someone to be messed with.

A lot of girls also love well-developed glutes.

Maybe, we (both men and women) are all just wired to be attracted to that round shape.

Or maybe, girls associate your round behind with a powerful thrusting ability.

Whatever the reason may be, many girls just can’t get enough of that male booty.

So, don’t skip on your squats and hip thrusts!

The type of girls that prefer muscles on men 

I don’t think it would be any surprise to you to discover that gym girls are more likely to be into men who are physically fit.

Gym girls spend a lot of time and effort into being physically fit.

And the more your brain becomes fixated on something, the more important it becomes in your mind.

So, if they spend a lot of time working on their appearance, it only makes sense for them to put a heavier emphasis on their partner’s physical attractiveness as well.

One study shows that a woman who is physically attractive tends to value physical attractiveness in men more than an average woman.

This may be because a woman who is physically attractive tends to be more confident in her ability to keep an attractive man from cheating with another woman.

But anyway, does this mean you are forever doomed to be alone if you are an average man with an average physique? Not really.

You do not need muscles to get girls

 Not only do girls have different preferences, but they also have a wide range of preferences.

Yes, it is true there are certain traits that are universally desirable, but individual differences do exist.

Let me ask you this.

Don’t you feel like going out with a blonde girl one day? And maybe brunette the next? Or even redhead if you are into that.

Women really are no different than men.

They have a wide range of men they would happily go out with.

So, it doesn’t matter if you are not the most muscular man she knows.

What matters is that you become the best version of yourself.

If you are a naturally talented musician, then focus on becoming the best musician you can be.

If you have a natural talent for dancing, then become the best dancer.

When you maximize whatever potential you’ve got, then you will become attractive to a lot of girls.

While muscles certainly do help, there are plenty of men who make it work without an impressive physique.

If you falsely believe that you NEED muscles to get with hot girls, then I’ll tell you it simply is not true.

In fact, you can easily find evidence for yourself if you go out to a busy street today and observe couples on the street.

So, my advice to you is to stop obsessing so much over building muscles if your primary goal of lifting is to get girls.

If, however, you are lifting to improve your health and confidence, then that is great.

About the Author Jon Go

I was Introduced to the world of seduction after being a virgin for the first 26 years of life and being dumped by my first girlfriend at the age of 28. The dating world wasn't so kind to a 28-year-old Asian man who barely had any experience with girls. But, I eventually cracked the "code" and began "attracting" two to three new girls a week on average when I was actively going out. I'm not mentioning that to impress you but to impress upon you that you can take your dating life to the next level... IF you are equipped with the right knowledge and a desire to take massive action.