My Story

I don’t want to bore you to death with every trauma I had to endure growing up but I figured it’s probably a good idea to give you a little bit of background story of myself.

Just so I can give you a little bit context of where my insight comes from.

I first got into this whole learning about dating game at the age of 28.

People get into learning about this for different reasons.

Some guys just want to fuck…

Some guys want to find a girl that they can deeply connect with…

For me, it was purely out of desperation.

I “luckily” stumbled upon my first girlfriend at the age of 26 (Yes, I was a virgin until 26) and thought to myself, “This is it…!”

No more countless lonely nights.

No more worrying about if I’ll ever find that right girl who will accept me for who I am.

Not only was she affectionate and warm, but she was also beautiful with amazing body.

And all of my friends commented about how they would’ve never guessed in million years that I would get into a relationship with someone like her.

Long story short…

She did not quite turn out to be the angel I thought she was when I first met her.

She would call her ex-boyfriend(s) every time we would get into an argument (And I’m sure she would’ve physically cheated on me if they were still in the city).

She would cut herself and insult me in every way imaginable whenever she was “bored”.

She would do some weird shit like adding all of my friends on her social media account once we broke up (although she hasn’t even talked or met most of them).

She basically turned out to be a prototypical “crazy bitch”.

Nonetheless, I still held onto two years of toxic relationship with her like my life depended on it.


Well… my brain rationalized saying, “She still has some good qualities and I’m sure she will eventually change…”

But the real reason I refused to admit was because…

I feared I will never ever find someone like her.

It took me 26 years of my fucking life to find a girl who will love (although it really wasn’t love looking back…) me back. How long would it take to find another person…? Another 26 years?

Deep down, I knew I had no option.

I knew I had no ability to meet other girls if she left me.

It hurt my ego way too much to admit I'm only with her because I'm a loser who can't get any other girls.

And during this whole time, she was talking to her ex-boyfriends and flirting with other guys.

I did learn one important lesson from this, however.

I realized it is a LOT easier to let another person (in any form of relationship) walk all over you and treat you like dirt when you have no other alternatives.

Anyway, she finally decided to break up with my beta ass after two years.

We were living in Vancouver (Canada) at the time and I was about to move to Australia to study dentistry.

I asked (begged) her to come with me.

I somehow managed to change her mind and she promised me she would come. But ended up changing her mind at the last minute as she has done throughout our relationship.

When it all came to the end, I manned the fuck up for once and made one promise to myself, instead of sitting there depressed like I had always been during that soul-draining relationship.

I decided I would do whatever it takes to never put myself into a position where I would have no option.

I decided I would do whatever it takes to figure out how to stop being so weird and awkward around girls (and people in general...)

I decided I would gladly sacrifice my ego and my pride and do whatever it takes to learn how to meet and keep the type of girl I "actually" wanted in my life.

And that is how my journey began.

From the time I made this vow to myself, I went out nearly every single day for over 365 days while I was attending dental school at the same time.

In fact, going out was my priority over school at this point.

I knew that even if I focused on my career, I would still be the same miserable fuck if I didn’t get this shit sorted.

How did I know this?

Because I’ve met more than a handful of doctors, dentists, and lawyers during my time of going out, who were all miserable from failing to attract the girls that they actually wanted in their lives.

It was not exactly easy for the first few months of going out.

Most girls laughed me off or politely rejected me and I felt like I was spinning my wheels.

But I did slowly get better over time.

I started making girls laugh and I was even able to get a few numbers.

And after eight or so months of consistently going out, I was “making love” to two to three new girls per week. 

Now, I am NOT advocating you to go out and sleep with as many girls as you can.

In fact, I do believe that will do more harm than good for most guys based on my own experience.

But I personally wanted to find out for myself instead of letting others tell me how to live my life.

And that is what I want YOU to do.

I want you to experience whatever you want to experience for yourself and make up your own mind instead of letting other’s views dictate how you are going to live your life.

I want you to have options and be able to make decisions from abundance and not out of desperation.

And that really is the entire purpose of this website.

I understand how tough dating can be for guys who don't fit the "ideal image" of a male that's portrayed in the media (i.e. racial minority, shy and nerdy guys, short and not so good looking guys...).

But I also know, whatever physical flaws you think that are holding you back, you can still attract a beautiful woman you want into your life with the right knowledge and a strategy. 

And I want to help you reach that freedom in your dating life so you don't have to waste years of your life trying to figure everything out on your own.