Do Girls Like Being Called Cute?

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Does every girl like being called cute, or is it better to stay away from complimenting girls?

We all like getting compliments from another person. So, most girls do indeed like being called cute by others. But, does that mean you should always compliment a girl? Well, not necessarily. In fact, telling her she is cute may even backfire depending on the girl.

So, let’s explore if it really is a good idea to tell her she is cute.

Compliments Are Nice

You will most certainly brighten up a girl’s day when you tell her she is cute.

We all like good ole’ compliments and it boosts our ego.

Generally speaking, most girls will feel validated by your compliment, and they will think you are a nice guy.

Telling her she is cute is definitely a great way for you to build rapport with her.

But, I don’t think you are simply trying to build rapport with her if you are asking this question.

You are probably wondering if it is a good idea to call her cute if you want her to feel attraction toward you.

And that is for the next section.

It Depends On Her

In most instances, it entirely depends on the girl, whether she likes being called cute or not.

If she is objectively pretty looking girl, then there is a good chance your compliment won’t hit her hard emotionally.

She is most likely used to hearing compliments from others, and she is somewhat desensitized to it.

This is why it is often a better idea to tease an attractive girl, rather than complimenting her.

Compliments don’t arouse much emotion in an attractive girl, whereas it’s much rarer for her to come across a guy, who is feeling relaxed enough around her to tease her.

On the other hand, telling a girl she is cute can work great if she is not attractive in a traditional sense.

She likely did not hear too many compliments growing up, and it will arouse strong enough emotion in her to feel attraction toward you.

But here is a better way to go about finding how she prefers to be treated.

Say whatever you feel like saying and figure out her “blueprint” afterward.

Don’t hesitate to tell her she is cute, and don’t hesitate to tease her when she says something weird.

And observe how she responds to what you say.

If she seems to brighten up when you compliment her, then sprinkle in a little more compliments during the conversation.

If she seems to respond better to you teasing her, then tease her a little more.

It is much better to try to figure out what she likes after you say whatever you want to say, rather than before.

Most men get way too caught up with saying correct things, and they end up killing the entire flow of the interaction.

So, just say what is on your mind and adapt afterward.

It Is You

It also depends on you whether she likes being called cute or not.

Specifically, it depends on how she perceives you.

If she sees you as a high-status man, then your compliments can mean the world to her.

For example, if Brad Pitt were to compliment a girl, do you think it matters whether she is a “compliment” girl or a “tease” girl?

It really doesn’t.

The fact she got a compliment from such a high-status celebrity alone will brighten up her day.

We all desire to be acknowledged by someone who is in a higher position than us.

It means the world to us when they acknowledge our effort and show interest in us.

If you met the girl in a social setting where you are perceived to be higher status than her, then she is going to have a strong emotional reaction to your compliments (unless you over-do it).

And the opposite applies if she perceives you as a low-value male.

If you don’t have much value in her eyes, then your compliment might even come off as pathetic.

If some beggar from the street acts nice to you, and he compliments you, you would assume he is nice because he wants something (money) from you.

She will get a similar feeling from someone who compliments her if the person has no value in her eyes.

So, it is actually a better idea to stay away from complimenting a girl too much if she does not know anything about you.

It can often backfire unless she thinks you are at least equal or higher value than her.

There are a lot of dating coaches who advise men to approach a girl with lines such as, “I saw you from afar and I thought you were really cute so I wanted to come say hi”.

This works perfectly fine if she feels physical attraction toward you at first sight, or if she does not usually get compliments from other men.

But, it can be problematic to start off your interaction with such compliments if you are talking to an attractive high-value girl.

You are voluntarily dropping your value in her eyes by initiating your approach with a direct compliment.

And you are likely going to be playing the chasing game for the remainder of your interaction with her.

Moderation Is Key

So far, we have talked about how telling a girl she is cute may or may not be effective under different circumstances.

Using some of the advice in this article, you may have even been able to figure out whether she likes to be complimented or teased.

But here is what I want you to keep in mind.

Anything too much is as good as none.

Even if she responds to your compliments well, if you compliment her too much, she will eventually lose interest.

And for the same reason, even if she responds to teases well, if you do too much of it, she may eventually get offended.

This is why it is a good idea to keep the pattern of your conversation rather unpredictable.

Just when she is getting used to your compliments, tease her to arouse a different emotional response in her.

Just when she is getting used to your teases, compliment her to reassure her that you are into her as much as she is into you.

You want to avoid adopting the same boring conversational pattern.

I am sure you have heard about the term, “push and pull”.

It is a standard pick-up term that describes sentences that contain two seemingly conflicting statements.

An example would be to tell a girl, “You are cute but I’m not sure about the shoes you are wearing…”

The idea behind it is to arouse a wide range of emotions in a girl which, in turn, would make her feel a stronger attraction toward you.

While I am not a big fan of standard pick-up advice, there are some lessons to be learned from the principles behind some of these pick-up terms.

So, go out there and tell her she is cute. Tease her. And take her on that emotional rollercoaster.

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