Did She Lose Interest?

She no longer acts the same way as she used to, and you are wondering if it is all coming to an end. So, what are the signs that a girl has lost interest in you?

These are some of the signs you may observe if she did, in fact, lose interest. She may be slow at replying back to your text, and she readily sees flaws in you. She may pretend to be always busy, and act distant in person. When she becomes more secretive about her personal life, it can also be a sign she is losing interest.

So, let’s talk about if her interest toward you is indeed gone for good.

Delayed Text

This is a no-brainer for gauging a girl’s interest level.

The less she is interested in you, the slower she is going to reply back to your text (There can be some exceptions, such as girls playing games with you, but this is true for the most part).

If she used to reply to your texts within a few minutes, and she now takes hours to reply, then you are justified to be worried.

See if you can answer these questions.

Did anything in her life change?

Is she more busy than usual because of her work?

Or is going through some difficult times in her life?

If none of these applies, and she takes forever to reply, she may be getting ready to move on from you.

Think about the times when you were interested in a girl.

How long did it take for you to respond to her message?

You most likely didn’t take days to reply back to her.

I have often taken days to reply back to a woman that does not occupy a large portion of my mind (aka a girl I am not really interested in).

But, you can bet I did not waste more than a few hours to reply back to the girl I am actually interested in (Apart from possibly wasting time over-thinking what I should text her).

It’s only natural for her to respond promptly when her interest level is high since she will be excited to talk to you.

Flirty With Others

When you see her being extra flirty with other men, it can mean she is losing interest in you.

This is especially true if she was not exactly flirty with other men in the past, but she is more flirty than usual as of late.

So, why is that?

You used to be the source of her validation, but she no longer gets the same emotional high she used to get from you.

Your compliments do not mean much anymore.

Other men seem way more exciting to her.

It is time to let her go when she chases other men’s validation over yours.

I had a similar experience with one of my ex-girlfriends.

When we first started dating, I was her entire world.

But as our relationship progressed further, we slowly began to lose that initial enthusiasm we had for each other.

There was no more spark of interest between the two of us. And we often just felt like an old couple hanging out together.

And whenever we were out, and she would talk to other guys or get compliments from them, I could see her becoming visibly excited by the validation she got from them.

Since our relationship was falling apart, my validation was not enough for her at that point. And she needed new stimulus (other men) to feel validated once again.

More Secretive

When she starts hiding more things from you, it may signal her loss of interest.

When a woman’s interest is high, she is often excited to share her thoughts and stories with you.

But as her interest weans off, she no longer wants to do this.

This can be due to several reasons.

Something you did or said could have made her resent you, and she now prefers to be careful with what she chooses to tell you.

It is also possible she is secretly flirting (or even cheating) with another guy behind your back, and she is trying to hide it from you.

But here is the problem.

When you accuse her of acting differently, she will accuse you of being a jealous, insecure little boy, and she will make you feel like you are in the wrong.

Some women can be incredibly illogical and manipulative in that sense.

One of the girls I dated used to give me crap for talking to my female friends.

When I told her about all the male friends she has (She is the type who would say, “I can only be friends with guys because girls are annoying” aka I’m an attention seeker), she would tell me, “It is different”.

But anyway, if she still has a high interest in you, then she is not going to try to engage in suspicious behaviors and potentially sacrifice her relationship with you.

But, she may decide to do sketchy things behind your back, and she may even try to hide whatever she does.

In such a case, it is equivalent to her declaring that she would happily put her relationship at risk because she does not value it anymore.

You can do two things when you notice she is being more secretive than usual.

You either confront her about it, and you let her know she should be more transparent.

 Or you move on from her and find a girl who you can trust.

Any form of relationship is built on trust. If you can’t trust her anymore, then there really is no reason for you to continue seeing her.

By the way, if the girl continually accuses YOU of cheating, there is a good chance she is engaging in an inappropriate act behind your back.

We often reflect our own reality onto others.

And the more we engage in dishonest behavior, the more we are likely to think others do as well.

So, be aware of this, and do your best to avoid that little manipulation game she may try to play with you when you discuss your concerns with her.

Too Busy

This is a pretty direct way of saying she is not interested.

There is never such a thing as I am too busy to do something.

There is only, “It’s just not that important for me to make time for that”.

If she says she is too busy to see you, then it is her way of telling you, you are not that important to her, and she does not have much interest in you.

Think about some of the relationships you had in the past, where you and the girl were madly in love with each other during that honeymoon phase.

You probably would have done whatever you needed to do to make time for her, even if it meant you could only get three hours of sleep that night.

When you are deeply attracted to someone, you would never be too busy to squeeze that extra minutes out of your life to text, call, or meet the person.

Her telling you she is too busy is equivalent to a job interviewer telling you, you did well on the interview but you just didn’t meet the qualifications for the job.

The real reason is that they just didn’t feel your vibe, so they picked the other person over you.

She Sees Flaws

This is another no-brainer that her interest level is low.

When you are really into someone, whatever flaws you observe from the person rarely cross your mind.

Your brain plays tricks on you, and you become completely illogical in the way you view her.

While it is only natural for that initial feeling to wean off over time, it is not natural for her only start seeing your flaws.

Ask yourself this.

Has she been making more comments about your poor fashion sense lately?

Does she mock (even jokingly) you about your behaviors or physical traits?

Has she become increasingly demanding about what you should do for her?

These are all signs that her interest for you is dissipating away.

What you want to observe is the history of patterns in the way she talks to you.

It is only problematic when you start noticing a growing pattern of her commenting about your flaws.

If, for example, you and the girl always teased each other from the start of the relationship, then the signs above may not mean much in gauging her interest level.

On the other hand, if she has been making snide comments about you in the recent past, compared to when you guys first started seeing each other, then that is a big red flag.

Distant In Person

Has she been acting more distant lately than usual?

Maybe, she does not look at you the same way as she used to.

Maybe, she no longer touches you in an intimate way.

These are all valid reasons for you to feel like she no longer has interest in you.

The truth reveals itself when that initial excitement is no longer there.

That is when you really find out if there is any chemistry between you and the girl.

For my first relationship, it only took about 3 months before both my ex-girlfriend and I began to lose interest in each other (And we somehow managed to drag that relationship on for close to 2 more years which is quite ridiculous looking back).

It got to the point where I was not even able to achieve a full erection when we were having sex.

And she was objectively a very attractive girl.

We stopped hugging when we were sleeping together.

We stopped being affectionate in public.

And we just stopped caring for each other altogether.

There are different reasons for why we so quickly lost interest in each other.

But the major reason is this.

We spent every second of our waking hours together.

We went to school together. We went to the gym together. We went to parties together. We watched the movies together at home.

Whatever we did in our lives, we did it together.

Looking back, it was such a blatantly stupid thing to do. But I didn’t know any better since it was my first relationship.

When you spend so much time together with your girlfriend, she starts feeling more like your family member.

You see her put on make-up. You see her changing her clothes. You hear her fart. You share the bathroom together.

It is incredibly difficult to keep that sexual attraction toward a girl when you see all of that while living with a girl.

And this is why I joke about even if I were to get married (which is highly unlikely), I would probably still prefer to live in a different place.

So, do not make the same mistake I made. Don’t make your entire life revolve around the girl you are seeing because your enthusiasm for her will dissolve quickly.

No More Respect

She no longer takes you seriously.

Your opinions don’t mean jack to her anymore.

Whenever you give your thoughts about something, she laughs you off as if you are the most idiotic person in the world.

She practically treats you like a little boy who does not know anything.

She no longer views you as a “man”.

If your relationship gets to this point, then it is practically over.

It is clear she lost her interest, and you should not have any interest in a girl who blatantly treats you with no respect either.

This comes from not having set a clear set of boundaries on what you are going to allow her to say or do in a relationship.

It should have been clear to her from the get-go that you do not condone any of that disrespectful BS.

But she slowly began pushing that boundary, and you failed to stop her before things got out of control.

At this point, you are better off letting her go, rather than holding onto a broken relationship.

Anyway, I hope this article helped you with assessing a woman’s interest level.

And, don’t forget that you don’t deserve anything less than a girl who loves you and respects you with all her heart!

About the Author Jon Go

I was Introduced to the world of seduction after being a virgin for the first 26 years of life and being dumped by my first girlfriend at the age of 28. The dating world wasn't so kind to a 28-year-old Asian man who barely had any experience with girls. But, I eventually cracked the "code" and began "attracting" two to three new girls a week on average when I was actively going out. I'm not mentioning that to impress you but to impress upon you that you can take your dating life to the next level... IF you are equipped with the right knowledge and a desire to take massive action.