Alpha Male Personality

What does it really mean to have an alpha male personality?

A lot of men are obsessed with having an alpha presence in this day and age.

But, you will soon find out being alpha is not so much what you think it actually is.

And my intuition tells me there is a good chance you are not going to be so pleased with what you are about to hear (If you arrived at this article by searching for “alpha male personality or traits” that is).

So, take this as my last warning for you to leave if you prefer to live in your own bubble.

Let’s get started if you are ready to hear the truth.

The origins and definition of alpha male

But before we delve any deeper, let’s briefly talk about the origins and definition of the term, “alpha”.

The term “alpha wolf” was first used by Shenkel, a biologist who immersed himself in the study of the behavior of wolves.

He used the term to refer to his findings that male and female wolves showed a pattern competing against each other to establish power and authority within their group.

So, what does it mean to be an alpha in social animal studies?

It refers to the highest ranking animal in the studies of social animal.

Alphas often attain their power and status through means of physical strength.

Beta, on the other hand, refers to animals that are next in line.

They are the ones to take over the position of an alpha animal once it dies or no longer has the power to maintain his position.

Lastly, Omega refers to animals that are the lowest of the low. They are subordinate to alpha and beta and take on the role of the most submissive ones in the group.

A pre-requisite to possessing an alpha male personality

Before we go on any further, I want you to imprint this on your brain forever.

There’s no such thing as a person who is always alpha or beta under every circumstance.

For example, a very muscular bodybuilder who goes to the gym every day may feel completely confident (aka alpha) when he’s in the gym lifting, but he may not feel so confident when he has to give a public speech in front of a large crowd.

I am sure Michael Jordan felt like an alpha-dog when he was playing basketball during his prime, but I am also sure he probably didn’t feel so confident when he was struggling in a minor league baseball.

Once again, I want to re-emphasize that you cannot label someone as either alpha or beta as if it defines his entire identity.

With that out of the way, let’s now talk about personality traits that will guide you toward becoming a more confident, alpha male.

The most important alpha male personality trait

As Thomas Carlyle said, “The man without a purpose is like the ship without a rudder.”

If you do not have any purpose as a man, then you may as well declare yourself dead.

If you are not making the world a place in one form or another, what is the point of life?

Cynics might say, “There is inherently no meaning to life.”

While it will serve you well to not take life so seriously (because whatever you do really is insignificant in a grand scheme of things), you should never let yourself become apathetic towards life if you want to live your life with an alpha male mindset.

Otherwise, you will just become a ship floating aimlessly at sea with no clear directions.

Take the time to ask yourself this question?

Why are you here?

What difference are you trying to make in this world before you take your last breath?

Your belief is the foundation of alpha male personality

What are your beliefs?

Do you have any?

If you don’t believe in anything, you are not going to have enough will to stand up for anything.

As Alexander Hamilton said, “Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.”

You are always going to be influenced by other’s beliefs when you do not have your own personal beliefs.

There is nothing wrong with being open to having your beliefs challenged every now and then.

But, can you really call yourself a man (an alpha male at that) if you are like a leaf on the wind, who is always under the influence of others?

So, what do you believe in?

Do you believe everyone should be treated with respect?

Do you believe in holding your values under any circumstance?

By having a strong set of beliefs, you will establish a strong sense of reality.

And with that, it would be safe to say you are one step closer to forging a personality of an alpha male.

Being soft as an alpha male personality trait

When you think of an alpha male, what words come up in your mind?

You will probably think of words such as strong, macho, and masculine.

“Soft” is definitely not a word that is most often associated with a stereotypical alpha male.

But I am here to tell you an alpha male is not someone who always carries himself with pride and arrogance.

An alpha male also knows how to treat those who are in a weaker position with respect and kindness.

In fact, that is the very reason why people are drawn into an alpha male in the first place.

Drop the idea that you should always put on the front of a strong and masculine man to be an alpha.

It is often just going to make you appear to be a try hard in others eyes.

Discipline as an alpha male personality trait

It is imperative you develop a great degree of self-control if you want others to respect you.

If you don’t have good self-discipline, it means you do not take yourself seriously.

How then can you expect others to take you seriously?

Remember this quote.

“Self-confidence is developed by keeping promises you make to yourself”

If you decide you are going to wake up at six in the morning, then wake up at six in the morning.

If you decide you are going to quit smoking, then quit smoking.

By doing this, you will be able to derive confidence inwardly rather than needing approval from others for you to feel confident.

Ask yourself, “How many promises am I breaking on a daily basis?”

If you are pressing that snooze button in the morning or skip a gym session you planned on going, it is no wonder you have fragile confidence.

Courage as an alpha male trait

A lot of men confuse courage as being fearless with no inhibition.

The truth is, fear is always going to be present when you put yourself into a vulnerable position.

It is a futile effort to just sit and wait for your fear to disappear before you do what you set out to do.

What does an alpha male do in such a case?

He takes the plunge and acts in a decisive manner even if fear is running through his body.

“Courage is not the absence of fear. It is taking action in spite of fear”

Your goal should be to become a friend with fear.

Welcome your fear.

Smile at your fear.

But don’t ever let it stop you from going after what you want.

Lead to be an alpha male

This is a no brainer.

You are going to be a strong leader if you are an alpha male.

But you are not being a leader in a sense that you are actively trying to “impose” your leadership onto others.

Your vision and beliefs naturally draw people toward you.

And that is why it is imperative for you to have a strong set of beliefs because, without it, you are not going to be able to magnetize people into following your vision.

You are not necessarily the loudest or the most imposing person in the room.

But, people are able to sense that un-wavering confidence you emit from within.

An alpha male takes care of his body

This is not necessarily a personality trait but I felt it is important enough to include it on the list.

A confident alpha male understands a healthy body leads to a healthy mind (and vice versa).

He takes care of his body with a regular exercise and a healthy diet.

It’s not so much having a strong and healthy body is a pre-requisite of an alpha male, it is the fact that they represent your characteristics as a man.

It shows your willingness to delay instant gratification for the reward in the future.

It shows your ability to set goals and stick to them.

These are all traits of a high-value male.

Being at the cause as an alpha male trait

What do I mean by “being at the cause”?

It means you are influencing others and making a difference in other people’s lives instead of the other way around.

I need to mention once again that refusing to change your existing beliefs (even after realizing they are obviously wrong) out of stubbornness is NOT a trait of an alpha male.

An alpha male understands everyone is prone to mistakes and he does not let his ego prevent him from doing things the right way (instead of “his” way).

But his beliefs come with a degree of conviction that is contagious to those around him (which can be good and bad at times…).

And people can’t help but feel that “pull” toward his beliefs.

Lack of fear of judgment as a core alpha male personality

An alpha male does not let what others think of him influence his action.

He understands most people are sheep. And that he will end up just like them if he let their opinions influence his action.

He constantly challenges what is considered the societal norm, and he forms his own opinion on what he should or shouldn’t do and how things should be done.

Misconceptions of alpha male characteristics

1. An alpha male has a deep voice and speaks with conviction.

Let me ask you this. Do you think Elon Musk is more “alpha” than most dudes? How about Steve Jobs?

None of these guys speak with a tone we would consider alpha – at least in a conventional sense.

But I’m sure most people would agree they are a lot more “alpha” than… say a bodybuilder dude who speaks with deep testosterone filled voice … but has had a zero contribution to this planet earth apart from getting jacked.

2. An alpha male has an impeccable posture.

Think about anyone that’s accomplished anything significant in their lives.

Just come up with your top three greatest human beings alive in terms of what they’ve achieved.

Do they all walk with the same posture? Do they all carry themselves the same way?

It is most likely no.

3. An alpha male is strong and jacked.

Think about any president of any country… how many jacked presidents do you see?

4. An alpha male knows how to fight

How many great fighters in UFC do you think would be more than happy to give up their fighting ability to trade their spot with Dana White (The president of UFC)?

5. An alpha male is insanely charismatic.

Once again, it comes down to how we define “charisma”.

But a lot of people who I would truly consider alpha are not exactly charismatic – at least in a conventional way we define charisma.

Don’t get me wrong.

All of the traits that I listed can certainly turn you into a more “attractive” dude if you possess those traits.

But it’s important to distinguish between being an “attractive” male and an “alpha” male.

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