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What is this site all about?

So what do I mean by minority

In wikipedia, minority is defined as a category of people who experience relative disadvantage as compared to members of a dominant social group. It is typically based on differences in observable characteristics or practices, such as: sex, ethnicity, race, religion, disability etc…

Maybe you have always felt like you are not part of a “popular” group growing up.

Maybe you have always felt like you fall short compared to your good looking friends when it comes to physical appearance.

Maybe you have always felt like you just can’t attract girls as easily as some of your “natural” friends.

I define minority as anyone and everyone who felt like they always had to put that extra effort… go that extra mile… to attain what seems to come so easy for people around you.

From 26-year-old Kissless And Hugless Virgin To… Taking A Sexy Redhead Bartender Back Home Within Three Minutes Of Meeting Her

I want to share a bit of personal story about myself.

Partly for your entertainment and partly because… my little ego enjoys talking about how hard I had it.

And I’d be one happy little Asian boy if my story can serve as even a slight inspiration… for you to believe that you can transform your dating life if you want it badly enough.

So… where do I start?

I was 26-years-old  at the time and I was still in college… because I was doing my second degree to apply for dental school.

Just a typical Asian kid (or manchild) brainwashed to believe that doing well in school and getting a good career will bring – ultimate fulfillment and happiness into my life.

Being a virgin at the age of 26-year-old was my deepest and darkest secret.

Looking back, just a mere fact that I didn’t know anyone else who was still a virgin at my age probably had even more traumatic effect on me.

Anytime any of my friends brought up the topic of relationship or sex… I would just shrievel up.

My heart would start pounding and my body would tighten… at the thought of my friends finding out that I am.. a [email protected]#king loser..

I feared being “exposed”… That I’m actually not as cool as who I try to portray myself to be (Have you heard of any cool virgin?)…

Maybe it sounds overly dramatic to some of you…

But I can almost guarantee you can relate to every single one of my words – if you’ve been in a similar situation as I have.

Long story short..

One day after suffering from so much emotional pain for as long as I can remember… I said to myself… enough is enough.

I asked this one question to myself.

Am I ever going to be okay with the fact I’ll never have experienced… the warmth of a female touch until my dying day?

Am I ever going to be okay with the fact I’ll never be man enough to attract the girl I want?

The answer was an obvious no.

In fact… I couldn’t imagine any man being okay with living rest of his life.. without having experienced those.,

Once I answered that question… everything became clear.

It was either transform myself into a new version of myself I had always so desperately wanted to become… or die trying.

Not next year.. not next week..

Hell.. not even tomorrow.

But, starting right at this fucking moment.

I Will End With Why I Started This…