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She Plays With Her Hair?
A common belief is that a girl is into you when she plays with her hair, so is that a[...]
How To Make A Girl Like You Over Text
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How To Get A Woman’s Attention
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Signs She’s Not Into You
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How To Stop Being The Nice Guy
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My Girlfriend Wants To Take A Break
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Do Girls Like Tall Guys?
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How To Make Her Miss You
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Is She Using Me?
There are good girls out there, and there are bad girls out there who take joy in using men only[...]
What To Text A Girl To Make Her Smile
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What To Do If A Girl Loses Interest?
That initial excitement has faded away, and the girl seems to have lost all the interest she had toward you.[...]
Why Is She Ignoring Me?
Why do women ignore men? Figuring out women can be difficult when their feelings seem to fluctuate on a minute-to-minute[...]
“I Can’t Get Over My Ex Girlfriend”
You feel like you can’t go on anymore. She was your entire life and now it is all over. It[...]
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Forbidden Secrets To Making Her Fall In Love With You
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How To Tell A Girl You Like Her
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Will She Ever Come Back?
You were sure you were going to spend the rest of your life together with her. You were sure she[...]
“She Lied To Me”
So, she lied to you. They say the foundation of a relationship is trust. Can you ever trust her again?[...]
Did She Lose Interest?
She no longer acts the same way as she used to, and you are wondering if it is all coming[...]
What It Really Means When She Says She Is Busy
You thought your first date went great, so you text her to set up another date. But she replies saying[...]
Do Girls Like Being Called Cute?
Does every girl like being called cute, or is it better to stay away from complimenting girls? We all like[...]
Do This When She Just Wants To Be Friends
So, what is the next course of action when she just wants to be friends with you? Should you become[...]
What to do when she doesn’t Text back
Hours and days pass by, and you still hear nothing back from her. So, what exactly should you do when[...]
Why Am I Still A Virgin?
Let’s be real. There really is no glory in being a virgin as a man.I can tell you all the[...]
What Do Women Look For In A Man?
I just want a nice guy who treats me well and respects me.But let’s be real.We all know women look[...]
Do Women Like Body Hair?
So, do women like body hair or do they prefer their men to have the skin of a newborn baby?It[...]
Should I Tell Her I Miss Her?
I begged and pleaded for her to stay. I told her how much I miss her. I even wrote her[...]
Should I Tell Her I Like Her?
Hey… I’ve been meaning to tell you for a long time. I really like you. Would you go on a[...]
How To Be Confident With Women
You see an attractive woman from a distance. You fantasize about walking up to her while beaming with confidence.But the[...]
Why Cant I Talk To Girls?
Why is it so darn hard to talk to girls? Have you seen a man who beams with confidence in[...]
“I Want A Girlfriend”
All I ever wanted was that one sweet girlfriend who would look deep into my eyes and say, “Baby, you[...]
“Hey, you should just stick to your own race. Why are you obsessed with White girls? Do you hate your[...]
5 Tips To Conquer Your Fear Of Talking To Girls
Before we dive in, we need to answer this one question. Why do you experience that intense fear of talking[...]
Why Am I Shy Around Girls?
“I just don’t like hanging out with people. This is just who I am. I enjoy being alone” These are[...]
Should I Ignore Her To Get Her To Like Me
Ignore her and she will chase. Is there any truth to this statement or is it all just a load[...]
How To Seduce A Girl
The art of seducing a girl… how much better does it sound than say… the art of picking up a[...]
How to make her Want to have Sex
Okay… I get it. It’s not all about sex and connection is just as important. But let’s be real. If[...]
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As much as our society puts pressure on us to be a stud who goes around sleeping with every girl[...]
Approach Anxiety
There are a lot of fears you must overcome if you are born as a man.And one of those is[...]
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9 Signs To Tell If A Woman Is Attracted To You
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Flirting Tips For Guys
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I don’t know what to say… she might think I’m stupid if I say that. Yeah… I should just stick[...]
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How To Get Over A Girl
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Dating Tips For Shy Guys
Suffering from extreme shyness? You are not alone. My social anxiety prevented me from forming any sort of intimate relationship[...]
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Yet another article on texting… But it feels right to go in-depth on this topic since everyone and their mom[...]
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The Most Attractive Trait In A Man
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Most Attractive Muscles On A Guy
It is no secret that women like muscles on men.  Women have a tough time ignoring a set of strong[...]
This Is What Attracts A Woman To A Man Physically
So what is it that attracts a woman to a man physically?I wish I could give you a straight-forward answer[...]
How To Be Good With Girls
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Attracting Women
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No Contact Rule To Get Her Back
There’s a lot of information about the efficacy of no contact rule. So, is no contact rule really the way[...]
Do I Like Her
So the topic for today is…Do I like her or…Do I like the “idea” of her?And what do I mean[...]
Should I Date Her
Should I date this girl or is she going to be a complete waste of my time?That’s the question that[...]
Should Men Pay For Dates
So I wanted to touch on this topic today because this is a very common belief among men that a[...]
Do Women Like Muscle
So, is it really true women like... or love muscle?I first got into lifting when I entered my first year[...]
Put Her In Her Place
So should you destroy her ego to put her in her place? I recently came across a video where the[...]
Ignore Her To Attract Her
So, why should you ignore girls to attract them? Why can’t you just be nice and sweet to make girls[...]
Does Nofap Work To Attract Girls?
In this article, I want to talk about nofap and whether it has any benefit when it comes to attracting[...]
Should You Kiss On The First Date?
In this article, you will find out if you should kiss a girl on the first date. This is the[...]
Never Trust A Girl
In this article, I'm going to talk about why you should never EVER trust what a girl says to you.[...]
How To Move On From A Girl
In this article, you will learn what I believe are some of the best ways to move on from a[...]
Do Girls Care About Looks?
Do girls care about looks, or is it all about confidence? There are a lot of mixed opinions regarding this[...]
White Girls and Asian Guys
Today, I specifically want to talk about this article I came across online. One of the scripts in Hollywood revealed[...]
How To Not Be Creepy
In this article, you will learn how you can stop creeping girls out for once and for all.But before we[...]
Asian Masculinity
So, what exactly do I want to say about Asian masculinities?I recently came across this Facebook post that was written[...]
What To Text A Girl To Start A Conversation
So, what exactly are some Do's and Don'ts when it comes to texting girls?This key psychological trigger I will discuss[...]
What to do on a First Date with a girl
So, what should you do on a first date and how can you make sure she does not ignore you[...]
Never Trust A Woman
Can you really trust women or not..? So, where do I begin this story... The story I am about to[...]
Asian Guys Are Ugly
I came across one video on Youtube the other day and it infuriated me. And it is solely the reason[...]
Are Chinese Girls Easy?
Are Chinese girls easy?Or more broadly, are Asian girls easy?This is probably a bit of a controversial topic but...I would[...]
When A Girl Looks At You
So, what do you do when a girl looks at you?But, I first need to emphasize what you definitely should[...]
Types of Women To Avoid
So, what are the types of women you should avoid at ALL costs?Some things you read in this article may[...]
How To Know If A Girl Is Interested
So, what exactly is the best way to know if a girl is interested in you? In my opinion, finding[...]
How to keep a conversation going with a girl
So what exactly is the best way to keep a conversation going with a girl? There is so many advice out[...]
How To Find A Good Woman
So, how do you find a good woman and does such a thing even exist? Well, I've got the answer for[...]
How To Stop Being A Pushover
So, what exactly is the best way to stop being a pushover and get the respect you deserve from others?This[...]
How To Make A Girl Chase You
So, how exactly do you make a girl chase you? My friend told me this story of his friend yesterday[...]
Dating For Asian Men
Did you know Asian guys need to make an additional $247,000 per year to have equal success with White girls[...]
How To Flirt With Women
So how do you flirt with women and let them know you actually have a penis?I remember when I first[...]
Alpha Male Personality
What does it really mean to have an alpha male personality? A lot of men are obsessed with having an[...]
Getting Rejected By A Woman
So what is the real reason women reject you..?There can always be a lot of different reasons for this.But I[...]
How To Turn A Girl On
How exactly do you turn a girl on...?Well.. there are a lot of different factors that can come into play.In[...]
Unattractive Man
Are you doomed if you are not an attractive dude..?I came across this video on Youtube yesterday.The guy shared his[...]
Why Do Girls Like Bad Boys?
What is it about bad boys that girls find so appealing? Why can't you just be a nice guy who[...]
AMWF Couples
So what are some of the main things I noticed about white girls..? Let me first start out this article[...]
Is She Losing Interest?
So what are some signs she is losing interest..? And what are some things you can do to prevent her[...]
Why Women Flake
You were sure your date went well...She was smiling at your jokes and seemed comfortable around you.Hell... maybe you guys[...]
How To Talk To Girls If You Are Shy
Listen... I would love to tell you it's ok to be shy and everything is going to work out fine.[...]
How To Make A Girl Laugh
They say laughter is the best medicineBut is it really the best medicine when it comes to sparking a girl's[...]
How to get a girl back after a break up
  You pictured your life together with her. You thought she would be the one and only. You truly believed[...]
How To Flirt With A Coworker
So what exactly is the best way to flirt with a co-worker? In this article, I'm going to cover the[...]
She Doesnt Want A Relationship
So you have been seeing this girl for a while. You may even think there is some sort of special[...]
Shit Test
So what exactly is a "shit test" and why do girls give a "shit test"? Simply put, it's any form[...]
Signs She Is Testing You
Before we talk about the signs you observe when a girl tests you, let’s briefly talk about why you should[...]
How To Not Be A Nice Guy
"I should've brought you flowers... and held your hands. Should've given you all my hours when I had the chance..."[...]
How To Impress A Girl
So you are wondering what exactly is the best way to impress a girl and sweep her off her feet.[...]
How To Be Direct With A Girl
You've had enough.. No more Mr. Nice guy who gets friend-zoned by your crush left and right. You are determined[...]
Do White Girls Like Asian Guys?
I'm sorry I'm not into Asian guys... These may perhaps be the words you most dread to hear when you[...]
Do Girls Like Muscles?
Is it true that girls are into muscular men, or do they prefer a skinny boy with a pretty face?[...]
Nervousness Around Girls
You see a hot girl walking toward your direction.And all of a sudden, your body is not your body anymore.It[...]
How To Be Confident With Girls
Just imagine if we could all carry ourselves in a confident manner like Hank Moody from Californication.How much easier would[...]
How To Handle Rejection From A Girl
In this article, you will learn about one weird way - but brutally effective - to handle traumatic rejection from[...]
How To Be An Alpha Male
Let me first start out by saying I absolutely hate the term 'alpha male'.But it is the term that most[...]
How To Have Game
So how do you get game and why would you want to learn game in the first place?The reason is[...]
Do Pick Up Artist Tips Actually Work?
So you've made it your mission to become a master pick up artist in your lifetime... magnetically seducing girls just[...]
How To Start A Conversation With A Woman
So what exactly is the best way to start a conversation with a woman?The simple truth is that there is[...]
How To Get The Girl You Want
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